Arrow Recap S2E12: Tremors

Bronze Tiger gets a visitor, someone who smuggled something in. Ewww. He slides the tiger’s blades from under his flesh. Tiger is about to go on a rampage!

Roy gets tired of slapping at a bowl of water, but there’s a method to the madness. Arrow is trying to teach him control, which Roy is severally lacking. Arrow tells him a cautionary tale, which resulted in Slade losing his eye.

Past. Oliver and Sarah continue to look for Slade. He’s guilt ridden for not only what’s happened to Slade but over Shado too.

Moira gets all dressed up for her date with Walter. Thea is having Roy problems, but she isn’t looking for coddling.

Laurel is having a pity party when Lance shows up. She’s job hunting, and very bitter. But dear old dad misses her. Dinner plans are made.

Angry Salmon Laddering looks as good as any, maybe even better. He’s unhappy with Roy, and about to get even more so when Felicity tells him the Bronze Tiger is loose. Bronze Tiger gets his orders, a weapon to kill thousands.

Roy continues to fail at training. He’s too headstrong for his own good. Everything makes him anger, but he needs to learn to channel it in a positive way. Roy asks for one night in the real world fighting by Arrow’s side. He really does want to be fitted for some tights.

Moira has her dinner date, and Blood becomes a hot topic. They think Blood will bankrupt the city within a year, but Moira knows there’s no viable opposition, when she realizes the whole reason for this little meeting. They want her to run.

Lance tricks Laurel into going to an AA meeting, and she’s not exactly happy. He tells her that she needs help, but she doesn’t think that any of those people know what shes been through, but she’s not the only person who’s fallen he tries to get her to see. She’s too busy being hurt, to see how lost she is, and goes to have dinner alone.

Arrow gets some intel on the Bronze Tiger. Looks like Roy gets to suit up after all. He warns him not to engage or touch anything. Arrow knows his way around the joint, and Bronze tiger is cutting up the garage to get a prototype, Merlin’s Earthquake device. It seems like an easy job until Arrow and Roy turn up. Seeing it angers Arrow, and he and Bronze Tiger dance. Uh Roy, now is the time to get that truck. The truck gets away, and Roy pounds away on the guy. Oliver had to stop him. Too late, won the battle, lost the war.

Oliver has angry face! Roy wasn’t listening, but he took him out anyways, and it bit him in the butt. He feels like Roy is his sort of redemption for everything that went wrong with Shado and Slade. He blames himself for so much that went wrong then. With Roy he still has a chance though.

Oliver and Sarah can’t find Slade, but they uncover his plans to blow up the freighter.

Roy tells Thea to leave with her family. But she tells him that she can’t do that without a reason. He doesn’t give her the reason, and her refusal ups his anger level. He squeezes her arm a little too hard, and runs off before he can make it worse.

Laurel’s friend can’t give her the job that she wanted to. And Laurel gets even worse news, that the barr is looking to open disciplinary actions about her fitness to practice. Hearing the news Laurel runs rather than strategizing her fight like her friend suggests.

Walter talks to Moira about her potential candidacy. She’s high profile, and the perfect redemption story.  Thea actually likes the idea.

Roy is late, and Arrow is not happy when he hears that Roy tried to warn Thea. Being in the dark is making Roy even more on edge, but Arrow continues to stress control. Roy throws some wild punches, but Arrow doges them all until he taps into his rage. He’s plans to stop this thing, but he’s gonna need Arrow’s help before he’s done. Why is everyone so stubborn tonight?

Felicity runs the fingerprints, while Dig wonders what they should do about Roy. But Oliver isn’t ready to call it quits on Hunpty Dumpty Roy. He still thinks the pieces can be put back together. Thea calls Oliver, Laurel shows up to the club, and its not going to be pretty. Laurel wants liquor and olives, but Oliver suggests coffee, even Thea suggests she goes home. Laurel continues to wallow in pity. Felicity gets a hit on the fingerprint. Oliver is forced to call someone to help Laurel. It's obviously not Lance, but could it be Sarah?

Past. Oliver and Sarah catch up to Slade. He’s willing to destroy their only hope to get off the island, even if he has to shoot Oliver.

Moira pays Thea a visit. She wonders if the voters will really be open to the idea of redemption.

Arrow catches up to the guy who freed Bronze Tiger before the deal can be completed and the machine unleashed, but Bronze Tiger gets the drop on him. Those claws to the shoulder look painful. Oh no’s does that mean no more salmon ladder for awhile. Arrow doesn’t stay down, and he has backup. Roy handles Bronze Tiger, while Arrow tries to get the guy to turn off the device, but his buyer is expecting delivery and he can’t. He sets the device to go off. Arrow tries to get through to Roy, but it doesn’t work, so Oliver exposes his identity so that Roy can find his focus. Roy punches a hole in the shipping container and Oliver throws in a detonating arrow destroying the device. Roy thanks Oliver for everything he did for him last year, for giving him purpose, but Oliver isn’t done with him yet.

Felicity tends to Oliver’s wounds, and delivers his report of events. Felicity wonders if he put himself in jeopardy, but he doesn’t think he did. On the island Sarah told him that love is the most powerful emotion, and Arrow couldn’t get through to Roy to remind him of his love of Thea, but Oliver could. Oliver needed Roy’s strength, so he had no choice but to use what he had, and expose himself.

Oliver used Shado’s love to save himself, and maybe Slade too. He reminds him that if he destroys everything, especially them that Shado would have died for nothing. Slade tells him that they’re still stuck on the island, but Oliver has a plan, they’re gonna take the freighter.

Moira calls upon Walter with her decision. She’s going to run. She’s want to prove to the city that she was more than a pawn, and she owes the city. But furthermore, she’s doing it to make sure that the truth of Thea’s paternity never comes out. One little murder doesn’t seen like much to secure her candidacy.

Bronze Tiger gets a very pretty visitor, Amanda Moore, and she has an offer for him. She comes in all Nick Fury style looking to put together a unit.

Roy wonders if Oliver is going to kill him now that he knows his secret. Oliver tells him not to tell Thea, and then he introduces him to the team. Now he just needs a snazzy costume.

Laurel continues her downward spiral. She stumbles home drunk, and she has a visitor, Sarah.


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