Legendary Neal Adams makes a Visit to Sacramento A-1 Comics

The Legendary Neal Adams made a pit stop in Sacramento yesterday to sign some stuff at one of the local A-1 Comics. If you're not familiar with the name, Neal is one of DC's legendary artists. In fact his children are pretty phenomenal artists themselves as well. Alas, none of his sons were with him, there was only Neal to delight the crowd, and delight he did.

He spoke to the crowd gathered before is signing about a little property called Batman. Some of the best Batman arcs ever created had Neal's hands all over them. He and Dennis O'Neil  helped put the dark brooding nature back into Batman, which I personally love about Bats. And if you've never read a batman comic, but only saw the movies, they were also was responsible for the creation of Ra's al Ghul. 

He touched on this a bit talking about what he liked about the movies his comic series inspired, and also about how Green Lantern took none of their inspiration from him, even though he had plenty to do with Green Lantern over the years and look at what a disaster that movie was. I have to whole heartedly agree with his assessment, I adore Ryan Reynolds, even thought he was great int he title role, but there was no saving that script.

Neal took his time with everyone who came out to see him, answering questions, signing and even singing to my little one. She's a huge Batman fan, and she really wanted to ask him a question, but the moment she got up to him she was too scared to ask him anything. Neal told her "Do you know what I do when I'm scared? I sing a song." And then he proceeded to sing "I've got no strings" from Pinnochio. I wish I had been ready for that one, but alas there's no video.

But she did muster up the courage with her uncle to go and take a picture with Neal. Neal has always been entertaining to meet in person. I met him back in 2010 and he was delightful then. If you live in or around Sacramento and you would like to meet Neal yourself, you're in luck. He's coming back in March for Wizard World. Get your tickets now, it's sure to be a packed house. And if you meet Neal let us know.

Also if you would like to see more pictures from the signing you can check out our flickr album!


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