Being Human Season 3 Blu Ray review

Being Human season 4 premiered last night, and if you’re looking for more Being Human action now is the time to pick up season 3 if you haven’t already. Entertainment One has released the complete third season on dvd and blu-ray and its full of all kinds of extra goodness.

Season three starts 15 months after the events of Season two. Josh and Nora have been trying to bring back Sally, Sally has been stuck in limbo, and Aidan has been tucked away safely underground in his coffin away from a virus that has been eradicating his fellow vampires. This season finds both Josh and Sally as regular old humans, but it’s not as easy as they thought. Let’s just say that everything is changing quickly this season. Not only does the group finds being human harder than ever, they find they can’t escape their “curses.”

Between tainted blood, and teenagers trying to find their places in the world, soul packs and bodies falling apart, proposals and life coming full circle this season of Being Human  is intense. Unlike the UK version of Being Human, the US version hasn’t been plagued by recasts, and their chemistry onscreen is fantastic. Not only do they play well off each other, when they’re together onscreen its some of the best scenes.

The conversion to blu ray was utterly flawless. But what really sells these blu rays is the bonus features.

There is the Behind-the-Scenes featurette, offering a look at the cast and crew discussing what happened in season 3, along with a look at what went into making a few key scenes.

The San Diego Comic-Con 2013 panel, hosted by Aaron Sagers is certainly a highlight. If you couldn't make it to the convention or couldn't fit the panel into your schedule over the summer, you're covered. And if you did make it to the panel, its great to see it again, since Comic-Con is always a head rush, and parts were surely missed in the excitement.

The Cast on Cliffhangers featurette is fantastic. It takes you behind the scenes as the actors themselves playing the characters go in depth with what happened.

Finally, there are the bloopers which are separated by episode. They’re nothing out of the ordinary but if you have some free time, they're worth checking out for a few laughs.

"Being Human" season 4 premiered Monday, Jan. 13 at 9 p.m. on Syfy. 


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