The Big Bang Theory S7E12 - "The Hesitation Ramification" Recap

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Amy are all having dinner together but Amy scolds them for all being on their mobile phones instead of having an actual human conversation. Penny comes in and tells them that she has booked an acting job on television. It is implied that the show is NCIS and her role is a customer in a diner that flirts with Mark Harmon's character. Leonard seems to be a tad jealous about Penny's having to flirt and states that he thinks things are sexier when left up to the imagination. Amy turns to Sheldon and says, "He's wrong." *Roll opening credits*

Leonard, Howard, Sheldon, and Raj are all out for a meal. Raj informs them that he read a study that said that men with a dog are three times more likely to get a woman's phone number. Howard asks him if this is still true when a man lets his dog lick peanut butter off his tongue, poking fun at Raj's excessive doting on his dog. Raj misses the jab entirely, and says he doesn't see why not. Howard says that if Raj is truly desperate to be with a woman that will eat food out of his mouth, he could set him up with his mother. The group laughs and Sheldon doesn't understand why. He attempts to tell a joke of his own and they fail to find any humour in it. Penny comes by, as their waitress, and reminds them to watch her episode later that night. Sheldon attempts to tell another joke and it fails to impress them yet again. As Leonard and Sheldon walk back up to their apartment (seriously, how has it been seven years and they can't manage to fix a bloody elevator?), Sheldon asks Leonard if he thinks Sheldon is funny. Leonard tells him that he does not and asks him if he finds himself funny. Sheldon replies that he finds himself to be hysterical and Leonard says that that particular comment was indeed funny. Sheldon is determined to use his knowledge to illicit laughter from anyone at any time (with the exception of Germans, whom he describes as being a "tough crowd."

Bernadette, Howard, Raj, and Stuart are in a car on their way to watch Penny's episode together. Raj shares his latest failure to pick up a woman and Howard suggests that he practice talking to regular people so that he will be less scared when talking to womyn he is attracted to. When the group all watches the episode together, Leonard tells Penny that he is proud of her despite the fact that her scene has yet to be shown. Sheldon is displeased to be watching a show that he has never seen beginning with the 246th episode. She suggests that he think of the first 245 episodes as the prequel and he agrees to do so. The moment that her scene is meant to arrive, nothing is shown. Penny is distraught by her scene getting cut and returns to her apartment. Sheldon suggests that they go make her laugh, since he has been studying, but Leonard wisely stops him from leaving.

Penny is on the phone with her father, who comforts her and offers to fly out to kick Mark Harmon's ass. Leonard comes in and attempts to console her but messes up when Penny states that she thought it was going to be her big break and he replies by saying that that wouldn't have happened anyway since her part was so small. Penny is furious and states that she feels that Leonard doesn't believe in her. She demands that he tell her whether or not he believes she has what it takes to make it as an actress. He says that she does. She questions him further by asking whether or not he believes she will be on TV and win awards and he states that he honestly does not believe so. He gives her a perfectly reasonable t speech on how difficult it is to make it as an actress and that the chances are very slim, but she remains angry and storms off. Leonard quips that he should have let Sheldon come over instead.

Sheldon discusses humour with Amy and at first, she tells him that the idea that he can simply study and develop a definitive theory of comedy is absurd. He drops his trousers, and she admits that that is funny.

Raj and Stuart are at the mall and attempt to find people to chat up who are not attractive in any way.

Sheldon lists out words for Amy and asks for her opinion on how funny (or not funny) each word is. She is exhausted and does not want to continue but Sheldon remains undeterred.

Penny is drinking wine and scolding various people on television about how their parts were not cut. Leonard comes in to apologise yet again. He states that he got her an audition for the new Star Wars film and as it turns out, it's one of the PR contests in which anyone can film and audition and submit it. She doesn't seem interested and when Leonard attempts to use the plot of "A New Hope" to pep her up, he stops upon seeing her judgemental glare.

Raj and Stuart are sitting at the food court and attempt to pick out people to talk to but are becoming more and more discouraged.

Amy meets with Howard and Bernadette for lunch and shares her displeasure and exhaustion over Sheldon's attempts to science his way into being funny. Bernadette recommends that she "fake a laugh" in order to get him to stop and Howard seems horrified at the notion that such a concept exists. He asks if she has ever done that to him and she assures him that she hasn't. He says that even if she were to do such a thing, he would be able to tell and Bernadette performs a "When Harry Met Sally"esque over-the-top laughing display. In retaliation, Howard states that he fakes all his orgasms.

Leonard is calling a florist to try to order flowers to further apologise to Penny but hangs up when Penny comes in to drunkenly apologise. She states that she feels like her life is falling apart, she has been out in LA for ten years, has been unsuccessful with her acting endeavours, and is still just a waitress. Leonard states that she doesn't have nothing; she has him. She agrees, gets down on one knee and proposes. Leonard hesitates and Penny become angry yet again. Sheldon walks out to try to make them laugh but Penny storms out and Leonard goes into his room.

Back at the mall, Raj and Stuart have yet to make conversation with anyone. A security guard approaches them and tells them that the mall is closing. Right as he is about to leave, Raj stops him and asks him if he likes being a security guard. He replies that it is all right. Raj says that it was nice talking to him and the guard leaves. Stuart cheerfully says, "Smooth," and they appear delighted by this small interaction.

Leonard is out in the kitchen, unable to sleep, and Sheldon comes out and asks whether he would like to talk about it. When Leonard informs him about his non-accepting Penny's proposal, Sheldon suggests that he ask Penny whether or not the relationship is over. Sheldon says he is sorry and places a hand upon Leonard's back. As he is leaving, Leonard asks him if he has just placed a "Kick Me" sign on his back. Sheldon denies it, saying it wouldn't be funny at all, before removing the sign and heading back to bed.

Finally, we are treated to Howard's absurd audition for the new Star Wars film, which is humorously interrupted by Bernadette demanding to know how many times she has to tell him to replace the toilet paper when it's empty.

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