Supernatural Recap S9E12: Sharp Teeth

In Grantsburg, Wisconsin bad things are going down, and I don’t mean an ice storm. The farmer protects his cattle from some hungry thieves, when the thief gets hit by a car.

Sam comes looking for an Icabod Crane looking guy. Ha! Love the sleepy Hollow Shoutout! Garth is the John Doe, and Dean is already there. Garth has been charged with killing a cow. When he awakens all he remembers is that he was on a hunt, and he’s feeling a little nauseous. The boys catch eachother up while Garth tosses his cookies. Sam had a little grace remnant from Gadreel, and Dean got the Mark of Cain. Garth gives the boys the slip, and there’s way too many questions.

Sam goes to see the farmer. Animals have been turning up eviscerated, their organs ripped clean out. Dean hides what he’s found on the camera. Someone doesn’t want to play together. Dean is pushing Sam away as hard as he can, but Sam is a crafty one. He ambushes Dean, and tells him that they’re hunting like it or not.

They find Garth who is acting a little nutty. Garth is shacked up with a girl, who’s a werewolf, and then drops a bomb. He’s a werewolf too. Hmm that would explain the six month leave of absence. Garth tends to Bess’s wounds, and intros the boys as the big teddy bear with the gruff exterior and the insecure big guy. The werewolves eating cattle are like the vegans of the supernatural world, eating the animal rather than the human parts they desire. And looks like our girl Bess is a born werewolf, say what! Garth tells them that he’s checked out the wolf pack and everyone is a good person. “Busting in with the jawlines and the hair is very intimidating.” Garth kills me as he describes the reason why he freaked when the boys came.

Dean goes to check out the pack/family. Momma wolf invites him in, but he’s unsure of it. She promises safety and Dean crosses the threshold. It’s all very churchy in there, not exactly all crazed wolfpack. There’s certainly no booze swilling biker bar here, full of rowdy wolves looking to fight. Maybe Garth spoke some truth about this pack. Everyone seems very nice and welcoming of Dean despite him being a hunter, but not even the thought of pie for dessert eases his discomfort at the dining table. Everyone except Dean take their steaks super ultra bloody. Dean gets some more insight into the lycanthropes practices. They all wear silver bullets to remind them that life is precious and of their fragility.

Sam talks to the local police about the werewolf family. They seem to be upstanding citizens.

But after dinner is a little tense when two of the wolves find Dean poking around the fridge. Those boys are looking for trouble, and Dean doesn’t really need an excuse. Like Garth mentioned Dean could find a fight in an empty house. Garth thinks that he’s being hard on the family, but Dean isn’t drinking the koolaid. His falling off the grid probably doesn’t help Dean’s trust issues, and when Dean has to break the news of Kevin’s passing it’s a blow to both of them.

Sam and Dean compare notes. Sam doesn’t see the issue with friendly monsters, but his opinion may change. He gets a phone call about a deer evisceration, and when the boys investigate the Sherriff wolfs out. Oh man there goes the good “vegan” wolves. The boys realize that the deer was killed after they got the call and when they get up they see the Sherriff with his gun drawn on them, but Dean is faster and throws his knife. He’s wearing the same silver bullet as the rest of the vegan Cult inscriped with Ragnorak. OMG and there’s a Thor/Loki/Odin reference too! Bestill my nerdy heart! Save Garth!

Dean and Sam go looking for Garth. Dean finds some sort of Cenobite book that is full of Lycanthrope mythology. And Sam’s search comes up nil at Garth and Bess’s home. Dean finds info about their werewolf cult bent on world domination, and Sam gets his head bashed in. Dean sneaks up on papa wolf, who smells him long before he sees him. Dean asks him about the packs plan, but he seems clueless. That’s propaganda from a long ago time. He can’t believe it when Dean tells him that the Sherriff just tried to off him. But when Dean inspects his bullet he sees that its missing the inscription.

Momma wolf has been a bad bad girl and she has both Bess and Garth tied up. She plans to hurt them all. Dean goes looking for Sam. Garth begs that Momma wolf take it easy on Bess, but she’s holding a grudge against her stepdaughter and the Hunters. Sam awakens and she does  the whole super villain speech. Her husband preached peace, but when her brother was killed she could no longer be just the preacher’s wife. Man destroys what he touches, and she plans to eradicate them. Dean is busy eradicating on his own. She has her whole plan worked out. It’s almost as if she’s taunting her husband because he was bitten not born. She prepares to slice and dice Sam, but Dean comes and kills her henchman in front of her. Dean hid his scent with one of the wolves coats. He’s full of all kinds of surprises, and he blows her away.

So since Dean saved Sam and he wasn’t all signed up to be the sacrificial lamb this time, can they just kiss and make up or bro hug already. I hate it when the boys fight. With the bad seed squashed the Vegan Wolf cult is given the a-ok. Papa wolf had no clue to his wife’s nutty streak. Garth blames himself for not seeing the bad in the pack, and for Kevin’s death. Dean takes the blame on his shoulders soley, but there’s plenty to go around. Garth asks if he can hunt again, but Dean wants Garth to grab hold of his happiness and not let it go. He gives Garth a rare hug, and it’s a sad adieu.

Dean takes Sam to his car, there’s not going to be any bro hugging here. Sam offers a postcard, but Dean needs a heart to heart. He tells him the night he left he was messed up. And Sam has nothing to offer. Dean is trying to make amends, but Sam isn’t willing to take down the wall. Dean wants to get some wins and patch things up but Sam has lost all trust in him. Being family doesn’t change anything anymore, it’s going to be a slow crawl out of the hole they’re in. But Sam climbs back into the Impala, it’s a start.


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