Hemlock Grove - S1E7 "Measure Of Disorder" Recap

Flash back 18 years to Juliette's funeral. For those who might have forgotten, this was Olivia's baby before Roman was born. JR speaks with Norman and expresses his disbelief at hoe easily Olivia interacts with the guests. She doesn't seem distraught about the loss in the slightest. Norman tries to reassure him that everyone grieves differently but JR remains certain that there is something not right about Olivia. He asks Norman to treat Olivia and Norman begrudgingly agrees to do so. Olivia has her first treatment with Norman and displays an obsession with her appearance and people's perceptions of her. They discuss her attitude towards motherhood and she even briefly mentions her father, who was apparently very no-nonsense. Roll opening credits.

Back in the present, Olivia has picked Roman up from the station. She stops the car at the train tracks and threatens to cut him off if he doesn't get himself in line. Her eyes begin to flutter and the light above them begins to flicker. Roman is concerned, asking if she is alright, and she eventually returns to normal. Roman says that he "hears them, too," and they drive off.

Peter has returned home and is furious over Roman leaving him hanging. Lynda asks what happened and he tells her that he had to walk five miles home and tells her she was right and that he shouldn't have trusted an Upyr. She hugs him.

Clementine is searching Castle Godfrey and the cops discover her. They tell her she is trespassing before they discover the lower-half of Lisa's remains. After the crime scene has been roped off, she spots one of Olivia's shoe prints. The sheriff is unhappy with her presence and repeatedly questions the legitimacy of her presence and claimed occupation before she receives a phone call, ending their conversation.

Shelley returns to the general store and Jenny has set aside the earring Shelley had previously shown fondness for. Shelley is determined to have them and Jenny commends her taking the bus and claiming of her independence. At dinner that night, Olivia asks her children how their day was and Shelley gleefully types that she took the bus. Roman is amazed, stating that he doesn't even know how to do that, while Olivia is horrified both by her taking the bus and the fact that she didn't get permission first. Clearly, Olivia is overly fond of holding a tight leash. Roman tells Olivia to give her a break but it is then that Olivia spots Shelley's earrings, the ones she explicitly told her not to get. She begins to put Shelley down per usual, but Roman has finally had enough. He tells Olivia he knows that she is lying about their estate and that he will inherit everything when he turns 18 as sole beneficiary. He tells her that all she had to do was leave Shelley alone. Olivia kisses both her children on the head and bids them goodnight. Roman goes over to Shelley and puts her earrings back on her. Given how self-destructive Roman can be, it's incredible to see how loving he is towards his sister. He tucks her in to bed and is intrigued by a painting Shelley has done. On the canvas is a light at the top and beneath it, a snake eating its own tail. This reminds him of his shared dream with Peter.

Norman receives a phone call in the middle of the night. His wife asks if it's Olivia and he says no. He takes his keys and heads out, after which Letha sneaks into his office to snoop. She comes across JR's suicide letter, hidden in plain sight under a photo of him within the frame. Within the letter, JR warns Norman that Olivia will destroy Norman and all that is good about him.

Olivia glides into Roman's room and curls up next to him in bed. You know, completely normal mother and son stuff... or not. She proceeds to wrap her hand around his neck. If he wasn't awake before, he most certainly is now. She tells him that he's stronger than she'd ever hoped.

Norman visits Francis' room, where he is being examined by police and orderlies. He is dead, with a needle sticking out of his skull. Norman tells the Sheriff that he had been considering releasing him. Everyone assumes that Francis committed suicide.

Peter receives a rude drawing in his locker, and when Roman passes by, he gestures to communicate that Peter should join him for a smoke so they can talk. Peter follows him out and as they begin smoking, Roman begins by saying that he has a lead; something is going on in the White Tower. Peter is still fed up and tells him that their relationship is done. The argument escalates until Roman tells Peter not to fuck Letha or he will kill him.

Olivia visits Lynda in the trailer when she is making hamburgers. Lynda invites her in and Olivia is being surprisingly polite; she must be up to something. Olivia states that she knew Lynda's cousin Vince and explains that they had an arrangement. Olivia has some sort of condition and Vince would provide her with a substance that would help with it. Olivia is fidgeting a great deal and Lynda knows exactly what she is talking about. She tells her it'll cost 5,000 dollars per bottle, which is considerably more than what Vince had charged. Olivia's fidgeting escalates to the point that she can't help but eat one of the balls of raw meat, which we can assume is part of this mysterious condition of hers. Lynda appears to know more about Olivia's condition than we as the viewers do. Lynda warns her that she shouldn't overdo it - in regards to the raw meat. Following this, Lynda visits Destiny and they celebrate the big payday. Destiny warns her to be careful with the Godfreys and Lynda insists it's just business. They discuss Roman and the Vargulf, about which Lynda says that nature will take its course.

Letha sits next to Peter on the bus and shows him the suicide note. They discuss the content and she also informs him of Francis' apparent suicide. Letha brings up Roman's weirdness that day and asks about Saturday's night when Roman got arrested. She tells Peter he doesn't need to leave things out because she's a girl. They go back to Peter's trailer where they are alone. They talk about angels and Letha quickly turns up the heat. She outright asks Peter if he wants to fuck her and he groans, mumbling about Roman. She asks if he finds her being pregnant off-putting, and he states that he actually finds it sexy.

Roman is drinking and heads to the bathroom. After snorting some coke, he stares himself down in the mirror. He takes a razor blade and cuts his cheek before tracing the blood from the wound onto his lips. He pouts like a Victoria's secret model, says "Shut up and kiss me," and makes a kissing sound. He is interrupted by the sound of the doorbell and it's Clementine come to question him. Shelley pops in, Roman explains that Clementine is there to talk about the Vargulf, and reassures her its fine. Shelley leaves, and Clementine questions Roman about what he said, among other things. He tells her he's kind of fucked up right now. She questions him about his relationship with Peter and about their visiting the site of the first murder. He plays it cool, and she asks if they dug up Lisa's body. He admits to it, saying it was "some Gypsy thing." She asks about the word "Vargulf," and his defence is that he doesn't want her bothering her sister or thinking that she is the Vargul. Clementine wants to know what he thinks the word means and he describes it a sickness, or hunger with no appetite. She then insists of knowing how he learned the word and he says he learned it from Peter. She then asks about White Tower and Ourobors. He tells her he can find out what it means and expresses his willingness to help. She tells him that he can't and states that God doesn't want him to be happy but wants him to be strong. Olivia walks in and Clementine introduces herself. Olivia feigns helpfulness and before leaving, Clementine comments of Olivia's shoes, knowing that it was her footstep she found at the crime.

Roman then gets a call from Norman enquiring about Letha's whereabouts. Romans states that he has an idea of where she might be and sets off to look for her. Norman recalls a time that he was curled up with Olivia on his office floor and how things felt right with her. Norman is prepared to leave his wife and returns home intent on doing so until she informs him that she is pregnant - with Letha.

Letha's attempts to seduce Peter prove successful and he finally makes his move. They begin making out just in time for Roman to show up and spot them through the window. He's getting rained on and broods with that insane bone structure of his. He drives off in a rage and ends up in front of Ashley's house. There's a quick flashback to remind viewers that he snubbed her at the dance but she doesn't appear to be holding a grudge. She insists he come inside, appearing concerned that he's soaking wet in the heavy rain.

In her room, several candles are lit as the power has gone out due to the storm. Roman steps into her bedroom now wearing her pink silk robe and what is it with Skarsgård men ending up in ladies' robes? She jokes that he has the legs for it before gently guiding him to sit down, wrapping him in a blanket. She really does appear to be a nice girl. She asks him what's wrong and he begins to cry. She tells him he should talk about it and he states that he is an ugly person. "I have an ugliness that's impossible to love." She tells him that that's not true and tries to make him understand that he is beautiful. She is affectionate with him and things slowly build until they end up on her bed making out. It would appear that they're about to have sex as they begin to undress. Roman's expression grows vacant yet again and he uses the tie from the robe to bind her to the bed. He notes his reflection in the mirror above her bed and the music begins to grow ominous. She doesn't seem worried about this kinky turn, thinking it only part of their hookup. He goes down on her for a bit but something isn't right after he gets up and looks at his reflection in the mirror. This is when Ashely knows something is wrong and asks to be untied. He flips her over and begins to rape her, looking momentarily distraught. He tells her to tell him he's ugly and she obliges him again and again.

Back at Peter's trailer, he and Letha are curled up in post-coital bliss.

Return to Ashley's and Roman has now re-dressed. He compels Ashley to forget that he was ever there and to dream about something nice. He unties her as she falls asleep and leaves.

The entire first season of Hemlock Grove is available for viewing on Netflix.


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