Teen Wolf S3E14 - "More Bad Than Good" Recap

Peter and Derek continue to be tortured and are interrogated on the whereabouts of a particular "she-wolf." One interrogator cuts off one of Peter's fingers.

Scott and Stiles find Malia's den but Scott remains worried about changing (more so about being able to change back after turning). They call Sheriff Stilinski, and things go from bad to worse when Scott's dad shows up.

Kira approaches Scott and gives him some research she did on the Bardo. She's adorably flustered and becomes embarrassed when her father reveals that she 'likes' Scott. Mr. Yukimura calls on Stiles to read out loud in class but Stiles begins to have some sort of panic attack. Scott escorts him out and Stiles is convinced that he is dreaming. Scott has Stiles count Scott's fingers to show him he's not dreaming and calms him down.

Since Scott and Stiles had forgotten their bags in class, Kira grabs them and goes in search of the boys to return them. She encounters Malia (as a were-coyote) in the hall and is chased into the locker-room. Scott saves her and discovers Malia's doll in Stiles' bag.

Still-missing-a-finger-Peter and Derek are rescued by Braedon, who informs them that she was hired by Deucalion.

Malia's father catches the boys with Malia's doll and takes it back before being escorted off school premises for having a gun. Later on, we see him preparing traps for the woods.

Deaton has tranquillisers that the boys plan to use on Malia. However, Scott must find her, and Allison needs to steady her hands enough to be able to land the shot. Scott admits that he's been having difficulties performing, and they decide to seek the help of the twins. Though they're no longer Alphas, they "help" him by beating him and talking him through how to control being an Alpha. It doesn't work and Scott is only left bloody and battered.

Allison is preparing with Isaac and her hands remain shaky before she finds herself in another hallucination. She finds herself on a slab in a morgue with her chest cut open, with Kate dressed as/playing doctor. She and the other doctors begin eating her alive and she awakens from the hallucination holding the gun pointed at Isaac. He offers her his help.

Malia shows up at her father's house while Sheriff Stilinski is there. Her father tries to kill her, thinking that it is only a creature responsible for the deaths of his family. Sheriff Stilinski informs Stiles that Malia has escaped with the doll, leading Stiles to realise that Malia is obsessed with the doll because it belonged to her sister's. Scott sets off after Malia with Allison and Isaac, before Isaac gets caught in one of the traps. Allison steadies herself and shoot's Malia's father before he can shoot Malia.

Stiles informs Scott that Malia is trying to return the doll to the wreck, much like a person leaves flowers at a gravestone and Lydia finds herself stuck on a trap (it hasn't snapped shut yet but if she moves, it will). She tells Stiles to read the instructions but he is still struggling to read. She gives him a pep talk, telling him he is clever enough to figure it out, and after closer examination, he is able to free her from the trap with her leg unsnapped. She ends up in his arms (all aboard the Stydia train!)

Scott continues his pursuit of Malia and they end up in a face-off at the wreck. Scott transforms and lets out a roar. It juices Isaac enough to give him the strength to break apart the trap and Malia turns back into a girl for the first time in eight years.

Malia returns home to her father and Stiles regains his ability to read. Derek and Peter end up at a box with all kinds of mountain ash protection on it, but Braedon is able to remove something from the box that has the Hale family symbols on it. Cut to the Nemeton and someone pulls a plant out before walkign away. Fireflies come out of the hole left behind, add a bit of smoke, and figures are shaped before the screen cuts to black.

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Mondays at 10/9c.


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