Hemlock Grove - S1E3 "The Order Of The Dragon" Recap

The rambling man from the previous episode speaks with Dr. Norman and speaks mysteriously about seeing things he doesn't wish to see. Meanwhile, Christina discovers a body in the woods - well, half a body. The lower half is missing and has seemingly been torn off. She seems to think it's fake and that there are people hiding that are playing a prank on her. She kisses the body and screams when she sees the maggots feeding on it and realises that it is indeed a real body. *cue the opening credits*

Peter returns home to find that Roman has stayed the night on the sofa. He tells Roman he mustn't tell anyone about his condition and Roman agrees to do so. Peter quickly falls asleep and Roman heads off to school. Peter dreams about being with Roman while birds fall from the sky and blood seeps from Roman's chest in the shape of a snake eating it's own tail. Dream-Roman tells him that they're "in this together."

A woman named Clementine prepares for her day while a woman she appears to have hooked up with is still in her bed. It is implied that Clementine is not out of the closet, or has some sort of issue with her sexuality. She goes to a church, where a priest informs her about the attacks in Hemlock Grove and sends her off to deal with it. When she arrives, she poses as being an agent of "Wildlife Services."

At Hemlock High, Shelley is being bullied by two boys who are acting as if she is responsible for the attacks. Roman comes over and comforts them before compelling one of the boys to kiss the other as a means of humiliation. He does as he is told, the crowd disperses, and Roman has yet another nosebleed. Roman questions Peter as to whether or not he could have been unintentionally responsible for the attack while transformed but Peter insists that it wasn't him. Peter tells him that it is a "vargulf," a werewolf that has gone insane, and that he smelled it and its anger the previous night. Roman wants to go after it but Peter doesn't want any part of it.

Clementine is at the crime scene and deduces that it is a large animal strong enough to drag the body a great distance. She also notes that the only logical reason for the animal to be left there was for it to be discovered, like a trophy. This animal is apparently capable of empathy.

Roman heads to a bar and being drinking with the aide of a fake ID, though there's no doubt that the bartender knows who and how old he actually is. Peter visits his cousin, Destiny, who scams a couple out of some money with a "sacred whore" routine. She gives him information on the "vargul" and says that the way to "help" one is to put a bullet between its eyes (or any method of killing it) before the next full moon (when it will undoubtedly kill again). Peter also tells her about Roman and his being an upyr. She is against the idea of his being friends with such a creature but is sympathetic when she realises he Peter has never had a real friend before.

Back at the bar, a man is prepared to get into a fight with Roman over the fact that his family/father caused his brother to lose his home. Roman eggs him on and the man is ready to swing at him until Olivia arrives to take a rather drunken Roman home. She tells him a strange story on the ride home and calls him an "Emperor" and yet again, we're reminded of how unsurprising it is that Roman has a boatload of issues.

Clementine questions Christina regarding her discovery of the body. She then pays a visit to Peter, who is packing his belongings into his mother's car. They were preparing to run but it becomes evident that he is under suspicion. She even asks him if he is a werewolf and her questions are shockingly insistent, considering the fact that the sheriff is present (and does not know about supernatural creatures). After she leaves, Peter and his mother realise that for the time being, they cannot leave Hemlock Grove.

Roman washes his sister's feet in a lovely, tender moment. Roman is typically at this best when interacting with Shelley. Peter pays a visit to Roman, and Olivia tries to send him off when she answers the door (but not before getting in a few not-so-subtle jabs). Roman and Peter discuss Clementine and the vargul. Peter lets Roman know that his uncle Nicolai was a killer and that he is in danger of getting locked up if Clementine gets wind of the murder in his family's past. They have no choice but to go after the vargul and Peter plans to kill it out of necessity. First on the agenda, they must dig up Lisa's (the first victim) body from her grave.


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