Community S5E5 - "Geothermal Escapism" Recap

Annie presents Troy with a universal translator as a going-away present from the group. Britta is convinced that everyone is acting happy to avoid processing their feelings. Dean Pelton makes an announcement over the intercom that he has approved Abed's suggestion of a massive, school-wide game of "Hot Lava." Abed ups the stakes by saying that the winner will receive $50,000. The school is sent into a panic and the game begins.

Britta thinks the lava symbolises Abed's fear of change. She is almost knocked into the lava by Professor Duncan before joining up with Jeff and Annie. The three of them are nearly defeated by a misfit gang of "Locker Boys," led by Chang, before Troy and Abed swoop in. Professor Buzz Hickey then takes down the "Locker Boys," and Chang screams for Nathan Fillion in his final moments (a humourous nod to Nathan Fillion's frequent professions of love for the show on Twitter).

Britta is abandoned by the gang, who head for "Shirley Island." Some of them express remorse over "leaving her for dead," but before long, Shirley Island is attacked by Britta, Professor Hickey, and a gang of "chair walkers." A battle ensues, Jeff and Britta fight both physically and verbally, and eventually Jeff is knocked to the floor. Shortly thereafter, Troy and Abed roll through in a giant bubble that Hickey punctures with a small knife. Britta climbs on board Hickey's vehicle as they chase after Troy and Abed's gradually deflating ball. Britta jumps on their ball and shouts that they must confront their feelings. Troy and Abed escape and in the midst of regrouping, Abed confesses that he sees the lava as real because Troy is leaving. Britta pushes Hickey into the lava when she realises the enormity of what Abed is going through and the scene climaxes with Abed "letting go" and falling into the lava.

Britta and Troy discuss what to do about Abed. Troy is prepared to sacrifice himself by jumping into the lava, but Britta stops him and says that she can "fake-fix" him by "cloning" him, based on the comic that Abed had. She pretends to do so, and Abed rises from the lava, saying that Britta's work was sloppy and that he is not an exact copy. Instead, he is a less emotional version of Abed and will be able to let Troy go. The group all gathers at the end and say their goodbyes to Troy. There is also an appearance from LeVar Burton, who will be accompanying Troy on his journey.

This episode marks the final appearance of Donald Glover. Community airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8/7c.


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