Lost Girl Recap S4E1: In Memoriam

Tonight is the new season of Lost Girl finally. Lucky ducks up in Canada got this gem back in November, but for us US folks, tonight starts off our season, so let’s dig in! A truck drives in a Kenzi sneaks out. She’s spying on some robed characters plotting a Indiana Jones mission, but she’s caught. He plans to take the claimed “human” in, but Dyson and Hale tell him he’s mistaken, and Kenzi shows off some fireworks. He buys her theatrics and Hale takes her away without ever seeing what’s in the box. Hale cautions Kenzi against using her temporary powers. Dyson takes home “tinkerbell” and Hale gets stuck with the paperwork. Dyson sniffs around Kenzi’s home, but she assures her that she’s alone. And then he kisses her, one very hot wolfy kiss, but he pulls away because of Hale. A knock on the door breaks up the mood even more, and its Aoife. She uses her power of persuasion to gain entry, she needs help finding Bo, but no one seems to know her.

Aoife is looking for the daughter that she lost. No one knows Bobo, she played no part in defeating Aoife when she went all supervillain and killed the Ash. But Aoife knows Dyson, they met recently in the lab. Kenzi doesn’t exactly believe Aoife’s story, but Aoife knows in her heart that she had a daughter even though there’s no proof. Dyson find the photo of Bo beautiful, and Kenzi is ruffled about it. She turns down to gig, but Aoife shows them proof that her memories have been tampered with. She just wants to know why the memories have been wiped and at the word pay, Kenzi finds herself on board. Dyson heads off to meet with Tamsin, because he needs info and she saved him. Aoife uses her powers to get out of their tab, and Kenzi is more intrigued.

Dyson heads to the spot of his accident, seeing pieces of it, but unable to remember the whole thing.

Kenzi goes to see Trick. Trick thinks someone has been messing with the balance space and time, oh Trick if you only knew! Trick shows her a seed, it’s a symbol of the unamense, they’re descending upon them since its been messy lately. Kenzi asks if they would cause amnesia, but he tells her no and sends her to an orthanex, Dr. Snook, a fish fey that feeds on memories. Kenzi asks about Lauren, but Trick tells her that she abandoned the light fae. Kenzi doesn’t believe it. Someone is firmly in Dr. Hotpants’s corner, believing she’s the only human ally she has even if she is barely human. People are searching for Lauren at least. Trick tells her to be careful, clueless of the wanderer card he smashes between crates.

Kenzi and Dyson go to see Dr. Snook, but his receptionist isn’t welcoming. Kenzi strong arms their way past Janet during a client session, where the Dr. is making a wife forget her husband’s infidelity. When they go to question him, he tells Kenzi that he doesn’t restore memories only takes them, but admires the extraction that was performed on her. She has no clue what he’s talking about, and Dyson looks to see that she has the same little weird mark on her eye that Aoife had. Of course, Dyson has the same make, but its not Snook’s work. Kenzi tries to sort through the disturbing revelation.

Trick tells her that to shatter the spell she’ll need the recardo compass. It’s been lost under the season, but rumor has it that Anglerum has it. Kenzi gets Dyson to score some tickets to the shindig so she can get close to Anglerum, and Trick makes her cough up her pilfered wares. Kenzi has quite the sticky fingers. When she pulls out the photo of Bo, Trick’s blood reacts a little crazily to it. Trick asks for all the deets about her client.

Vex berates the Morrigan’s former assistant, over his unflattering wardrobe. This party is the last chance to have some fun before the counsel arrives. Dyson arrives and stops Vex from ironing out the assistant. Dyson and Vex have a little pissing contest, and Vex ultimately calls it a draw. Seems the Morrigan named Vex her heir, which surprised him a bit. Dyson blackmails Vex into getting him tickets to the party, looks like Evany’s demise was highly exaggerated and  Dyson has sniffed her out. Vex calls down and gets Dyson him the ticket that he’s asked for. Dyson makes no promises to let him keep his throne once he remembers, and Vex takes out his frustration on the assistant.

Dyson and Hale stroll through the collector’s party, both guys wishing their lady will get there, but Kenzi is having trouble figuring out what to wear. She calls Lauren, for advice, and hoping that she’s safe. Mosimo comes at arrowpoint. He’s brought Kenzi some sprite extract, and takes a hands on approach to Kenzi’s disgust for application. She owes big for what he’s turned her into, which isn’t quite fae like she wanted. But like a junky, she’s feigning for more, and makes promises to pay his high price.

Hale keeps a look out for Kenzi, and Dyson spots prey. Hale makes a remark about Dyson’s type, unbeknownst to either that the hottie in the dress is actually Kenzi until she turns around. Kenzi is late, and the Collector is already narrowing down favorites. Dyson wonders if Kenzi is out of her league, and she goes to prove herself. Methinks Dyson just doesn’t want to share. Mia Kirshner (love her I don’t care who she is playing) asks Dyson and Bo finally makes an appearance. He gets a severe case of déjà vu and loses her as Cleo introduces herself, and she fawns over Dyson, she’s a nymph. He may not be interested but I am. He’s had some bad tequila soaked nymph experiences. Kenzi and Hale take the floor and all eyes are on them. It’s awkward between them on the dancefloor, and the alpha wolf takes over to make the tango steamy. The two cut quite the rug, and Hale throws his hat in, taking back his partner, but Kenzi and Dyson just sizzle. It becomes a saucy threeway tango, and if the Collector isn’t intrigued now, he’s blind. Kenzi ends the dance with some fireworks and gets her rose.

Kenzi goes to meet the Collector, and its George Takei!. He’s a giant snake guy, no wonder he does the whole private audiences only.

Vex makes a flashy entrance, he wants the wolf. Cleo offers to get Dyson out for a price but he’s willing to go up against the Morrigan/Mesmer. She asks if he knows how to repel, as Vex starts snapping necks. Cleo and the rest of the party people decide to make a break for the doors.

The Collector goes to look inside to grant her unlimited wish. She asks for the compass, and he scoffs at her request. He gives her some beauty tips getting a bit catty in his delivery. He makes note that he thought she’d wish for “her return.” He snaps his fingers and gives her the compass, telling her that she doesn’t know what she’s missing. She notices that he called her human, and the Collector now that he’s granted her wish devour her whole.

Dyson and Vex prepare to faceoff. Vex’s memory is gone as well, which confuses Dyson more. Vex knows he was never meant to be the Morrigan, and he doesn’t want anyone regaining their memories in case it makes them challenge his position. He refuses to be powerless. Hale strides in, and Vex Mesmers him into silence and to grab Dyson. Dyson frees Hale’s mouth so he can siren Vex, and Dyson runs to save Kenzi as Hale takes on Vex. Vex is no match for Hale.

Kenzi runs through the Collector’s collection hiding, but her powers are of no help. And she’s all out of Sprite juice. Hale plans to put an end to Vex over Kenzi. Kenzi is out of places to run when Dyson comes to the rescue. He spears the snake tail and gets away with the girl.

Trick catches up with Aoife. She’s happy to see her father.
The compass has cracked during the cat and mouse game, but the memory loss stays in place. Kenzi goes to align the needle to North, and Dyson stops her. He tells her he would give his life for him. Wondering if its as good as it gets, if they can make it better. But Kenzi knows that something is missing, that something isn’t right. She tells him that her heart hurts, and that when you’re in love you know. He agrees with her, that whatever happens they’re in it together. He sets the compass to North, and the memories return, and neither of them are okay as they remember Bo. Aoife and Trick remember too, and their happy reunion is cut short, as Aoife’s crazy takes over and she goes to spill Trick’s blood.

Kenzi and Dyson find Hale and Vex. Hale didn’t kill Vex, and he’s very happy that Kenzi didn’t get eaten by the snake. They all agree they have to find Bo, but they need to figure out who did the mind erase first. Dyson gets a call from Tamsin, and as the last person to see Bo alive, Dyson runs. Hale wants to talk, but with Bo missing Kenzi can’t. She runs off.

The box from the beginning opens and something oozes out.

Lauren is working in a diner as Amber when she remembers.

Bo awakens.


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