Community S5E3 - "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics" Recap

Greendale finds itself under attack by the Ass-Crack-Bandit. Victims will have a coin dropped down their crack when bent or leaning over. Jeff and Annie investigate and Professor Duncan offers up his services. Troy becomes a victim, and Annie deduces that the ACB is likely a teacher. Jeff and Annie trace a call from the ACB to the campus stables, where they discover Star-Burns, who is not only still alive, but has been living in the stables. He confesses to being the ACB. During a dance celebrating the capture of the ACB, Star-Burns confesses that he lied about being the ACB and Annie begins to suspect Professor Duncan of being the true culprit. Though at first, she appears to be right, Professor Duncan eventually becomes a victim himself. Shirley informs the group that Pierce is dead and the group mourns the loss of their friend. The investigation is called off, Star-Bruns officially retracts his confession, and the episode ends with the implication that multiple main and supporting characters may be the true ACB. This mystery will live on to another day... or episode(s)...

Community airs on Thursday on NBC at 8/7c.


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