Community S5E2 - "Introduction to Teaching" Recap

Jeff is teaching a class on the Fundamentals of Law and struggles with not actually knowing the ins and outs of law, as well as being pestered by various students who take issue with his attitude that resembles a student more than a teacher. He meets Buzz Hickey, the Criminology Professor, who has been teaching at Greendale for 15 years.

Abed finds a course entitled, "Nicholas Cage: Good or Bad," and is thrilled to enrol in it. Jeff and Annie argue over Jeff's attitude towards teaching and Dean Pelton eagerly tell the group that he has begun learning to use Excel. Hicky shows Jeff the teacher's lounge and Jeff learns that nearly all of Greendale's professors do not take teaching seriously. Abed begins obsessing over Nicolas Cage and trying to determine whether he is indeed a good or bad actor. This culminates in his having a nervous breakdown in class, during which he performs a medley of wild moments from Cage's various performances. Later, he bonds with Shelly after learning that like him, she enjoys the Hellraiser films.

Annie eventually enrols in Jeff's class to try to keep him on track. Hicky recommends that Jeff give her "A-"s and that it will drive her crazy till she drops his class. He also states that teachers do not have to explain their grades and that the "minus" is merely a way of getting back at students they dislike. An argument between Jeff and Annie during his class leads her to storm out and the class becomes impressed by his having won an argument against Annie. This seg-ways into an opportunity for him to teach his students and actually enjoy it. After class, she reveals that Hicky gave her an A- on a recent assignment, which she claims was the true reason for her storming out.

When Jeff confronts Hicky about Annie's "A-," Hicky states that he did it to get Annie off Jeff's back. She tells Annie that her project was an "A," and she becomes upset that Jeff used his connections as a teacher. When he tells her about the minuses being meaningless, she is further angered and with Britta and Troy, rallies the other students into rioting. Jeff attempts to deliver one of his signature speeches to change the tide, but the students remain unswayed. Eventually, Jeff begins a student-teacher "Save Greendale" alliance that the members of the study group and Professor Hicky all join.

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