The Big Bang Theory S7E14 - "The Convention Conundrum" Recap

The boys are all sitting together in the living room with their laptops out, tense as they wait for something. Penny comes in and asks what's going on. Leonard tells her that they're waiting for Comic Con badges to go on sale and begins to explain how quickly they've been selling out but Sheldon scolds him for getting distracted. He also tells Raj off when he says he has to go to the bathroom, saying he should have worn a diaper. Raj shouts that he can't do so because he gets diaper rash. The countdown ends and the site goes lives. The boys begin obsessively refreshing the page as Penny looks on judgementally. She quips that her cup isn't going to be enough coffee to deal with this. Roll opening credits.

The boys are still refreshing but the boys are doing so half-heartedly. It's been over ten minutes but Leonard finally gets in to the queue. The other boys gather around to watch but are alarmed when they find that his queue number is in the 50-thousand range. They find that only Sunday badges are left and Sheldon talks about how poor of a day Sunday is at Comic Con. When those badges sell out too, Sheldon whines that he loves Sunday. The boys are sad that it's run out and that they won't be able to wear their Hulk costumes, having planned to go as different actor reincarnations of the character.

Later at lunch, Sheldon tells the others that he plans to start his own con. Leonard wants to buy scalped tickets but Sheldon says that this is against the rules and will get them in trouble with the "comic Con police." Sheldon calls Robert Downey Jr.'s agent who turns him down and Sheldon states that after he sat through Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr. owes him two hours of his time. Burn. Though this is merely one of several failures he's had in his efforts to get celebrity guests for his con, he announces that he will soon have James Earl Jones, as he has deduced where he will be from a tweet and an interview from four years ago. Leonard warns him that he could get in trouble for being a stalker, and it won't be his first time doing so.

The scalper is running late and the other boys begin to wonder whether it was a good idea to meet with a stranger. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette dress up and go out to tea in an attempt to feel grown up but when they get there, a large number of the guests are little girls with their parents.

Sheldon finds James Early Jones and at first, Jones asks if he is one of "those guys" who likes Star Wars and seems angry about being approached, he then cheerfully says that he likes Star Wars, too, and invites him to join him. When Sheldon tells him that his friend Leonard warned him that approaching Jones while he was eating would make him look like a stalker, Jones tells him that his friend Leonard sounds like a weenie.

Raj reads that someone who was caught with a scalped Comic Con badge was charged with petty theft. They begin to think that maybe they should back out but Leonard remains against the idea.

Jones tells Sheldon that upon reading the Empire Strikes Back script, he though Darth Vader was lying lying about being Luke's father and Sheldon eagerly says that he did too. The girls go out to a bar and lament how they still don't feel grown up despite having grown up responsibilities. Back at the apartment, the scalper calls and says that he's headed up but the guys have decided that they don't want to do this. They're frightened and turn out the lights and hide while the scalper bangs on the door.

Jones and Sheldon eat ice cream, and Sheldon reminisces about various factoids on Jones. They're having tremendous fun together. They then go to an amusement park where they ride the ferris wheel together and then they sing karaoke where they sing "In The Jungle." Sheldon even says, "Take it away, Mufasa!" Next, they go to Carrie Fisher's house where Jones plays Ding-dong-ditch. Carrie Fisher comes out with a bat and screams at Jones that it's not funny anymore. He shouts back, "Then why am I still laughing?" Finally, they end up in a steam room where Sheldon finally asks him about coming to the con he wants to start. Jones instead offers to have the boys come to Comic Con with him and says that it's close to his favourite city, Tijuana. Jones says he'll be taking Sheldon there every night. Sheldon appears exhausted from Jones' never-ending supply of energy.

In the final scene, we see Jones telling a story about a crazy time with Marlon Brando and Angie Dickinson. Sheldon is falling asleep but Jones tells him to wake up. As Jones continues his story, Sheldon asks who Angie Dickinson is.

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