Arrow Recap S2E11: Blind Spot

Not even the pouring rain stops Sebastian Blood from visiting his “aunt.” Her health is failing, and he wants to know about Laurel’s visit. She tells him what she told Laurel, and she apologizes for her slip up and for hurting him. He kisses her head and tells her that he forgives him, but that’s a kiss of death if I’ve ever seen one, and when he leaves the skull mask comes for her.

Arrow questions someone else about the skull mask, he claims to know nothing about it, and felicity establishes that he is telling the truth, which gives them nothing.

Past, Oliver and Sarah search for Slade with no luck. She wants to find Slade, and give Ivo an offer so they can get off the island safely. That’s one plan Oliver can’t get onboard with after Shado’s death at his hands.

Now, Laurel pops some pills, and gets a call from Myra’s nurse telling of her passing. The assistant district attorney doesn’t believe a word she’s saying about Blood. Blood seems squeaky clean, but Laurel wants a search warrant anyways. It’s a no go for him, she’s on her own.

Oliver sneaks up on Roy, thanking him for saving Moira. Roy doesn’t know what to think of Oliver’s praise, and when Oliver asks about the falling debris, he gets squirrely and retreats. Roy isn’t ready to talk about being injected by the Skull mask, or the affects he’s feeling.

Lance calls on Arrow for a meeting. He’s brokered a meeting with Laurel. She’s not out to get him this time. She presents her case to Arrow with some very unsettling news including his ties with Gold. Ru-roh, Oliver has been backing the wrong horse this whole time. Laurel tells him that he’s the only one that can stop Blood.

Felicity sees that what Laurel has given matches up, on the surface at least. The phone records match, but Oliver digs deeper before he strikes.

Roy shows Sin his new super strength as he smashes a cement block. He confesses about getting shot up with the super juice. He won’t tell Thea until he knows more, but he’s ready to stretch his wings.

Felicity finds the file on Blood’s father, but bad news it’s sealed, and almost impossible to get. He needs Laurel’s help to get it. Laurel pops some more pills, and Arrow comes asking her for help this time.

Past, Sarah and Oliver find themselves missing home. He apologizes for everything, for the boat crashing that brought them to the island, for everything. Sarah forgives him, its not all his fault. She had an embarrassing crush on him, and reminds him that not everyone is what they seem, not even Laurel. Sarah waits until Oliver falls asleep, and she leaves with his blade.

Arrow and Laurel break into the archive to find the case file, but time is limited and that room is huge. The guards outhack Felicity, and the police are called, but Laurel still scrambles to find the file. The cops swarm in right as she finds the file, and Arrow causes a distraction that barely allows them to leave through the hail of bullets.

Felicity checks the feed and there’s some anomaly. Sounds like Blood, who would be the one with the most to lose. He heads to Blood’s to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Thea and Roy continue to fight. Sin has the perfect perp to try out Roy’s powers, and Thea supplies the bait clothes, thinking they’re date clothes.

Oliver goes to check on Blood, asking how he and Laurel are doing. Blood thinks he sounds jealous, but he assures him he’s just a concerned friend. Blood makes as if everything is peachy between them.

Sin sluts it up, and gets picked up quickly. And they’re guy took the bait. Before he can cut up Sin, Roy rips off the door and man handles him. Sin stops Roy before he can kill him, but not before he accidently hits her.

Slade has the file. He asks Blood how he was able to cover his tracks as a child, but has become clumsy. Blood thinks he has fixed the problems with his mother’s death, but she wasn’t the problem Laurel is. Slade tells him to take care of her, even though he asked him to get close to her in the first place. Laurel comes home to find her apartment tossed. She’s taken into custody for her little drug problem, as the prescriptions aren’t in her name. Her father comes to visit her, and she tells him that Blood is setting her up. She sounds like a crazy person, as she tries to convince him otherwise. She’s been stealing drugs from her father, and her addiction and paranoia seems more likely than Blood being bad. Oliver asks after Laurel, but Lance tells him he doesn’t know. Oliver promises to get her home.

Sarah contacts Ivo, and he sounds like a concerned friend. He tells her all the things she wants to hear, heck, they may even be true when he says he didn’t rescue her, that she rescued him, and that he needs her.

The doctor praises Roy for saving the guy in the hospiatal. Sin asks what happened to him out there. Thea shows up and tries to make sense of everything when Sin tells her that its her date in the hospital. She tries to be supportive telling him that she’s there for him and on his side, but he can’t bring himself to open up yet, and runs away.

Oliver returns home with Laurel, and she’s waiting for a lecture, but he’s not lecturing her exactly. He knows that she’s putting on a strong front,that things are getting to her. She asks him for a glass of water so she can clear her head, and he goes, and gets bashed over the head by the skull mask. They leave Oliver thinking he’s unimportant and take Laurel.

Oliver phones into Felicity when he awakens, and Laurel finds herself locked in as she plays cat and mouse with Skull Mask. He claims that Laurel’s claims are all a product of her drug addled mind. Arrow comes in for the rescues, and he and Skull Mask go hand to hand. Laurel gets her hands on a gun, and pumps Skull Mask with plenty of lead. Arrow unmasks him, and finds its nto who she was expecting, its not Blood, its Daly.

Laurel is back at the precinct. And Lance tells her everything he found. She tells him how she was sure it was Sebastian Blood, and again he blames her clouded judgment. Her boss comes in to deliver the good news, that they’re dropping the charges and that they know the shooting was self defense. He tells her that the DA’s office has a lovely severance package.

Oliver is broken up about the shooting, and that he doubted Blood. He only believed her because she’s Laurel and his blind spot. But his work isn’t done. He tries to chat with Roy, but gets the cold shoulder. Thea reveals that Roy put someone in the hospital, and that he’s withdrawing further. Looks like Roy is going to get another chat with Arrow.

Sarah talks to Ivo. She tells him that she was under his spell before, but she is no longer. She sees him for the monster he is, and that she would rather be dead than to be a part of his operation. Ivo threatens to hunt her down, and she silences her walkie. Oliver comes from behind her, he heard everything, and she’s ready to find Slade.

Blood tells Slade that Daly took the blame for all of the Skull Mask’s crimes, that he’s completely in the clear but that doesn’t make Slade any happier. He kills four of Blood’s men, and threatens to do the same to him if he doesn’t shape up.

Arrow meets with Roy, but doesn’t put an arrow through his leg this time. Roy may be stronger and faster, but he’s not in control. Arrow asks to be his Batman, and Roy accepts his offer. 


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