Lost Girl Recap S4E3: Lovers. Apart.

Cleo and Dyson have made their way onto the death train. He’s feeling a little sickness, and Cleo does a little whistling to ease his pain. The train doesn’t seem to like mention of Bo’s name. Cleo can hear the damned souls trying to get out. She tells them that they need to hurry up and find Bo and get out.

Bo meanwhile is taking a jaunt through the woods. She finds a closed up house. A trio is moving in for the night, and they knock her out.

A man finds what’s been making trouble with the air conditioning unit, some papers, when the Morrigan comes in. She uses her gift on him, feeding off him, and turning the man into a pile of goo. She’s rocking a Governor’s eye patch, but looks like the girl is on the mend. Vex better watch his back.

Truckstop Lauren lets her OCD get out of control. She’s reorganized the entire place much to Crystal’s delight. She’s still trying hardcore to get into Lauren’s pants, but Lauren shoots her down.

Bo awakens to two of the girls knitting, mother and daughter, Kathy and Julia. Bo asks about the train, but they think she’s suffering from drug withdrawals. Kathy offers Bo some food, and her succubus flares. She looks at dad Ian like he’s lunch, and Julia does not like it one bit. She has every reason to be wary of Bo, she’s a maneater. Bo likes Julia though, she sees some Kenzi in her. Ian wants Bo out though, and he gets a little grabby. Don’t poke the tiger dude.

Dyson rips through the train hot on Bo’s trail. She finds the maid still in Bo’s bed and on cloud nine. When he asks about Bo, again the train groans. Dyson’s calls leads to a door opening, and he finds a scrap of her gown. Cleo warns that the sickness he experienced is only the tip of the iceberg. That no one could survive jumping from the train without the help of an elemental for long. Cleo grabs onto Dyson, and prepares to throw wolfy from the train to find Bo.

Bo uses the lady’s room as an excuse to get away from Ian and snoop around. Down in the nasement she finds two rooms with metal doors. In door number one is a tiny room. The trio find Bo, and Ian hold’s her at gunpoint. So he’s not exactly going to win any good parenting awards. They think they’re protecting Julia from ghosts. The entire family is haunted. Ian tells her that he inherited it, and everyone died before they could tell him anything. They come out to the house every year on this night, and lock themselves into the cells until the ghost leaves. Bo tells them that she can help, that solving the weird is kinda her thing. But Julia is a nonbeliever. She’s never seen the ghost. It’s lock in time. Julia goes to her cell, and Bo leaves.

The Morrigan has been out of contact with the Druid for five years, but she needs his help to grow a new eyeball now. She mushes her manicurist, and makes the Druid uncomfortable as she cuddles up next to him. She wants her new eye perfect, and he had better deliver, she’s a little unhinged at the moment.

Bo returns to Julia’s cell. She’s having some horrible stomach cramping but she’s still wants to help. Julia shows her a book of old clippings. Her family has had a very rocky history. Every generation the men have killed everyone but one in the family. Julia wonders if its not a ghost but something else. She’s worried that her father will one day kill her and Bo decides to get her out of there.

Dyson loses Bo’s scent in the woods, but Cleo is familiar with the woods. She calls to her friend John, who is buried in the woods. Cleo uncovers John and asks him if he’s seen a succubus in the woods. He has, but he doesn’t seem to be fond of Dyson. Cleo offers him a few toes to lick, but he wants Dyson’s. Maybe he’s a little too fond of him. Dyson lets him, but tells Cleo they shall never speak of it again.

Bo asks about the shoes and the knots, and the walking backwards. The ghost can’t come in until she’s tried on all the shoes, and untied all the knots, makes sense. And she can’t enter a body walking backwards. Stupid complicated ghost rules, that aren’t ghost rules. Bo tries to stop Julia, knowing its not a ghost but a body jumper. Julia gets jumped. Ian isn’t happy about what’s happened to Julia, and even more unhappy to hear that she collapsed outside the shoes and knots. He turns his gun on Julia. They vowed to kill whoever was possessed. Kathy won’t let him shot their daughter, but he won’t let her live with what he had to live with, what it made him do to his family. Bo understands having an uncontrollable force within. She tells him she can fix  the problem. The electricity flares, and the fire lights in the fireplace. Poltergeist Julia rises, and the Succubus surfaces, sending Kathy and Ian out.

Crystal gives Lauren her tips, and Lauren feels the need to explain herself, but Crystal brushes her off. Lauren asks why she’s here. And Crystal opens up about her jinxy past, and needing to be smalltown girl to matter. She’s found a small dream that will bring her happiness, a little farm. Crystal extends an open invitation to her.

Polter-Julia tries man handle Bo, but she’s stronger than she looks. It wonders what Bo is, and before it can pounce again, Dyson grabs her from behind. The thing seems to leave her at his touch, and Bo is very happy to see him. Looks like the thing has jumped into Cleo, so not good. Dyson gets a hand on her easy enough.

Lauren tracks down Crystal with Beer and Pizza in hand.

Dyson and Bo pin Cleo against the wall, and the thing jumps back into Julia. She calls out for her mom, and Kathy comes running. Julia slits her throat before anyone can stop her. Cleo runs off to find some healing peony to save her. Bo continues to feel effects of jumping from the train. Dyson wants to get her out of there, but Bo can’t leave the family. Ian sends Dyson and Bo after Julia.

Lauren and Crystal commiserate over their pasts. Lauren trumps crystals when mentions her former indentured servitude. Crystal makes yet another move and Lauren, and this time Lauren accepts. The two hit the sheets and get rowdy.

Dyson and Bo find Julia in the woods, and Bo sucks the thing right out of her. The spirit isn’t happy that Bo interfered. She threatens the spirit, and the spirit shows her the past. They tortured her, accusing her of being a witch, they wanted to prove it to her fiancĂ©. She was an elemental. They tried to drown her, and her true face was exposed, but Noah stood by her anyways, and was shot for his trouble. They both were when the bullet passed through Noah into her.  They died parted forever. She plans to continue her wrath until every last Jenkins is dead.

Bo awakens and tells the family why the spirit is haunting the line. Bo tries to fight off the spirit that wants control of her body.

The Morrigan has a band new eye, and she’s impressed by his work. She plants one on the druid, and he’s confused over her affections. The Morrigan has had a lot to think about in her time behind the painting. And she plans to get rid of Bo. The Druid tells her that he already did that, he helped Tamsin to get rid of Bo. He was hoping to come back to the Morrigan, but she shuts him down. With Bo gone, she plans to unleash hell.

Bo continues to struggle against the spirit. She was separated from her love forever, to appease her, they must unite them. Bo urges Dyson to find the bodies, but Dyson doesn’t want to leave her side after just finding her. Bo gives him one heck of a kiss, and he leaves her fight the spirit trying to take over. It take’s over Bo, and Cleo and Dyson go a little grave mixing. Polter-Bo comes after Dyson and Cleo. Even together the ghost is still not satisfied, because she never got to marry her Noah. Dyson binds his and Bo’s hands and marries them with the found rings. When the ghost agrees to the vows she and Noah are set free. Cleo is unable to see the ghosts unite, but Bo and Dyson see it. Bo questions if they’re married to, but Dyson asks if she’s ready to go home. They do.

Lauren comes into the dinner with the phone ringing off the hook. Someone is looking for her and offering a big reward, but she doesn’t answer it.

Julia chatters all Kenzi like. She tells her to be easy on her parents, and gives her a way to contact her should she ever need her.

Lauren comes to Crystal, needed to make a run for it. She makes Crystal promise that if anyone comes looking for her, she will tell them she never saw her. Crystal takes her to the backdoor. Poor Crystal, all that work to get Lauren into bed, and she only gets one night out of it.

Cleo, Bo and Dyson head home. Rather than healing Bo, Cleo takes her at knifepoint. Cleo tells Dyson that if he tries to stop her that she’ll kill Bo. Dyson laughs at her audacity, Bo has already been healed by the jumpy spirit, and further more warned Bo about Cleo’s little deal with Vex. Bo really isn’t in the mood to be dicked around. And as hot as a little Cleo/Bo action would be, its not likely to happen anytime soon. She beats Cleo pretty good, and chi sucks her. They leave the Cleo in the middle of the road. Cleo will be back later. Dyson and Bo drive home, but they slowly forget about the train. She vows to figure out what happened to her. They drive towards home.

Lauren hitchhikes, but looks like Crystal isn’t done with her yet. She picks her up, and Lauren jumps in. Always check the back seat before getting into a car! Crystal isn’t alone, and Lauren gets drugged.

Bo sees Crystal’s car on the side of the road. She wonders if they should stop and help, but Dyson isn’t feeling very helpful and headed straight home with his precious cargo.  


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