Arrow Recap S2E14: Time of Death

The fight comes directly to KORD Industies. But getting the briedcase isn’t enough and when William Tockman aka The Clock King’s men take a few lives in their getaway things go from bad to worse. SCPD are alerted, and that of course brings Lance to capture the suspects. They getaway through a crowd of protesters.

Digg and Oliver train with Sara when Digg whacks her good. The trio share scare stories, but Felicity is feeling a little left out. They disband to prepare for Sara’s back from the dead party, while planning to keep their rebudding relationship a secret.

Past. Sara, Oliver and Slade scout some nearby forces, when they spot a plan. They try to flag it down, but it gets shot down.

Clock King’s goons dislike his planning, feeling like they were set up in a bad position. Clock King feels like their actions were only weakness, and when one of the goons gets threatening Clock King channels his inner T-bag and shanks him.

Syn is happy to see Sara, but the pair have to pretend not to know each other in front of Roy and Thea to protect her secret identity. Oliver tries to reach Laurel, but it’s doubtful that she’ll be attending the party. Lance makes his peace with Oliver. Apologizing to him for how he treated Oliver when he returned. Things remain tense between Ollie and his mother, even Thea notices. Lance and his wife get closer with Sara’s return, until he’s called away on a homicide call. Oliver gets the same call from Felicity.

Black Canary and Arrow show up at Lance’s crime scene. KORD had a skeleton key stolen, an instrument that could be used to open any bank vault.

Felicity does a little private training and Sara tries to give her some advice, but Felicity’s little green eyed monster is raring its head. She’s not really happy about the new girl in her formerly boys only club.

Sara, Slade and Oliver search the down aircraft and the pilot is still alive for now.

Lance comes to Laurel’s. She’s still feeling sorry for herself, and refusing to reconcile with her sister, but Lance wants to bring the family together to help him reconcile with his wife. Laurel tells him to bring everyone to her house, she’ll be host for a good cause.

The Clockman strikes again, but Arrow and Canary are hot on their tail. They interrupt the robbery in progress, and Felicity gets hacked by the Clockman threatening to have a train kill innocents. Arrow and Canary split so that one can go after the henchmen, and the other to stop a bus from colliding with a train. He’s good, and manages to impede Felicity at every step, but team Arrow is still better, Oliver manages to get the train stopped. But if the Clockman is really that good, how did he not know that both Arrow and Canary were together?

Arrow’s little saving grace move makes the news, and Thea’s bar schedule falls apart. Thea brings up the distance between Mother and Son, and Oliver tries to lessen her worries, but she isn’t buying it.

Felicity fixes the computer system to prevent the Clock King from ever hacking in again, and Sara may just have something to ID him by, some blood. Felicity wants to send the blood off to a lab, but Sara can do the work herself, and finds an anomaly in the blood. It has McGregor’s disease. Felicity uses that information, coupled with what they know about the Clock King to identify him. She finds his location, and reason for stealing the money, a sick sister, and Canary and Arrow head out to catch him. It’s a well laid trap though, and Tockman easily breaks into Felicity’s network to find where she is. He’s much better than she expected. He gets in, and things go boom. The network is down and Digg and Felicity are left in the dark.

Their entire system was fried with the Skeleton Key. Since the Clock King was stopped from making his withdrawal, Oliver plans to lay a trap of his own with a huge amount of cash. Felicity gets snappy with Sara, making it clear that she isn’t needed, plus she has that big dinner. Sara asks Oliver to accompany her, she’s got a case of the jitters, but Oliver wants to stay and help. Felicity doesn’t want his help either. Oliver decides to go with Sara to her dinner. Felicity is feeling sorry for herself, and Digg understands that its hard to see Sara and Oliver together for her, but its more than that. Sara has been pretty much a Rockstar lately, and Felicity got the Lair fried.

Sara and Oliver show up for dinner, with a threadbare excuse for Oliver’s appearance. Dinah takes the excuse at face value, and Lance arrives with pizza. His cooking skills are a little rusty from lack of use. Around the table the group catch up, Dinah talking about her new teaching job. Lance hopes that she’ll give it up and come back, but she makes it clear that she doesn’t plan on returning to Starling City, dashing his hopes of a reunion. Laurel picks up on signals between Sara and Oliver, and throws quite the fit at the table. Stupid sister for hooking up with the guy she’s been pushing away, and stupid dad for thinking he could win his wife back. poor little Laurel
I’m ready for her to be a tragedy.

Past. The pilot is severely injured, and the radio is broken. He tells Sara about his daughter, one who’ll be an orphan with his death. He asks her to make sure that his daughter is okay.

Laurel makes a dramatic exit, and Oliver goes after her. She lashes out at him, blaming him for destroying her relationship with her sister. But Oliver is done playing the punching bag. He tells her to nut up, because she isn’ t the only one with family issues, who’s life is falling apart. He’s finally ready to throw in the towel, and stop trying to save her. He’s loved her for half of her life, and he’s finished running after her. He walks away, and maybe just maybe she’s learned something.

Oliver returns to his lair, and Felicity is gone. She calls Oliver and tells him that the Clock King has taken the bait, and furthermore that she’s at Starling National, you know the exact place that he’ll be headed to. Way to be the Daphne again Felicity, for a smart girl she’s really dumb sometimes. Felicity gets surprised by Digg, Arrow and Canary while hacking the security system waiting for the Clock King. His goons arrive, and Arrow goes out to meet them. Clock King hacks into the system far too easily, and opens a gas main. Digg goes to take care of the situation, while Felicity continues to look for Clock King, and she has him. Canary springs into action, with felicity on her tail. She takes a bullet, for her trouble from the Clock King, and manages to blow his cell phone and knock him out.

Sara patches up Felicity. She can finally say that she took a bullet for someone, and finally Felicity has a scar that she can brag about. Oliver asks her if she’s okay, Digg had mentioned her feeling left out. Felicity tells him she was always his girl, like his girl girl. He understands what she means and tells her that she’ll always he his girl.

Sara makes some killer drinks upstairs in the bar. She’s trying to cut out a normal life for herself, one that can actually go on a resume, not that super assassin doesn’t look impressive, and Thea has hired her one. Oliver gets an urgent message and heads home, as Laurel arrives. She assure Oliver that she comes in peace. She tells Sara that when she “died” on the yacht, Laurel began drowning. Every misstep, every failure pushed her further into the dark abyss, and seeing Sara rise all shiny and new, made her see that she isn’t the same beautiful person she once was. She asks for Sara’s forgiveness, and Sara leaps at the chance.

Sara sheds tears, and it worries Syn. She’s always been a rock, and never thought there was anything that could make her cry. Sara tells her of her reunion with Laurel, but reassures her that she has room in her life for a little sister. Looks like she was able to keep her promise to the pilot, the picture he gave her was of Syn.

Oliver rushes home, to find no fires to put out. His mother was in a meeting, and Thea, the little rat, wasn’t even home. She senses the tension between the two, but Oliver hasn’t let the cat out of the bag yet. Why not just tell the girl, she’s going to find out sooner or later. Moira introduces Oliver to the man she’s having a meeting with. Oliver comes face to face with his old friend Slade Wilson, and it is not a happy reunion.


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