Atlantis S1E10 - "The Price of Hope" Recap

Following Medusa's disappearance, Hercules meets with a shady man named Crios who tells him of a cave in which she has sought refuge. When he relays the news to the boys, they warn him that Crios is not to be trusted but Hercules is determined to rescue her and cure her. Pythagoras doesn't have the heart to tell him that he hasn't been able to create a cure and Jason tells him he needs to be honest with Hercules. Pythagoras asks him to visit the Oracle.

Jason visits her in the temple and asks for Pandora's Box so Pythagoras may examine it to find a cure for Medusa. She says the temptation is too great and denies his request but he tells her that he was never tempted. It would seem that he is immune to it. Jason believes that she is still keeping secrets from his regarding his origins and she says she cannot give him more information. She relents and allows him to take the box.

Pythagoras brings Jason to visit an inventor named Daedalus. He is eccentric, to say the least and Jason insists that he doesn't open the box, before leaving. He examines the markings on the outside and deciphers them to find a cure - Hercules must sacrifice his own life. Pythagoras returns home dejected and tells the others there is no cure and that Jason should return the box to the Oracle. That night, Hercules is locked up in his room, upset, and Pythagoras tells Jason that he is worried about him and the fact that he'd do just about anything to get Medusa back. They decide to try to cheer him up but when they go to his room, Hercules is gone along with his sword and bag. They visit Crios to get the location he gave to Hercules. After telling them where he's headed, he lets them know that there is danger on the journey to Medusa and Jason becomes angry, threatening Crios. Crios' thug gets into a fight with the duo and they find themselves outmatched, with no choice but to flee.

On the journey, the duo finds themselves captured by bandits and placed into captivity where they find Hercules already a prisoner. They're released by their captors, but are told that they shall be hunted. They take off running and Jason tells them to find a place to hide while he will lead them away, after which he'll meet them in a clearing. Eventually, Pythagoras is separated from Hercules and reunited with Jason. They're ambushed by some of the hunters but Jason fights them off, but is injured in the scuffle. That night, the hunters find them yet again and just as they're about to be killed, a woman named Atalanta comes to the rescue, shooting each of the hunters dead with her bow. She prepares a remedy for Jason's leg wound. She tells them that her goddess Artemis came to her and told her she must save them and that they are destined to meet again in the future. While Jason sleeps, Pythagoras points out to Atalanta that she used witchcraft to save Jason and she replies that she is a child of the earth. She questions him on what they are doing, and he tells her about their quest, the box, and the story on it which reveals that Hercules could cure Medusa if he sacrificed his life. Hercules overhears this and runs off after hearing Pythagoras' confession. Atalanta catches up to him and he returns to the campsite.

The next morning, Jason is happy to see that Hercules has found them. Atalanta has left them but watches from afar as they continue on their journey. They reach the cave and find creatures turned to stone at the entrance. Hercules asks to go in first alone and Jason reminds him to not look at her. He thanks them for all they've done for him. Inside, Medusa speaks to him but stay hidden so Hercules will not be turned to stone. Outside, Pythagoras confesses to Jason about the cure and Jason realises that Hercules' "thank you"s were his way of saying goodbye and that he knows about the cure.

Hercules tells Medusa that he has found a cure and asks her to trust him. He turns to face her but she turns away, not wanting to turn him to stone. They profess their love for each other and he tells her that nothing will happen to him. Right as she turns to reveal herself, Jason jumps in and pushes Hercules' face into the cave wall and surprise, surprise, Jason and Medusa look upon each other yet he doesn't turn to stone! Jason tells her that Hercules was about to sacrifice his life for her and she tearfully tells him that she would rather stay cursed than hurt Hercules.

Pythagoras apologises to Hercules for lying to him, and Hercules thanks him for being such a good friend. The trio prepare to leave and Hercules promises Medusa that he won't stop searching till he finds a cure. She tells him it will be her reason to live and bids him adieu.

Atlantis airs on Saturdays on BBC One.


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