Hemlock Grove - S1E4 "In Poor Taste" Recap

Peter steps out of his trailer and finds Letha lying on the hammock. They talk nonsense and Peter even drops a rather slimy line in about "the wettest place on Earth" before apparently putting the moves on her. She immediately wakes up on the bus, surrounded by her fellow students, including Peter. He smiles lightly (perhaps he "smelled" her?) *roll opening credits*

Christina is staying with Alexa and Alyssa and is talking in her sleep. They consider waking her from her nightmare before she finally shoots up, screaming. The mad rambling man speaks with Clementine about his having witnessed the first murder. She tries to get him to offer up any forensic evidence that might help them out and he reveals that the animal went for her "lady parts" first. As it turns out, he was right about that particular factoid.

Shelley recalls a visit to a store in which Jenny from the club (no pun intended) is now working at. Turns out Mama Godfrey got her fired after learning she hooked up with Roman. Shelley is disheartened by Jenny's initial coldness but her mood improves after Shelley warms to her and even suggests a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings which Shelley doesn't end up getting out of fear of angering her mother.

Clementine and the sheriff examine some tracks in the woods and droppings containing human hair. Olivia gets high again on those mysterious eye drops of hers. Later, she spots Lynda shoplifting whilst out shopping and makes a sly dig at her regarding it. At school, Roman introduces Letha to Peter and Peter seems slighted by her not shaking his hand, not realising that her dazed attraction to him is the reason for her refusal. The three of them discuss the man in the woods on the car ride home. In private, Peter and Roman make plans to meet up that night to investigate. Lynda tells Peter about running into Olivia and how she suspects that Olivia sought her out and is too proud to ask for what she really wants (more eyedrops).

Olivia brings Shelley to the Godfrey Institute for a checkup and discusses Letha's pregnancy with Dr. Pryce. Clementine and the Sheriff have drinks and Clementine tells him that the body of the second victim needs to be exhumed in order to compare the DNA/hair samples. Christina is hysterical in a treatment centre and has to be sedated. We flashback to her discussing her discovery of the body with the twins and about her kissing the corpse when thinking it was a prank.

Roman and Peter dig up the grave of the body Clementine wants to exhume. Peter tells Roman that people like him (werewolves) must have their head cut off after death or "things happen." Roman says the only dead body he's seen is that of his father post-suicide. Peter cuts open the body and removes her intestines, placing them in a jar. Just then, the Sheriff and Clementine arrive and the boys escape before the open grave and bloodied corpse is discovered. The Sheriff falls in and ends up with corpse juice all down his front. Clementine tears a piece of the girl's hair/scalp out and tells the Sheriff to call it in. When the sheriff returns home, he speaks with Christina and is somewhat unnerved by how much older she seems than her actual age.

Peter flashes back to when he cut off the head of Nikolai's corpse. Clementine calls the sheriff and informs him that the hair found in the droppings were human male while examining photos of Peter.

Season 1 of Hemlock Grove is available for viewing on Netflix.


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