"Archer Vice: A House Call" - S5E4 Recap

Cyril shows the team diagrams explaining the amount of cocaine they have lost due to various reasons including the bad deal and Pam's bad business with the Yakuza. Archer makes a joke about British currency being "Doctor Who money" and Pam is found to have gotten more of the cocaine out of the locked stash. The group insists that she go to rehab and she protests, as does Archer when he checks out her noticeably slimmer figure as a result of her habit. She threatens to go to the police if they send her to rehab. Woodhouse smacks her on the back of the head with a frying pan and she is knocked out.

They tie Pam up with the plan of getting her sober but Malory suggests the idea of killing her but Lana says that they won't be doing that. Cheryl comes in and tells Lana that she is fat and is disgusted when Lana reminds her that she has a baby inside her, and further disgusted when Lana states that the baby is not one that she ate but one that she will give birth to.

Krieger comes in with a microscopic mind control chip. They plan to inject it into Pam's skull to end her addiction but then Malory tells Cheryl that the chip will be injected into her to stop her stage fright. Then Pam hulks out, breaking free from her restraints and throws Cheryl over her shoulder before running out with her. Malory and Archer tell Lana "I told you so" and the group plans to go after Pam before Woodhouse tells them an FBI agent is there to see them.

Woodhouse has already invited him in and they must act natural to avoid suspicion. Agent Holly ends up setting off on a protective sweep after hearing Pam's scream. The group scrambles to keep the cocaine from being discovered. Meanwhile, Carol is digging Pam's "Queen Kong" vibe. Agent Holly goes to the source of the scream and finds a drunken Ray. Lana sets off to keep guard of the cocaine. Krieger asks Cyril to remind him to restore Ray's ability to walk. Lana briefly considers making a deal and betraying her friends but also considers what it would mean to be locked up. Archer comes in and says that he knows Lana is considering making a deal. They engage in argumentative banter before they bond and kind-of hug.

Agent Holly is outside the door and repeatedly slamming the door to try to get in. Archer and Lana must come up with a plan but Lana begins to hit Archer repeatedly for not taking things seriously. Carol tells Pam where to go to get more cocaine as her rage and energy is beginning to dwindle. Ron walks out on Malory. Krieger and Cyril come in via revolving wall and Pam begins to devour cocaine on the other side. Archer uses his knowledge of Scooby Doo to make the wall revolve and they unload several tranquillisers into Pam and one into Carol. Everyone except Archer and Lana, along with the cocaine spin back around just in time as Agent Holly walks in. While they're safe for now, Holly warns that he will be keeping an eye out on them due to their having several international connections.

Krieger and Cyril debate whether to give Cheryl the brain chip, potentially catapulting her into country music stardom, or Pam, so she will be cured from her cocaine addiction.They end up putting it in Cheryl and she claims that she will now be known as Cherlene.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10/9c.

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