Community - S5E1 "Repilot" Recap

An unknown amount of time has transpired since the Season 4 finale, and the episode begins with Jeff Winger having his belongings carried out of his office. His law firm has gone under and Alan Connor, the man responsible for his having to return to Greendale in the first place, comes to gloat before informing him about a lawsuit being filed against Greeendale. Jeff seems to join forces with him and returns to Greendale to obtain files that would aide in the case.

He meets with Dean Pelton, who is as infatuated with him as ever, and eventually discovers that the files he was looking for were shredded. Jeff finds himself re-united with the study-group (minus Pierce), who believes that they are all there to try to save the school as part of a committee. Jeff lies to them so he can collect information about the negative things that have happened to them since graduation so they can all eventually file their own lawsuits against Greendale. He decides that these suits will be a means of achieving yet another comeback and double-crosses Connor, stating that he will go forth with these suits himself. Connor comes to Greendale and informs the group of Jeff's true intentions but once he leaves, Jeff manipulates them into filing anyway.

Britta is now working as a bartender, that she likens to being a therapist. Abed is planning to develop a new social media, after which Troy will sue him so they may both profit. Shirley confesses that her sandwich business failed, and is yet again separated with her husband. Annie is pushing pens for a pharmaceutical company. They also reunite with Chang, who was re-hired at Greendale despite trying to burn down the school (among other crimes).

A holograph of Pierce appears in the courtyard and helps Jeff realise that what he is doing is wrong. Jeff goes in to tell off the Dean and insists that he turn things around at Greendale. He offers Jeff a job as a teacher. The gang is about to burn their study-group tables but Jeff stops them just in time. He convinces them to re-enroll in Greendale. They burn the lawsuit and accidentally set the tables on fire too.

Community airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8/7 c.


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