Banshee S2E2 - "The Thunder Man" Recap

The episode begins with a side-by-side comparison of Lucas and Anastacia/Carrie. Lucas showers off the morning after his hook-up with Nola while Anastacia/Carrie is living in a motel room. We also see Proctor working out and it cuts back to shots of Rebecca masturbating. At first, she thinks about her past hook-ups with Lucas but the tide takes a strange turn as she uses the memory of her uncle (yes, her uncle) having sex with a woman to get off. This slow, incestuous build cannot be working it's way up to anything good.

Deputy Kelly's ex-husband comes back into town and as the episode progresses, we are introduced to their backstory. He was a violent drunk and highly abusive to Kelly. He wants her to lift the restraining order she has against him due to the fact that he's been offered a job in town and it is the only one he's been able to find anywhere. She agrees at first, but he is far from reformed. He attacks her yet again.

The ongoing rivalry between Proctor and Alex Longshadow explodes - literally. Alex sets off C4 in one of Proctor's trucks. Later, Nola takes initiative and kidnaps Rebecca, telling Alex that this is a way for him to show Proctor how serious he is. Proctor visits Lucas, thinking Rebecca is there, but quickly realises that she isn't there. Proctor calls in his favour and sends Lucas after Rebecca. Lucas rescues Lola after taking down all of Alex's guards. He also learns about Nola's involvement in the kidnapping. After Rebecca is returned to Proctor, Proctor pays Alex a visit while he is enjoying some sexy time with his wife in their hot tub. Proctor threatens him and tells him if he ever lays a hand on Rebecca again, he will kill all of Alex's family members and drown him in their blood. To punctuate his point, he dumps buckets of cow blood and body parts on top of him and into the hot tub. That'll definitely be a nightmare to clean up.

Anastacia/Carrie is sentenced to "no less than 30 days" in jail and Lucas is the one to drop her off at the prison. He has a panic attack right afterwards and it is evident that the experience of being incarcerated was highly traumatising and many of those wounds are nowhere near healed. He meets up with Kelly later and upon learning that her ex has hurt her once again, he sets off after him. What he doesn't know is that Kelly lied about his whereabouts so she could go after him herself. A violent brawl between the two of them runs parallel with a brawl that Anastacia/Carrie gets into with another inmate. Lucas finds Kelly and the bloody Bible she used to beat her ex with. He tells her he will clean up (not just literally) and it is clear he is proud of her beatdown. She ends up snogging him and it's a pairing we can definitely rally behind. Anastacia/Carrie's husband appears to be unravelling as we see him pop pills and apathetically hook up with another woman while his wife sulks behind bars.

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