"Archer Vice: Southbound and Down" S5E5 Recap

Krieger restores Ray's ability to walk. Mallory tells "Cherlene" she has booked her a gig on Travis County Limits. Cherlene snobbily tells them that she doesn't fly but the gig is in 24 hours but it's a 36 hour drive to Texas. Lana refuses to ride in Archer's dangerous car so he is forced to have Pam sitting shotgun. Archer is driving the tour bus while Mallory, Lana, and Cherlene are on board. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Krieger is using his robotics installed in Ray to control his actions for his own amusement, such as having him march around like a Nazi.

Mallory says that she is stressed about Shirlene's record deal, because she wants to profit from it, having lost her fortune after the FBI raided ISIS and then her most recent divorce. Archer overhears his mother say that he is even worse at selling cocaine than spying due to their communication devices being open. He reveals to Pam that he has smuggled the cocaine with them but he hasn't actually set up any deal with any buyers.

The next day, the group is surrounded by bikers and Pam reveals to Archer that she told bikers about the cocaine because she wanted them to like her. Cherlene is excited about being kidnapped by bikers and those on the tour bus believe that they are after them Cherlene. Archer is further angered by Pam when he learns that she lost his gun in a game of crabs.

The van crashes into Archer's but no one is hurt. Archer surprisingly covers for Pam and doesn't tell the others about her role in their crash and the bikers attack on them. However, he later slips up and tells them about the cocaine once they are back on the road. They encounter a problem in the form the cops chasing them and Archer agrees to distract them while the others get Cherlene to her gig. Pam also reveals that she switched the cocaine into their car. During the pursuit, she reveals to Archer that she is putting her life in danger with her cocaine habit because she believes she is more liked since it has made her more attractive. Archer tells her she has become a huge asshole and they preferred her before her habit began. They realise that the cops are crooked and Archer is forced to dump the cocaine from the car in order for them to stop pursing them.

Pam leaves the stage after singing one song, much to the displeasure of Mallory and the audience. However, they are approached afterwards by a man looking to sign Cherlene and make gold records. Pam blabs to the group that Archer dumped the group and they all react with anger.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10PM.


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