The Following S2E1 - "Resurrection" Recap

When last we saw FBI Agent Ryan Hardy, his psychotic neighbour Molly had stabbed both him and his beloved Claire. Within the first moment of the episode, he makes quick work of this cult follower and snaps her neck. He survives the attack but Claire does not.

One year later, Ryan is living in New York in a seemingly stable life. He attends AA meetings, has a sponsor (played by Keith Carradine), and gets on well with his niece Max (played by Jessica Stroup). On the anniversary of Joe Carroll's death, a group of people wearing masks of Carroll's face attack a group of people on a moving subway train. They chant to the cameras about resurrection, that Joe Carroll is alive, and that Ryan will not stop them. Most are left dead, but at least one woman survives. Ryan is called back to consult on the case along with Agent Mike Weston, who is currently under suspension following Ryan's shooting of one of Carroll's followers.

A young man named Luke is introduced to the show. He meets a young blonde woman and strangles her off screen. Bizarrely, following this murder, he talks to her corpse, dances with, sings to, and gets all kinds of lovey-dovey with her. It is revealed that he has a twin and together, they set up her body dressed as the Claire-inspired character from Carroll's book.

In the investigation, Ryan is of no help to the FBI. In actuality, his helplessness is merely a facade. As it turns out, Ryan has been investigating Joe and his followers and even has a room in his apartment dedicated to the hunt. Max has been assisting him but pleads with him to turn his findings over to the FBI. Instead, he follows a lead to one of the Carrollers, Carlos, and strategically beats him until he admits that Joe is indeed alive.

Emma is sporting a punkish new hairdo and is both surprised and irked by the subway stunts and all the following chaos. Looks like someone doesn't like to be left out of the macabre shenanigans.

Carlos escapes and seeks refuge with Giselle, a French-speaking Carroller, and they are later visited by the twins. When they learn that Carlos admitted Carroll's being alive to Ryan, they do not kill him, but Luke lands a precise blow to Carlos' throat that sends him reeling back onto a bed, convulsing.

Finally, we are introduced to a "lady of the night," Judy (played by Carrie Preston), who has just finished up with a client. She is in a cabin in the woods. A young girl is watching the news and sees the story about the gruesome subway murders. She calls for "Darryl," who comes inside and is none other than a bearded Joe Carroll. He seems quite tickled at seeing Ryan on television, yet again pulled into the chaos of Carroll-cult-media-coverage.

The Following airs on FOX on Mondays at 9/8 c.


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