Banshee S2E3 - "The Warrior Class" Recap

Lucas visits Carrie (Anastacia) in prison. She is concerned about the well-being of her family and also about Rabbit coming after her. Lucas advises her to keep her head down while inside.

We see a young Native American girl, Lana Cleary, dating a young Amish boy, Solomon. They both question the systems they were born into, with her being the more outspoken and spirited of the two, and she talks about running away. She also invites him to come with her. Some time later, Lana is discovered violently murdered and Solomon is missing. When examining the crime scene, the affair between the two is made public to Lucas as well as Solomon's father. Lucas is slightly suspicious of an intimidating-looking ex-con Native American named Cheyton Littlestone who he sees at the crime scene. Rebecca is being taught to shoot by Proctor when she hears the news; she is particularly distraught because Solomon is her brother.

At the police station, Lucas learns that Lana used to date Cheyton's little brother and that Cheyton is obsessed with keeping the tribe "pure." He is not supposed to visit the Native Americans' without a warrant from the FBI since they don't have jurisdiction on the reservation. Lucas ignores this and visits the reservation anyway with some other officers accompanying him. The people on the reservation are less than cooperative and eventually Lucas ends up in a brawl with Cheyton. Eventually, Cheyton and the rambunctious group is subdued and Cheyton and his brother Tommy are brought in for questioning. They can't be held for long because they were arrested without warrants and they had trespassed on their land.

A wrench is thrown into Lucas' whole motif in the form of the real Lucas Hood's son, Jason, paying a visit. Lucas is frank with him and the two go out for lunch. Lucas tells him the truth and Jason states that all he wants is to utilise Lucas' connections so that he can obtain a new identity and disappear from some trouble he has gotten himself into.

Proctor and Rebecca visit their former families and during their visit, restless Natives come looking for trouble. Proctor beats one up with a baseball bat and they quickly hurry off. Rebecca is attacked in the woods by an unknown hooded assailant. She gets away and when Lucas goes after him, he is only able to land a shot to the assailant's leg. Lucas is disoriented and exhausted and Kelly insists on taking him back to her place to look after him. They have sex.

Finally, we see Nola Longshadow looking at Lena's body in the morgue. She is quietly angry and emotional and we can only imagine what sort of havoc she will wreak on the person responsible for Lena's death.

Banshee airs on Cinemax on Fridays at 10/9 c.


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