The Following S2E2 - "Resurrection" Recap

Not only is Joe Carroll alive, he has been living under the alias of Darryl, a simple hick. He is living with a woman named Judy whom he is in a relationship with and her daughter Mandy. Judy seems to be fully aware of who he really is, while Mandy remains none the wiser. It's unclear as to whether or not Joe has any genuine interest in her or if she is merely a means to and end. Judy appears concerned that Joe is going to go out and start making trouble again, especially after he stayed up the previous night watching news stories about the new string of murders.

Meanwhile, the FBI are hard at work trying to figure out the meaning of the posed corpse. They could seriously benefit from Ryan's help but he has yet to agree to fully re-join their forces. For now, he is content to working on his own.

Ryan visits Lily Gray, the survivor from the subway attacks. He wants to know what the reason for her survival is. Considering the efficiency with which the cult has murdered people, he doesn't seem convinced that she was merely lucky. She says she has never met Joe Carroll and answers his questions, despite knowing that he is not a part of the formal investigation.

Carlos is alarmed by his face being plastered all over the news. He is waiting for a message from Joe. It looks as though the twins and Giselle plan to kill him after he serves his purpose. The twins break in to a residential home and murder the parents of the household. They pose the bodies and much like what they did with the body from the previous episode, they put on an act of them still being alive. They have dinner with the couple and chat with them as if they are their own parents.

To the outside community, Joe is pretending to be Judy's brother, a soldier recently returned from overseas. She is the local "lady of the night" and one of her frequent clients is the reverend. He has been staying under the radar, but a storm is brewing inside of him as he notices the reverend repeatedly eyeballing Mandy, who is still just a teenager. When Judy leaves, we see that Mandy has been helping Joe technologically, so he can communicate with his followers. She knows that he is responsible for all those deaths, but doesn't seem bothered by it. Given her rough upbringing, and the fact that Joe has been nothing but kind to her, she wants him to stay in their family. We also learn that Judy was one of Joe's groupies, and wrote letters to him while he was in prison.

When the twins finish playing house, they call Ryan knowing that he will trace the call. Max, Ryan's niece, wants him to go in with back-up but he wants her to delay doing so so he can meet with them alone first. He calls her while at the house and she stays on the line as he heads upstairs to meet the twins. Upon getting up there, he is called again by one of the psycho twins, and sees that they're across the street in another house. He has Max call for back-up and discovers both the dead parents and the little boy who is thankfully still alive.

The FBI are angry that Ryan is acting of his own accord and want to know what he's hiding. They tell him not to interfere, but Mike mostly seems concerned. After Ryan leaves the crime scene, Luke calls him yet again and over the course of the conversation, Luke reveals that they know about his interest in Lily. He tells Ryan to hurry and save her before he makes his move.

Joe and Mandy are visited by the Reverend, who prepares to wait for Judy. But when a news story flashes Joe's face on the screen, he realises that Judy's "brother" is actually Joe. He attempts to leave, but Joe smashes his car window, and Mandy knocks him out with a shovel. Mandy doesn't want Joe to kill the Reverend and he appears to truly weigh his options.

Ryan gets to the party and spots Luke while he's talking to him on the phone. He alerts the FBI agents in attendance of the threat. The problem is that Ryan still doesn't know that he's dealing with a set of twins so the agent attempting to escort Lily to safety ends up being stabbed. Ryan is shocked when he finds that his opponent is a duo and manages to get a shot into Luke before they both escape.

Mike appears to have reached his limit with Ryan. He is angry that Ryan didn't call the police when going after Luke and isn't even appeased when Ryan gives him the scoop that "Luke" is actually a set of twins. He tells Ryan to give the information to Mendez and storms off. Lily tries to thank Ryan for saving her life but Ryan is not happy. He feels like he has failed but she points out that David, her stabbed security escort, has been taken to the hospital and might survive the attack.

Emma uses an old system to find Carlos' number and calls him up. He accidentally reveals Joe's still being alive, not realising that she didn't already know, but Giselle hangs up on her before any more can be said.

Joe laments his predicament. He wanted to be a better man and start over. But now with the reverend's discovery of his true identity, Joe has no choice. He kills the reverend and proceeds to comfort an understandably shaken Mandy, who informs him that Judy will be home soon and "is going to be mad."

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