True Blood Season 6 Wishlist Scorecard

Last year we did a wish list for True Blood, and let’s just see how we stacked up to what really happened.

The End of Bill, Billith, Or Whatever The Hell He Is : Well, Billith came to an end, but Bill remains. This one was a fail. Not only did Bill find a way back to redemption yet again, he’s poised for center stage yet again. -1

More supernatural Creatures : No new supernatural creatures were introduced, only a different kind of hybrid. While Bradford really wanted to see this one, I’m kinda glad it didn’t happen, if only because the canvas is already a bit too crowded. -1

Give Alcide A Better Story : This one we got in spades, sort of, and I can’t say I really enjoyed it for the most part. While Alcide got more story, the quality was lacking. Turning a beloved character against his nature so that when he finally reverts back to the good guy he was doesn’t really count as character development. Still as Sookie’s current main squeeze he has time for a decent storyline. +1

More interaction with other kingdoms : Everything came back to Bon Temps, which is pretty fitting since that’s where it all started. But we did get some memorable moments from Sarah Newlin and Rev. Steve Newlin, which were wishes shoved into that category, so I’m calling this one a win for us. +1

Give Eric back his balls : For better or worse, Eric and Sookie became untangled, but he did kinda get his groove back. Ok, not fully, but some of that devilishly playfulness that he was so lacking these past few seasons was back, and I would count that as a win in any book. +1

Hybrid babies : While there were no new hybrid babies on the scene, Andy’s fairy babies did play a role. I thought they could have, and should have played a bigger better role, but obviously giving us what we want isn’t what the True Blood writers are here for. -1

Don't let Jason backslide :  Jason did not backslide! Jason recovered from his head trauma induced bigotry and became a vampire’s bitch. Begrudgingly this one is a win. +1

Pam and Tara's Relationship : I think this was the biggest disappointment of last season. I blinked and missed practically everything of this relationship. It was constantly shelved and pushed aside for something else. While seeing more of Pam and Eric’s relationship is always fun, totally sidelining this one was a shame. -1

Think Outside of the Box with Warlow : Outside the box, they definitely went, but the wrap up was just plain disappointing. Warlow was the fairy hybrid we wanted, but like Eric, once paired with Sookie he was utterly neutered, and ineffective. +1

More Sookie : We got more Sookie, with a story line that was along the lines of same old, same old, just with a different love interest. Sookie’s magic vagina pulled in another person, but since it wasn’t Bill it couldn’t work out. +1

Final Score: 6/10  So if this were a test it would have been a fail. As a wishlist, it really isn’t too shabby, you know if you overlook the fact that even when we technically got what we wished for, it didn’t really turn out how we wanted. But 2014 is a new year, and there for a new wish list! Wish us luck!


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