Supernatural Recap S9E11: First Born

Lassiter from Psych takes some shots and wrecks some shop in the past! Everybody in the room hits the floor at his hands. Lassie seriously badass!

Crowley meets up with Dean in a bar. Dean promised to kill Crowley the next time he saw him, but he can't help but to listen to Crowley who wants to kick this bromance into high gear and go hunting for a knife the archangels used with has ties to Dean's father. The knife is mentioned in his father's journal and the two are off for some bonding time.

Meanwhile Castiel is trying to adjust to life as an angel. Food is not so good now that he has his grace back. It tastes like molecules now, making it gross and overwhelming. Sandwich aside he gives Sam another healing session, but there's a problem. There's something angelic within, Cas wants to call Dean, but Sam refuses.

Dean takes Crowley to his Dad's storeroom, but even after the solid Crowley did him last week, he still doesn't trust him. Locked out of the room, Crowley has to sit and taunt from the outside, as Dean uncovers the name Tara.

Cas does some research about Sam's missing piece. He has some of Gadreel's grace inside, but it's fading a little with each healing. But if they can extract the grace, they may be able to track Gadreel.

Dean and Crowley track down Tara, who's a jumpy former hunter. Crowley walks into a devil's trap, and Dean has to prove he's not possessed. He passes, and tells her he's looking for the first blade. Sh remarks that he's as pretty and dumb as his father, but when Dean mentions Abaddon, Tara opens up. She doesn't have the blade, but a locator spell for it. She's just missing one ingredient that Crowley happens to have. She doesn't like working with Crowley, but Dean tells her he's the lesser evil. Dean and Tara get to mixing and get their location, an old house. Crowley has a dark feeling in his belly, and tells Dean they have to leave when he sees the beekeeper.

It's Lassie, I mean Cain, and he knows Crowley. After Cain killed Abel he became a demon, he was the best of the worst until he just disappeared. Apparently beekeeping is extremely relaxing, not that you could tell by the strained look on Crowley's face as Cain serves tea. He asks the boys why they're there, and silences Crowley, so Dean can tell of his quest. Cain asks how they found him, and he tell them that they were looking for the blade, not him.

Tara gets some company. The guy who's been following Dean and Crowley since the bar.

Cain tries to send Dean and Crowley on their way, but Dean tries to appeal to his better nature. Cain tells him that he trained the knights of hell, and that he killed the knights. Does that mean he's the blade? Hmm. He tells them to go and never return, words Crowley intends to follow. Dean not so much.

Castiel tries to appeal to Sam on Dean's behalf. But Sam believes he has much to atone for because of Dean.

Crowley isn't entirely on board with Dean's plan as they search Cain's home. Dean finds a picture of a woman wearing the same ring as Cain was. Perhaps a wedding ring? The bar demon catches up to Dean and Crowley, and calls for back up.

Castiel uses a giant freaking needle to extract the grace. The deeper Cas pushes that needle in the bigger the flashback Sam has, and his body returns to preGadreel state. No bueno, and unfortunately Castiel is gonna have to push further, he needs more grace.

Cain comes home to Dean and Crowley still snooping. Bar Demon talks big talk, and tells Cain to send the boys out. Cain offers a last meal if the boys survive, but her refuses to help any further.

Castiel questions why the Winchesters feel the need to run towards death, when the grace extraction becomes too much, but Sam refuses to stop.

Cain awaits a show, even as Dean asks for help. But only a few get in. Dean quickly takes out one, and tosses around two other making a mess of Cain's kitchen. He dispatches his demons, while Crowley kills the ones in the living room. Cain was testing him, feeling a connection him from the start. It's all friendly until Dean tells him that they're nothing alike, he chose to save his brother rather than kill him because you never give up on family. Cain shuts down, and tells him that he no longer has the blade.

Castiel extracts what grace he can without killing Sam, and then he heals him, dissipating the last bit of grace. Being human changed Castiel a lot. He tells sam, that the only person who has messed things up more than Sam is him. Sometimes the end does not justify the means, and they're have to try the spell with what grace they have.

Crowley isn't happy to hear that the blade is gone. Cain tells them that the spell brought them to the source of the blades power, him. He became a solider of hell to save his brother, he sacrificed his soul for his brother's and sent him to heaven. He trained and killed until he met Colette. The knights killed Colette, so he  killed them, hence that sequence from the beginning.

When Cain slaughtered the knights, he found Abaddon possessing his wife, and when he refused to rejoin then Abaddon tortured her before Cain accidentally stabbed her with the first blade. With her dying breath she asked him to give up killing, and he did.

Cain has given up he tells Dean, and leaves. Crowley and dean see that the backup has arrived. Crowley promises to stay as long as he can. Cain goes to his wife's grave asking her to look away. Cain returns and offers Dean the mark of Cain, the source of the knife's power. He can transfer it to someone worthy. Dean accepts the mark, and Cain transfer's it under one condition, that when he calls, Dean comes and kills him for what he's about to do. Cain transfers out Crowley and Dean as demons pour into his house. The house fills with red light and screams. I'm guessing they're not having a super dance party in there.

Sam and Castiel mix up their locator spell with the grace, and it looks impressive, but nothing happens. It wasn't enough grace to do anything. They're stuck back at step 1 in the Gadreel search. After an awkward hug, Castiel tell him that Metatron is the key to fixing everything, and they need all the help they can get to find him.

Crowley and Dean head to the water. Crowley's grown a soft spot for Dean, but Dean sees through Crowley's ruse. Crowley played him. He knew everything, that Cain was testing him, and that he would be found worthy. Dean threatens to kill Crowley once Abaddon is taken care of, but I don't believe him anymore than Crowley does. He sends Crowley off to find the blade on the bottom of the ocean.


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