Teen Wolf S3E15 - "Galvanize" Recap

At the hospital, a patient named William Barrow arrives. He is a convicted felon also known as the Shrapnel Bomber and is in need of surgery. Scott's mum does the pre-op interview, and he hollers that the reason he killed children was because of their glowing eyes.

Scott and Stiles plan pranks for Mischief Night that will be done to Coach and his office. The twins come to Beacon Hills and approach Scott about his being their Alpha. They need an Alpha since they are in danger living as omegas. Stiles and Isaac don't trust them so Scott says no (for now). After they are left alone, Aiden convinces Ethan to return to high school with him to convince Scott to change his mind. Ethan refuses, until Aiden points Danny out to him. Coach's office falls apart after Scott and Stiles' prank is unleashed. Lydia hears buzzing and when questioned by Danny, she says it's a fly.

Barrow is in surgery, and whilst cut open, something in his open torso begins pulsating and flies burst out. He awakens, stabs one doctor, and escapes. Meanwhile, Derek sews Peter's finger back on without anaesthesia as a means of petty payback. Derek dumps the contents of the box onto a table and it is filled with Talia's claws (all that could be found of her after the Hale house fire). Derek says that they are needed so that he can communicate with her. Back at Beacon Hills, a smirking Aiden approaches Lydia and though she is perturbed at first, they end up back at it, messing around. They first go to Coach's office, but head off to find another place since it is still trashed after Scott and Stiles' prank. As it turns out, Barrow was hidden behind the door and uses a stapler to stitch himself up.

Scott overhears Kira talking with her father about how she just wants to be able to make friends. The gang realises that Barrow is in the school and Stiles attempts to get his father to understand that Barrow is still in the school, despite an eye-wittness-spotting of him elsewhere and even informs him of Lydia's being a banshee but his efforts are to no avail. The gang unsuccessfully searches for him and the twins catch Danny snogging some other fellow. (It's not cheating; they're not currently an item). Stiles pulls the fire alarm in an effort to save people from possibly getting blown up but Coach catches and reprimands him.

Mr. Yukimura invites Scott over as a thank you for saving/please be friends with my daughter dinner. She is embarrassed to say the least, as she was not told about it until he is at the front door. They serve him freshly made sushi, Kira teaches Scott to use ohashi (displaying some insane reflexes in the process), and Scott learns a bit about the family. As it turns out, Mr. and Mrs. Yukimura married in Japan, where they must only have one family name. Since Mrs. Yukimura was the last of her line, Mr. Yukimura took her name (he's actually Korean). Scott also has a difficult moment when he mistakes some wasabi for guacamole.

Stiles and Lydia are in his room and he shows her his board full of pictures, clippings, and numerous unsolved crimes. Lydia is terribly guilty over getting Stiles in trouble and he reassures her that she was right about Barrow being in the school and to not doubt herself. Remind me again why these two aren't an item yet? Stiles has a realisation and he and Lydia return to the school. In the chem lab, Stiles and Lydia realise that the strong odours would have masked Barrow's scent. They find his blood and staples before seeing seemingly random atomic numbers on the chalkboard. They realise that the chemical symbols spell out Kira's name, indicating that she is who Barrow is targeting.

Using Talia's claws on his fingers, Peter stabs Derek in the back of his neck. When Derek awakens, he looks terrible. Peter seems alarmed about what Derek might have learned while under and presses Derek for information on what he asked Talia (Derek's mother/Peter's sister in case you had forgotten).

Isaac visits Allison and ends up getting electrically shocked by new security devices installed on the house windows. They continue research, before Isaac tries to kiss her. She scolds him and turns him down but in a bizarre move, Isaac whips his shirt off and Allison does the same before her father walks in. He asks to speak with her in his office "where he keeps his guns" and we overhear him scream, "Another werewolf?!"

Kira and Scott share some pizza, alone in her room. When walking him out, she thanks him for remembering her name and it's all very sweet until Barrow runs up and blindsights Scott with a crowbar. Scott awakens with Stiles and Lydia over him and Kira has been taken. Lydia can feel that she is on the verge of an epiphany but is so frustrated that she feels like screaming. Stiles encourages her to do so and after letting out another fabulous banshee scream, Lydia realises that what she's been hearing is the buzzing of electricity. Barrow was an electrical engineer and they head out for his former place of work.

Barrow prepares to electrocute Kira, thinking that she is another kid with glowing eyes. Scott is hit with a massive amount of electricity and finds himself out on the floor. When Barrow attempts to do the same to Kira, a massive electric explosion occurs and Barrow is sent flying and is electrocuted. Amazingly, Kira is unharmed and Scott looks on in awe as Kira stands absorbing the excess electricity. Looks like there's a new flavour of supe in town.

Back at the Argent's, masked assailants attack Isaac in Allison's room and the door slams shut. Allison and Chris hear the commotion and try to get in but are unable to do so.

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