Arrow Recap S2E10: Blast Radius

Arrow takes out a speeding car, but the driver gets away. He catches the guy, and strings up his prey so that he can question him properly, but the guy knows nothing.

The news has no good news. Barry is still comatose. No one has seen a man in a skull mask, and although Dig tells him to relax, but Oliver can’t help but to be spooked over the impending disaster.

Oliver buries Shado in the past. Slade tries to give Oliver her jacket, but he reminds him that he was the one that she cared for. Sarah tries to assuage him, and warns him of what Slade may be turning into.

Laurel thinks Sebastian Blood shouldn’t be the next mayor. The police don’t suspect him of anything, but Blood seems to have his hands in all sorts of pots. She’s off to meet Blood.

Oliver introduces Blood to the crowd, singing his praise. Blood thanks everyone for their support, and Oliver watches him cozying up to Laurel. Thea fancies Blood too, his is handsome afterall. Oliver asks after Roy, since he did shoot him and all, but Roy seems to be fine. Blood drops Laurel off with Oliver, and they make some awkward small talk. She confesses that she thinks she doesn’t know the real Sebastian, she has no clue how true that is.

Sharpnel declares war on the citizens of the city, and blows up a building to make his point. Unfortunately the building was not empty. Dig makes due with is subpar hacking skills and Oliver suits up for a firey rescue.

Past, Oliver can’t help notice Slade acting oddly. Slade wants to take on Ivo, but Sarah advises against it. Slade is angered over Sarah’s suggestion, and when Oliver steps between them, Slade gets a little heavy handed with him.

Nothing was stolen from the building, and his manifesto said plenty, but no clues to his identity. Luckily Felicity returns to lend a hand, and reaches out to detective Lance.

Laurel visits Blood, and brings up her father’s suspect, Cyrus Gold. Blood knew him well, he brought him out of his shell as a child in the orphanage. Which brings up Blood’s tragic childhood. Laurel’s heart breaks at his tale, and she’d have to be made of stone if it didn’t. Blood doesn’t know how or why Gold went bad, but he helped him in the past. Laurel is clearly reevaluating her thoughts, but not enough to stop herself from snooping in his office.

Roy seems off, and Thea asks him about it. He’s been off for five weeks, since Arrow shot him. Roy tells her that its nothing to do with the Arrow, but Roy can’t talk about it. He tells Thea that she helps, that she’s the only thing keeping him together, but he doesn’t say what’s eating him. The two get a little frisky in the storeroom, and Roy gets a deep cut by some glassware, which sends Thea scrambling for the first aid kit.

Lance meets with Arrow, with some bomb residue. He asks him for a favor too. He wants to know who tipped the guy off that killed his partner and some of his men. He thinks there’s a leak in the department, when an explosion hits a nearby building ending their meeting. Arrow sets off to comfront an off frequency that Felicity picked up nearby. It’s Shrapnel and he has plenty of spunk and explosives. Arrow does some pretty impressive maneuvering on his bike, but still manages to lose him. Felicity picks up his signal again, but it’s not him. Oh he’s good.

Oliver tries to find out what happened. He’s frustrated, and feels like Felicity’s head just isn’t in the game. He’s got some harsh words for her, but Dig points out that playing the blame game isn’t going to help anyone.

Past Oliver, is saved by a branch wielding Sara. Slade looks confused over his actions, and scared. The group decides to make camp, clearly worried about Slade.

Lance gets a visit from his daughter. She needs his help to find Maya Resnick, the name on the envelope on Blood’s desk. The woman seems like a ghost, but Blood is paying her bills.

Blood holds a press conference, taunting Shrapnel and campaigning all the while. Moira wonders if he can talk Blood out of his rash plans, but Oliver knows he won’t listen. He goes to him as someone Blood may listen too. Arrow pays Blood a little visit. Blood wants to unite the people, to free them from the fear. But Arrow knows that putting those lives in danger shouldn’t be up to him. He leaves Blood with somehign to think about.

Mr. Scheffer (Shrapnel) gets a visitor in his shop. He’s planning on attending the rally.

The press isn’t talking so highly of Blood’s plans for the rally. Oliver wants to head down to the rally and Felicity has found something, an IP address.

Laurel finds her father going through the police department. He’s found Maya, she’s his aunt who’s in a mental hospital. Blood seems like a good guy, and even gets Lance’s stamp of approval, but Laurel still has a bad feeling, and she should. Blood is bad bad bad!

Arrow heads to scope out the IP address. Oliver finds himself trapped, but there’s atleast a a good view of where the carnage will be via a tv showing the site. Unfortunately he sees that his mother, sister and Roy will have an upclose view of it, as they arrive onscreen. Oliver has Felicity patch him into Dig, and he tells him about the bombs around the rally. Felicity gives him some information to help him out of his trap as well, a well placed arrow blows the circuit and he’s free to head to the rally.

Moira has second thoughts about being at the rally, but Thea assures her that it’ll be okay. The girl’s danger meter is obviously broken. Dig finds the trigger. The sound equipment is rigged to blow. Blood has the crowd eating out of his hand and Felicity and Dig try to disarm the bomb. Shrapnel finds them, and is forced to shoot Dig when he tries to overtake him. Panic ensues throughout the crowd and Thea sees a lighting tower fall onto Roy as he saves her mother. R’oh, she finally sees somethings wrong, but they all run off to safety.

Shrapnel tries to get away, threatening to blow his load, but Arrow doesn’t back down. He severs the detonator’s cord, and knocks Shrapnel out.

The bomber is arrested, and Thea is thankful for Roy’s impossible save. He accounts his super strength to an adrenaline rush, but when she asks about his lack of scar from the glassware, he bolts.

Oliver prepares for another night of skull hunting, and sends Dig home for some rest. He apologizes to Felicity for his harsh words. He’s come to depend on her more than he realized on both Felicity and Dig, and he tells her she’s not his employee but his partner. He ensures her that Barry will wake up, and she thanks him.

Past Sara gets a call from Ivo. He tells her that he will lay waste to the island for the serum. They can either give it willingly, or he can take it and use them as guinea pigs. Sara goes to get Slade but he’s gone, with the serum in hand.

Laurel goes to visit Maya, even though the nurse advises her that she isn’t likely to get anything from her. Laurel tries to talk to Maya about Blood anyways. The woman is softly singing to herself, when Laurel recognizes Sebastian’s name in her singing, and the name sparks something in Maya. Arrow goes to visit Sebastian, and Sebastian suggests a partnership. Maya doesn’t think so highly of her nephew. She tells her that Sebastian put her here to keep her quiet. That Sebastian put her there, the night he killed his father, and she realizes as Maya tells her she cannot trust Sebastian, that Sebastian isn’t her nephew, but her son. 


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