Community S5E4 - "Cooperative Polygraphy" Recap

The study group returns to the study room after Pierce's funeral. They meet Mr. Stone, who is Pierce's executor. Pierce's will required an investigation of his death and several people, including all of the study group must be questioned as potential murder suspects. They must all undergo an apolygraph examination. Through the course of the questioning, each study group member has personal secrets revealed to the rest of the group and conflict ensues. These secrets include Troy and Abed using Jeff's Netflix, Annie overcharging Troy and Abed for rent, Annie's drugging the group to help them study for a big test, Abed putting tracking devices on everyone, Shirley's donating money to an anti-abortion organisation, Abed cat-fishing Annie in order to get pancakes (which she makes when in a good mood), Jeff making Abed apply for handicapped parking so he could get a better spot, Britta inviting Garrett to Annie's birthday party... it goes on and on. Jeff gives one of his speeches and they decide to see the questioning through. For money. Pierce's final words to the individual group members are surprisingly kind and uplifting. Britta receives an iPod, Annie a tiara, Shirley a timeshare in Florida, Jeff a bottle of scotch, and Troy receives the bulk of Pierce's fortune under the condition that he sail Pierce's boat around the world as becoming-a-man-ritual. Additionally, each group receives a frozen sample of Pierce's sperm. Troy agrees to take on Pierce's task; this was a task given to Pierce by his own father but Pierce cheated and never completed it, which caused him life-long regret. The group is shocked, Abed in particular. Later, Mr. Stone is drunk in a bar with the group and reveals that Pierce dyed from dehydration as a result of filling all the sperm-filled-cylinders that the group received.

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