Banshee S2E1 - "Little Fish" Recap

Sheriff Hood, Anastacia/Carrie, and all the deputies are all questioned by Special Agent Racine, an intimidating new character, following the violent events of the Season 1 finale. His questions are invasive, even going so far as to ask Anastacia/Carrie if she was fucking Lucas. Agent Racine questions the fact that they brought Anna in with them, despite the fact that she is a civilian. Racine firmly believes that Rabbit is not dead and we see that he is indeed still alive, though he's bloody and injured, and has escaped into the woods. Racine's team thinks he's wrong for being so obsessed with Rabbit but Racine remains determined to find him before the cancer he has takes his life.

Despite being under investigation, Lucas, Anastacia/Carrie, Bates, and Job decide to pull off a heist. Things go a bit sour at the end when a mysterious biker guns them down. They manage to get away with their take but they're left wondering who it was. Unbeknownst to them, it was Nola Longshadow. Lucas ends up working the case of the very heist he committed, which is advantageous to him. He speaks with the Longshadows since it was their cash truck he stole from. There is also a very cringeworthy scene of Rebecca, who has been staying with her uncle Kai (Proctor) since she was shunned from her Amish community, watching Proctor have sex with a woman. Her face is difficult to decipher, but she was watching for far too long for it be comfortable or appropriate.

Anastacia/Carrie's home life is now shaky. Her husband is angry with and resents her for the chaos she has brought into their lives. Unbeknownst to them, Deva and her friend were caught shoplifting but let off by the security guards when Deva threatens to accuse him of making sexual advances on her. This little brat is out of control, but we all knew that already.

Lucas ends up hooking up with Nola Longshadow. Get ready, folks, things are getting steamy and complicated!

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10/9c.


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