Supernatural Recap S9E10: Road Trip

The boys are back tonight! And Kevin is still dead. Say it isn’t so! Dean burns Kevin’s body in true Hunter style, but it doesn’t fill the hole in his heart.

Rockstar Corey has a visitor: Sam. The rockstar is an angel, a former torturous guard, and now Gadreel is out for some revenge, but Gadreel has his angel blade. He says he’s sorry, but too little too late. He shanks him.

Castiel comes to Dean. Dean is packing up, and Castiel has no clue Kevin is gone. Dean tells him everything, Sam, the possession, Kevin. Castiel asks who is really possessing Sam. Dean is prepared for the consequences of killing the angel possessing Sam, the vessel will die too. Castiel tells him that he was dumb for all the right reasons, and that if Sam knew he was being possessed he could drive out the angel. Castiel thinks there may be a way, through a demon. Who better than the king of hell? Dean goes to make a deal with Crowley, but its not blood he’s after. They tell him that Kevin is dead, and he’s even a little sorry  he’s gone. Crowley tells them that he told Kevin to run, that people die around him. Crowley tells them how to hack a brain, taunting all the while. Castiel doesn’t trust Crowley, and Crowley puts the pieces together, that Sam is the Daphne, but the deal is on anyways.

Castiel “flirts” a bit with Crowley as Dean fills up the tank. The two bicker in the back seat as Dean takes the wheel of the pimp car. Whenever it's a Crowley episode, its always is the best. Mark Sheppard is so much fun, Crowley is so cheeky. I adore him.

Metatron eats in a dive bar. Gadreel delivers, and sees his former vessel. Gadreel has cleared out his list. Since he killed Kevin, Metatron has ensured there will be no other prophets. He’s a little unhappy that Gadreel didn’t finish off Dean, but he wasn’t on his list. He gives him another name, and Gadreel asks how many more names. Metatron doesn’t give him any answers, and only taunts his failures.

A demon has spotted Crowley and she reports back to Abaddon.

Crowley leads the boys to a tracker that he planted in the NSA. Crowley goes to talk to Cecily alone. She thinks Castiel is hot. She fills in some blanks how human Castiel got his mojo back. She tells him that no one is pulling their weight in hell any longer, waiting to see who ends up on top of the Crowley/Abaddon showdown. She can’t remove his cuffs, but she can find the information he needed.

Gadreel prepares to off his next mark in Somerset, Pennsylvania. This time its an angel, Abner, he was best friends with. The man has a family, and Gadreel plans to meet him later. Abner has changed, he knows that he was a horrible angel, but as a man he is better. Gadreel tells him that he killed his torturer. Abner wishes that he hadn’t, that their fall could be a reset for them. He’s happy now. Gadreel asks about the vessel, but he tells him that he was abusive, and now the family is better off. Gadreel asks about the price, but Abner tells him that there is always a price, but it is worth paying.

Dean, and Castiel find Dean’s car, and Abner’s house, but they’re too late. Gadreel has already killed Abner. Gadreel tells Dean that he should not have come, and although he takes Dean out easily, Castiel knocks Gadreel out.

Abaddon comes Cecily’s office, and she tells her what she told Crowley, But Abaddon is less okay with her playing both sides, and decides to use an angel blade against her.

Castiel has Gadreel restrained. Sam is mostly healed, Castiel reports, but Gadreel isn’t ready to play nice. He refuses to tell them his name, and even to rip Sam apart if they try to torture him. He tries to ease Dean’s mind by telling him that he has Sam locked away in a dream of ghouls and cheerleaders. Gadreel doesn’t budge on his position, so they unleash Crowley on him. Multiple pins through the skull, and Dean cannot stomach the sight. Dean asks Castiel to distract him, and he does. Dean apologizes for kicking him out when he was human, but Castiel understands. They both got played. Finally Crowley taps into the angel matrix. Gadreel reveals his name, and Castiel finally knows him. Gadreel ruined the universe by letting Lucifer into the garden. Crowley continues to poke around but he cannot find Sam. Gadreel taunts them, and Dean tells Castiel to possess him. Castiel can’t, but Crowley can. If Crowley saves Sam he leaves a free man. Dean accepts. Castiel removes Sam’s tattoo, and Crowley gets unlocked. Dean gives Crowley the safe word, and moves to possess him even as Gadreel vows to destroy Crowley. Crowley doesn’t scare easy and tells “eat me.”

Dean and Castiel are forced to wait and see how it plays out.

Crowley finds Sam, and tells him Pakipsy. Sam is confused how he knows that word, and Crowley tells him the whole truth, but Sam is still confused. He tells Sam to remember, and he sees everything that Gadreel has done, including Kevin’s death. Crowley tells him to take control and cast Gadreel out. But Gadreel has found them, and he’s not happy to see Crowley. Gadreel thinks that he’s the angel’s savior, but Crowley isn’t running. Gadreel proceeds to give him a beat down, but Sam isn’t standing around anymore. He starts to cast out Gadreel, but he tells him that he may die without him. Sam casts the angel out. The angel heads back to his former vessel. Metatron isn’t happy to see him. Crowley also heads out of Sam. Sam is back just in time for Abaddon’s arrival. Crowley sends the boys away with all but smooches, so he can deal with Abaddon. He takes his seat and awaits her arrival. Abaddon wants Crowley’s head, but her minions aren’t willing to take it. Crowley understands the low demons, having risen through the ranks. He plans to take back his throne, and Abaddon wants to make it a fight. Crowley starts his campaign for the king of hell and Abaddon is forced to stew.

Castiel heals Sam’s head wounds, but he cannot completely heal him. Sam isn’t happy with Dean’s choices, he was ready to die, but now Kevin is dead instead. Dean tells him that Kevin’s blood is on his hands, and that he will find Gadreel on his own. Dean has bought into the toxic vibe, and he refuses to let anyone die as collateral damage. Sam tells him to go, that he won’t stop him. At least he has his impala back.

I cannot begin to capture my glee that next week is a Dean/Crowley episode. I cannot wait to see the mayhem they get up to! Or all that chemistry spilling all over the screen. Its gonna be great.


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