Teen Wolf S3E13 - "Anchors" Recap

Stiles finds himself in a seemingly never-ending cycle of nightmares within nightmares. Scott is suffering from control issues regarding his abilities. Isaac questions him on the tension between the two of them regarding Allison. At first, Scott insists that he doesn't hate Isaac and that there are no problems between them, he throws Isaac into a wall when he admits that he wanted to kiss Allison. Allison is suffering from visions of her aunt, Kate. Stiles' father is re-examining his cases to see if his new knowledge of the supernatural world can account for things he may have missed before. Lydia playfully teases the group about her finally being the sane one.

There is a new girl, Kira, whom Scott appears interested in and her father is a new teacher at Beacon Hills. Scott nearly changes in the school hallway and has to inflict pain on himself to prevent the change. Stiles reveals that he is having trouble reading even when he is awake. Allison's hands have been shaky, impairing her archery abilities. Lydia coaches her in the woods to try to help her. Allison begins hallucinating again and nearly shoots Lydia right in the face but Isaac catches the arrow right before it hits. When Isaac informs Scott of this, he ends up throwing Isaac into the wall yet again.

Sheriff Stilinski informs Stiles of an older case of his in which a car crashed, a mother and daughter were killed, and one girl went missing, seemingly dragged off by coyotes. The accident occurred on the night of a full moon. Later, Stiles falls asleep in class and dreams that everyone in class performs a set of sign language to him over and over. Scott appears concerned and informs Stiles that he wasn't actually asleep. Stiles looks down and sees the words "Wake up" written repeatedly on his notebook.

At lunch, the gang all discuss the sleeping problem and Kira overhears them, telling them that what they are referring to is called "Bardo," a Buddhist term referring to the state between life and death. Stiles shows the sign language to Deaton, who translates it as meaning "When a door is not a door?" The answer to this question is "When it's ajar." When they "died," they opened a door that must now be closed, otherwise dark forces have an opening to come through.

Sheriff Stilinski asks for Scott and Stiles' help regarding the case he was previously looking at. He has them sneak in so Scott can sniff out whether a werewolf was responsible. Sheriff Stilinski speaks with the father, while Scott is only able to find the scent of the father's dog and Stiles snaps a photo of the girls.

Scott gets into a row with his father when he learns that he is conducting a case for impeachment against Sheriff Stilinski. Scott's mother calms Scott down when he nearly turns in front of his father. Scott reveals that he no longer has his anchor, Allison, but his mother reassures him and he is able to keep from changing. She then tells him that he will fall in love again and to be his own anchor.

The next scene shows Isaac and Allison hooking up and you can hear the fandom shouting their protests against such nonsense. Luckily, it's only a nightmare in which Kate tries to kill Isaac and Allison wakes up to find a knife beneath her pillow. Scott and Stiles are in the woods searching for a dead body. For no good reason, the car from the accident is still in the woods and they find claw marks and what appear to be wolf prints. They also find a baby doll in the car. They hear growling, see a glowing set of eyes, Scott chases after it, and learns that the missing girl is a werewolf.

Finally, we see Peter and Derek chained to a fence (both are shirtless and glistening) being tortured. Derek says that it is Peter's fault that they are in that predicament and Peter admits that he is probably right.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10/9c.


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