Arrow Recap S2E13: Heir To The Demon

A dark beauty arrives, Miss al Ghul, and an immediate security alert is sounded, but she easily takes care of the airport agents and walks out of customs.

Mark prepares Moira mayoral candidacy strategy. Felicity comes to talk to Walter about the Tempest, one of Moira's accounts. Felicity has been keeping an eye on it, and someone has accessed it recently. Mark tells Oliver that he has to withdraw his support of Sebastian, and he agrees.

Oliver visits Laurel in the hospital. Lance is planning rehab, but Laurel insists t she doesn't need it. She has some damage to her eye sustained in her fall, there's something in it. Laurel tells her father that she saw Sara before she blacked out. He doesn't tell her that her hallucination is real.

Felicity and Digg watch Sara do some salmon laddering, its not Oliver, but it's impressive all the same.Now that Laurel is okay she plans on leaving since the League of Assassins are still after her. Lance calls Arrow to talk to Sara.

Six years ago, Lance makes dinner. Laurel just applied to law school, and Sara comes home for a visit, and she's texting Oliver.

Sara meets up with Lance at a restaurant for a minute. He tells her that seeing her made Laurel happy, and that they can't continue to live without her. they  need her.

Al Ghul catches up to Sara armed to the teeth, and Arrow is waiting watching. But she doesn't look like much of a threat as she plants a steamy kiss on her. Neither girl knew what Al Ghul was going to do before she did it. She introduces herself as Nyssa, and she wants Sara to return home. Oliver tells her she's not going.

Felicity comes to pay Moira a visit, and asks her about Tempest. She doesn't trust Moira,and she's discovered Thea's true paternity. She tells her to tell Oliver the truth, but Moira turns the tables on her. Telling her that if she reveals her and Moira's secret Oliver will be angry at her but hate Felicity.

Sara tells Nyssa why she left, to make sure that her family was okay, but that she can't return, she can't kill anymore. Nyssa tells her that she will come home. Nyssa saved her once, brought her back. Sara tells her that she was not with her because she saved her but because she loved her. She tells her that Ras could release her he has released people before, but that person was Merlin, and they regretted that decision. Sara tells her she should do what she has to.

Oliver impatiently waits for Sara's return.  Laurel had traces of snake venom in her blood, she was bait.

Past. Laurel asks about the boy Sara is texting, but Sara turns the tables and asks Laurel about Oliver. Clueless Laurel gushes, she thinks that everything is going fine, more than fine. Says that they're looking for an apartment, and they'll get engaged and one day she'll be Mrs. Queen. But Sara cautions her, and Laurel jumps to the conclusion that Sara isn't being supportive rather than her trying to save her from heart ache.

Laurel's mother watches over her, when the League come and kidnap her, but Arrow and Black Canary are suited up and ready. Nyssa fires off her own Arrows, as the pair closes in and in a moment of weakness when she sees her mother in the van, Nyssa throws her from the van, and they getaway.

Sara apologizes to her father about her mother's kidnapping. She tells him that it is her fault, not because they want her back in the League, but because Nyssa wants her back. Nyssa gives her a deadline to come back to her or mommy gets the axe. Bitter ex girlfriend much?

Past. Laurel can't find a decent apartment for her and Oliver, and Lance wonders if it isn't serendipitous, when they hear that Oliver's yacht is missing.

Felicity gets a lead on the snake venom that was stolen from a zoo. Blood plays nice about Oliver pulling out his support, even though Oliver has stood him up again. Blood is meeting with Moira. He urges her to stay away from the race, not wanting to destroy his friends mother, but Moira isn't ready to back down. Its gonna be a blood bath.

Sara and Lance wait to get the drop on some Assassins, and get to chatting. he doesn't care that she was in love with Nyssa, only that she had someone that loved her. The men come, and Sara, Lance and Arrow take care of them quickly, but they drop dead and are of no help. Arrowgetss some snake venom.

Sara is a wreck, and Oliver sends Dig to look more for Sara and Laurel's mother. Its the big announcement day. Before the announcement, Oliver corners Felicity, knowing that she's out of sorts. she tells him about her family, and she worries about losing him. He asks if about her family, but she tells him its about his.

Sara makes plans to return to Nyssa, but she's got snake venom up her sleeve. Lance is about to make a confession to Laurel about Sara, when Sara calls. She tells him to meet her alone.

Walter introduces Oliver for Moira's announcement. He makes the bold statement that they don't know his mother, like he does. They have no clue what she's capable of....Did Felicity spill the beans? I think so. He finishes the statement with helping Starling City and the crowd goes wild. Before Moira takes the stage, Oliver whispers in her ear that he knows the truth. Ooh Oliver is pissed.

Oliver knows that Sara has taken the venom, and he has Dig activate her locator, they have to stop her from killing Nyssa for fear what Ras will do to them in retaliation if she kills his daughter.

Lance storms in for his wife. Sara tells him to get her out of there, as she cries seeing the daughter she thought was dead.Nyssa lets her go, thinking she got her way, but she couldn't be more wrong. Sara poisoned herself and she collapses. Looks like Nyssa is going to need a new playmate. Sara tells her that she can't go back, she can't take the killing anymore. Lance comes back for Sara, and calls for an ambulance. Nyssa moves to kill the Lance family since she can''t have her way, but Arrow arrives just in time. The two get into a shootout., and he tells her that he can still save Sara. But she tries to kill him instead. Sara begs for him to not kill Nyssa and goes down. Arrow administers the antidote and brings her back. Sara begs her to stop the killing, and brokenhearted Nyssa releases her. The cops arrive, and Laurel does not look happy too see her sister.

Moira watches her press conference on the tv, when Oliver arrives. Its time fore her to listen. He tells her that he fought for her, stood by her because he wanted to believe in her, and now she's made a liar out of him. He will keep up appearances for Thea and her campaign, but otherwise they are done.

The Lance family welcomes back Sara, all except Laurel. She's bitter, and alcohol soaked, thinking that Sara was just being selfish for staying away. She blames her for everything that went wrong in their lives, she tells Sara that she stole her whole life, and with that I have lost what little respect I had left for Laurel. Can we just kill her off already, so tired of the victim card being played. Way to own your own screw ups. She tells Sara to leave, throws her out, and Sara goes.

Past. Moira pays a visit to the Lance house, and has to break some horrible news, that Robert and Oliver weren't the only ones on the yacht, Sara was too.

Slade isn't happy to hear of Moira's bid for the candidacy. Blood ask what he's suppose to do, but Slade tells him nothing. He plans on handling it himself.

Sara comes to visit Oliver doing a little training. They both got some hard realities, and wonder where to go from there, but it sounds like Sara is home to stay. She and Oliver share a smoking kiss, and strip down.


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