Sac Anime rolls through this weekend.

Sac-Anime came to town this weekend, and it still has another day ahead of it. If Wondercon is San Diego Comic-Con's little sister, than Sac-Anime is still in its embryonic stage. That's not to say its not a great con, it is, but it's tiny in comparison.

There are plenty of costumes to see on the floor. Some spectacular, and some cringe-worthy. But downtown Sacramento is packed with costumed participators all looking to have a good time. There's the same fun and camaraderie as the big show without the lines and smells. Some come to meet the voices behind their favorite anime, some come to try to break into the business, and some come just to be seen. And then there are the few, like myself, who come just to see.

Anime isn't a genre I'm particularly drawn to, but the con atmosphere is. Also this is a great con for kids. All the parents who bring their children to Comic-Con are nuts as far as I'm concerned, and far braver than I. Wondercon is about as big as I would go with any child. Comic-Con is a whole different beast. As an adult I've been lost plenty of times. But a show like Sac-Anime gives kids the opportunity to also take part without the massive crowds. The artists are local and accessible, they love answering questions. And there's plenty of time. There's little rush, little ones can ask questions. It's not all sign and move along.


My favorite thing about smaller shows like Sac Anime is getting to see local artists. One of my favorites from this show was Adrienne Stanley. She drew this beautiful Loki and Thor. Sac-Anime lasts through Sunday. So if you're close to Sacramento stop on by and enjoy the show!


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