Goodbye, Archer. Hello Archer Vice! S5E1 - "White Elephant" Recap

Archer waltzes into the ISIS office, basking in his life and status as a spy, when suddenly an explosion goes off and a shootout ensues from an unknown team of assailants. Friendly reminder that Lana is pregnant. Brett ends up dead in the shootout, while Archer comically rants about Beaker and seems determined to find out who Beaker's boss is. Archer kills one of the gunmen and then he sees that their attackers are FBI. It turns out that the team is under arrest for treason because ISIS was never sanctioned by the government. The team was unaware and Malory was the only one who knew. In the van, she tells them they must all keep their mouths shut when questioned so they don't go to prison. Everyone ignores her and spill all kinds of personal and professional secrets. Everyone thought they'd get immunity but the FBI had tricked them and never intended to actually give it to them. Archer attempts to propose to Lana and she turns him down, making him emotional. The two of them end up breaking out the agents and holding FBI agents hostage. Finally, they reach Malory and find that she is making a deal where she agrees to disband/turn over ISIS and cease all operations in exchange for the FBI not being liable. The gang discusses their plans for the future (Cheryl wants to be a country singer). They realise that they have 50 million dollars worth of cocaine still in their possession and they decide to form a cartel. A montage of what's to come for this season ensues, consisting of all kinds of drug cartel-related-shenanigans. Archer utters the words, "Archer Vice," and when questioned about it by Lana, he replies, "Shut up."

The show formally known as Archer will now be known as Archer Vice. Gone are the missions that were never actually sanctioned by the government. The Cold War is over and things are getting revamped. Considering how not-by-the-book everyone's approach was to begin with, seeing them acting in a life of crime is sure to yield even more chaotic and profane hilarity. Stay tuned for this season of Archer Vice; it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10/9c.


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