Lost Girl Recap S4E2: Sleeping Beauty School

Now that everyone remembers Bo, its time to find her. Dyson heads again to the scene of his accident. He remembers Tamsin driving through the Wanderer, and driving them off the cliff. He heads down the bank, and hears someone in the bushes. It bites him, but he promises not to hurt her. He pulls out a dirty, child.

Kenzi prepares for Bo’s homecoming. She tells her bed that she has a lead on some Victoria’s Secret models, as she gathers up a few of her favorite things. Dyson tells her that they have nothing, no leads on Bo’s whereabouts. But Kenzi hopes that she’s finishing off whatever kidnapped her, and is on her way back to them. Dyson shows her what he’s found: Little Tamsin. They don’t want to frighten the Valkyrie, but they need info. Her base personality and sassy pants remains though, so they’re given hope.

A redheaded Lauren tries to make a call unsuccessfully.

Trick tells them that Valkyrie memories come back slow, and sometimes there’s memory suppression. Trick marvels over the lack of security in Kenzi’s place, as he searches for something.  Dyson asks him about the cut on his arm, and Trick asks about the compass. Kenzi gives it to him, as he gathers up other things. She tries to make a break for it, and Dyson stops her, he puts her on babysitting duties. Trick delivers some horrible news, Bo is off the planet, or atleast their realm.

Bo awakens, woozy. She feels like she’s spinning, and she is. Bo is on some sort of cosmic train.

Dyson asks Trick again about the blood on his arm. He tells her about Aoife and her insanity. He tells him that Bo must never find out, there’s a lot she must never find out of course. They need a tracker, someone who can transverse the planes, and only one name comes to mind. Trick tells him that there’s one fae who may know the whereabouts of Edymion (Eddy), Selene his ex. The Unamense has also arrived, and their not about torture to regain the balance.

Vex is all bound up, but its not his normal brand of kink. The Unamense has bloodied him up really well. They want to know where the Morrigan is, but he tells them that she was behind the portrait but she escaped. They go to take his power, but he’s not ready to go down without a fight. He offers up “her.” And they accept on condition that he has to eat a nasty bug.

Dyson and Hale head to Selene’s Salon. She takes Dyson in back to manage his unruly curls. Hale stick up front to snoop through the books, but Cleo has other plans. She asks what they want with Eddy, that Selene won’t give Dyson any information. She tells him to ask Astrid, and gives him a message to give her. While he reads his hand she disappears before he can get her name. What is that little nymph up to? Hale goes with her lead though, and Dyson tells him that he got nothing.

Little Tamsin grills Kenzi on her love life. Kenzi hasn’t had the most success in that department lately, and Tamsin runs off for a potty break. She finds Tamsin dumping her fae cream, and Tamsin starts crying when she yells at her. Kenzi treats her to some magic, but Kenzi is out of juice. Kenzi offers to make cookies instead.

Astrid tells the boys she can’t give them the information they need, that the one who gave them the message wants their memories erased. One seeks a hunter, the other seeks the courage to hunt. Hale tells her he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she reveals she cannot talk, no mouth. Hale acknowledges her as Hystome. She erases memories. She tells them that she will help. She gives Dyson a kiss, only one moment will be its match. She gives Hale something for his frustrations too, tells him to go to the one he loves. Meanwhile Selene’s has turned into some weird sort of dance party as the salon girls clean up, which many a wet dream has spawned out of. Cleo reveals herself, and rings the dinner bell. The girls surround Dyson and Hale, claws extended. They suddenly drop their claws, and move to seduce Hale. Dyson slips away as Hale is left to take a few for the team.

Kenzi and Tamsin makes cookies, but Kenzi’s cookies are awful. She asks Kenzi what bff means, and it only breaks Kenzi’s heart a little more since she blames herself for not knowing where Bo is. Tamsin finds the Wanderer card, and it catches fire in her hand. Kenzi notices that Bo is on the card too, and Tamsin wonders if Bo is stuck in the card.

Dyson goes looking for Selene, and finds a safe, one he’s familiar with. Luckily brute strength works as wells as the combination. He finds Eddy inside, Selene tells him that he’s just fast asleep.

Lauren finds a newspaper with an awful missing person picture, that reminds her of Bo. She knocks over her tray, and Crystal gets a little too close for comfort. She flirts more than a little with Lauren, and offers to buy her a drink, but Lauren turns her down.

Selene fawns over Eddy, but she refuses to wake him. Selene gets turned on by Dyson’s man handling. She wants a piece of the wolf, and as she does on about kisses and he sprays her with the vials he was given. He tells Selene to kiss Eddy, and Eddy awakens, then knocks out Selene. Eddy is ready to repay his debt, after they bind up Selene.

Bo tries to pick her lock, thinking of Kenzi, but the memory is fleeting. She bangs on the door, and a maid comes in cautioning her not to awaken “him.” Bo uses her powers on the girl, but she doesn’t fall under her spell. She blames Bo for awakening something.

Dyson gives Eddy Bo’s description, but he needs more. He needs to know where his heart lies and hers. He tells him that her heart is her own, and that she has a girlfriend. Dyson shows Eddy the card Kenzi found. And Eddy tries to put Kenzi into the equation, which ruffles Hale’s feathers as he claims Kenzi. Eddy tells Dyson that if it is his Bo on the card, then she is in a heap of trouble. Dyson finally opens up about Bo, finally giving Eddy something, and Hale too. Dyson tells Hale he needs to tell Kenzi how he feels. But after last week am I the only one who wants to see Dyson and Kenzi together? Dyson is still fighting for Bo, and tells Hale he needs to do the same for Kenzi, that there will never be a good time. Eddy and Dyson set off for some work.

Lauren serves a piggish customer, and Crystal is touchy after her shut down. Lauren tries to apologize, and Crystal soon makes up with her. Pig boy starts choking, and when Lauren’s Heimlich doesn’t work, she slits his fae throat and removes the blockage. He’s fine, but Crystal recorded the whole thing with her camera phone.

Eddy brags over his past conquests, as Dyson asks how he did the realm shifts. Dyson notices that their being  followed, by a naughty Cleo. Dyson notices a shift ahead of them.

Hale arrives with flowers, ready to woo Kenzi, but he cannot find the words. Kenzi finally got baby Tamsin to bed. Hale gives her the flowers but she’s not thinking romantical thoughts. Kenzi grills him about Bo, but that’s not why he’s all twitchy. He finally spills how he feels about Kenzi, and she plants a kiss on him, but finds it weird. She clears the table and kisses him again, but its awkward as heck. Tasmin’s screams break up the weird make out session. And she’s grown into a big haired teen. Hale and Kenzi try to tell her that it’ll be okay, but she’s freaking out about her body. Hale makes a break for it, and Tamsin ponders her boobs.

Dyson finds some sort of fae device, but Eddy is obsolete. Before he can touch a button, Cleo tackles him. I don’t think that she’s who she says she is. Dyson knocks out one of her teeth and he goes easy on her. She tells him that he is not Eddy, that she is. Cleo has assumed his identity and gigs while he was under Selene’s spell. He spawned the Elementals in the Salon that were working for Selene, but Cleo is special. Unlike his children who only commune with one element, Cleo communes with all of them. Cleo shows off her skills. Eddy relives his golden years until a train takes him out. Cleo makes plans to save Bo.

Dyson and Cleo head over to Kenzi’s for a closer look at the card. Kenzi and Dyson try to make sense of the numbers but neither can touch it, but Cleo can. Kenzi is highly suspicious of Cleo, not just because of her powers, but her looks too. Dyson keeps Kenzi on babysitting duty longer, tells her to listen to Hale, really listen. Cleo is ready to hit the road, so off they go. Kenzi looks at her sunflowers.

Cleo prepares to put the card into the machine, but Dyson needs answers first. Cleo keeps popping up trying to save him, and that is just not normal. Cleo tries to oversimplify her reason for trying to save him the night of the Collector’s party. She tells him that she thought they were competition, but she found them to be otherwise. Don’t trust her, she’s leaving something out! Dyson lets her feed the card into the machine, and it actually worked to Cleo’s surprise. Lauren calls Dyson, and she’s scared. Dyson tells her that she’s smart and resourceful but whatever needs to get done she’s on her own.

Vex makes a call to Cleo. We finally know who sent her! And he makes clear that he needs Bo alive. Cleo makes her deal, and Dyson only hears part of it. Cleo tells him that she will find his succubus. The train is upon them, a death train, and Dyson doesn’t let Cleo run as they cross planes.

Kenzi calls her magic dealer, ready to pawn some valuables for her powers.

Lauren has a drink with Crystal, and when Crystal heads to the loo Lauren makes a grab for her phone, but Crystal catches her. Lauren vaguely explains why they can’t release the video, and Crystal is understanding. Crystal deletes the video, and Lauren is very grateful.

Bo feeds off the maid’s chi, but doesn’t kill her. All powered up, Bo has the juice to get the door open and jumps from the train.


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