Teen Wolf S3E16 - "Illuminated" Recap

It's Halloween. A masked group walks down the street. Allison and her father finally make it in to her room, where Isaac is on the floor and ice cold.  Chris hits him repeatedly to get him to turn so he can heal. When Isaac informs them that there were five attackers that seemed to come from the shadows with glowing eyes, Chris declares that their not killing Isaac may be because they are after him instead. Alone, he pulls out a box and we see that he has a mask just like the mysterious attackers each had.

Agent McCall questions Scott, Kira, Stiles, and Lydia regarding the black-out, kidnapping, and death of Barrow. They're less than cooperative and Kira follows their lead. In private, Agent McCall warns Scott that Barrow appears to have been a pawn and that there appears to be a far greater unknown threat. Alone, Kira photographs herself and finds that her photographed self appears to be surrounded by a golden light. Scott wants to talk to Kira, but she appears skittish and Stiles advises him to keep his distance for now. Also, Stiles finds some keys on his person that he does not recognise.

In the locker room, Ethan overhears Danny upset over having to cancel his black-light party due to the black-out. Ethan offers to help him but Danny declines due to his thinking that there's nothing that can be done. Aiden teases him for wanting to help Danny, poking fun at the notion of getting involved in school activities. Ethan reminds him that Scott doesn't care about power; he cares about people. The way to win Scott over is to be a normal human in high school.

Lydia's mum is acting as a substitute teacher since the previous biology teacher became a human sacrifice. She talks with Aiden and realises that she enjoyed saving a person's life. Now when she looks at Aiden, all she sees is Boyd and the other victims caused by his actions. To her, Aiden is not merely a "bad boy," but a "bad guy." This spurs him to turn around and tell Danny that he thinks he knows of a place he can hold the party. Cut to a shot of Derek leaving his loft.

Scott finally approaches Kira and she reveals her little light trick when getting photographed with a flash. Apparently the light trick began a few months prior and only happens with the flash on. The reason she wanted to get her phone back at the station was that Barrow had snapped photos of her while she was held captive. Currently, Agent McCall still has her phone in his office as evidence. Scott insists that they must get it back.

Derek is approached by some trick-or-treating kids and gives them some candy. But he is unable to resist having his eyes glow blue, his wolf teeth out and growling at the kids, who run off terrified. He is clearly amused by his little prank but is then attacked by the masked group. Back at Derek's loft, the twins help a delighted Danny set up for his black-light party. They claim that the owner of the loft is out of town.

Stiles gives keys to Scott and Kira so they can get into the police station. Scott informs Kira that he told Stiles that the reason they must retrieve the phone is because of naked photos of her. She is impressed by how convincing the lie is and grateful that he didn't tell Stiles about her light trick. The phone is out of battery when they find it and they realise they must charge it to so they can delete the photos because stealing it would only raise more questions. When they plug it in to Agent McCall's laptop, they find a photo of Scott as a child on it and Scott appears caught off guard.

Agent McCall shows up and Stiles stalls him by telling him he knows why McCall hates Sheriff Stilinski so much. He speculates that the Sheriff knows something that McCall doesn't want him to know and says that he knows it, too. It's a bluff on Stiles' part but it appears to be a good one. Kira deletes the photos and she and Scott make it out in time. Kira appears to have had fun breaking in and sneaking around and cheerfully asks the boys if they've ever done anything like that before. They admit to having done so "once or twice." Kira gets on Scott's bike, preparing to take her home, before he asks her out to Danny's party.

Allison and Isaac show up to the party, which is bumping and Isaac states that Derek must never know about this. Ethan brings Danny over to get painted and adorably tears his shirt off so he can have his body done. The painter does a tremendous job while Ethan heads off to get more ice. The mysterious masked group appear and disappear in the party background. Scott, Kira, and Stiles arrive and Stiles begins to tell Scott about the keys but decides to hold off till later when Caitlin comes over and kisses him on the cheek. Stiles runs off to dance with her and Scott takes Kira's hand for a moment and they enjoy a cute moment where she thanks him and they're adorably smitten with another. But the moment is short-lived. When Scott spots Allison, they look longingly at one another, and Scott releases Kira's hand. He uses his Alpha eyes-going-red powers to scan the crowd and find Kira and upon finding her, he can see the light-trick around her. It's difficult to be sure, but it almost looks like she's an animal of sorts. What does this mean?!

Aiden approaches Lydia and says that he deserves what she said about him but she blows him off yet again. He is angered by his failed attempt to redeem her opinion of him. We're (mis)treated to more Allison/Isaac flirtation - clearly Isaac doesn't know a thing about the bro-code. Lydia seems uninterested in the party shenanigans and eventually begins to spot the masked group appearing and disappearing in the shadows. She tries to find Scott and runs off to the balcony. One of the masked group comes out of the ground, she attempts to deliver one of the fabulous Banshee screams, but the figure puts out his hand and somehow, she is silenced.

Danny approaches Aiden and they realise that Ethan is missing. Caitlin notices Stiles' key has phosphorous on it before kissing him. He is confused, since he was under the impression that she was a lesbian but apparently, she is bi (or maybe pan)sexual. He questions her about what phosphorous is and when she explains, he is confused about how it would have gotten on a key in his possession. She asks him if he has been handling chemicals recently and he has a realisation. He apologises, runs off, runs back to give her a bottle of water which he insists that she drink in its entirety, and re-runs off.

Outside, or perhaps on the roof, Scott and Kira enjoy a quiet moment together. She asks him how he's okay with all of this. She feels as though the lights make her look like a demon but he thinks that the light protects her and when surrounded her, it looks like a fox.

Allison and Isaac are getting handsy on the dance floor, and when they are about to kiss, Allison feels something on his neck. They go to where a mirror is to get a better look at it, and it appears to be the number five behind his ear. Isaac thinks he hears something and they find Ethan's body lying on the ground near the ice. Isaac breaks Ethan's arm to trigger the healing. Danny finds Lydia on the balcony, also lying down and ice cold and calls Aiden for help. Aiden carries her inside and Danny goes off in search of a blanket. She is shivering and states that "they came out of the dark." Derek wakes up from his attack, and he, Lydia, and Ethan all have the same mark behind their ear. Derek lets out a roar, which Scott hears from the roof, and recognises as coming from Derek.

Derek returns to his loft and breaks up the party, screaming at everyone to "GET OUT" (this werewolf has a serious set of pipes on him). The party-goers scurry but the masked group are still there, and honed in on Aiden. A fight ensue between the wolves and the masked group but they apparently can't be killed - Derek learns this after snapping one of their necks. There's nothing anyone can do - Aiden is marked like the others. The masked group disappears as the sun rises, but not before Kira sees Scott's wolf face. Isaac insists to Allison that her father must provide answers regarding this masked group. She tries to call him but he is unable to do so as he has just returned home - bloody and injured.

Stiles arrives back at the school and finds that his mysterious new key unlocks the chemistry closet that Barrow was hiding in. He goes over to the message left for Barrow that led him to Kira, which is still on the blackboard, re-writes it and finds that the handwriting matches his. Oh Stiles... what have you done?

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