Atlantis S1E12 - "Touched by the Gods: Part One" Recap

Jason is visited by Circe in a dream and she reminds him of the oath he swore to kill Pasiphae. The nightmare ends with him finding Hercules dead. Jason feels he has no choice and with the help of Pythagoras and Hercules, begins plotting his breaking into the palace to kill the queen. Pythagoras has developed a way to use seaweed as a sedative. Pasiphae continues to plot the king's death and Heptarian's marriage to Ariadne as part of her rise to the throne.

The trio sneaks into the palace and knock out some guards using Pythagoras' seaweed sedative. Jason must go alone into the main part and when he reaches Pasiphae's bedroom, he cannot bring himself to kill her. She wakes and sees that there is an intruder in the dark and shouts for the guards. Jason ends up shot with an arrow by one of the guards but is able to stay hidden by hiding in Ariadne's room. The queen demands that the hunt continue but wonders why the intruder didn't kill her when they had the chance.

Heptarian visits Ariadne with guards and alerts her of the intruder and the attempt on Pasiphae's life. After he leaves, Ariadne questions Jason on why he tried to kill Pasiphae and he says that it was either that or see his friends die. Meanwhile, Pythagoras and Hercules are able to escape through the rubbish shoot.

Ariadne tends to Jason's wound and patches him up. She questions him as to why Pasiphae is still alive and he says that something stopped him when he tried to kill her. He could not bring himself to do it. Ariadne confesses that she has thought about killing Pasiphae for all she has done. Jason asks why she hasn't done it and Ariadne says that taking a life is not an easy thing to do, though Pasiphe wouldn't think twice about killing them if the tables were turned. Jason attempts to leave, not wanting to put Ariadne's life in danger, but she refuses to let him leave till dawn when she will sneak him out. She says that she will risk her life for him as he done numerous times for her. Back home, Pythagoras and Hercules are in a panic since Jason has not returned. They must sit and wait till he either returns or they hear news of his capture.

Ariadne watches Jason sleep and when he wakes, he begins to dress. Ariadne confesses that despite the perks of being born royal, sometimes she wishes she'd been born the daughter of a smith or carpenter so she'd be free to meet a simple boy of her own choosing. Jason questions as to whether she's calling him simple (stupid) and when she becomes apologetic, he smiles, showing he's only teasing her. Ariadne says that she has said too much and Jason replies that he likes listening to her and that he enjoyed the last night more than any other of his time in Atlantis. Ariadne tells him that when she's with him, all feels right with the world. Ariadne sneaks Jason through the palace and leads him to a secret passageway that leads to the temple. Jason thanks her and promises that he won't let any harm come to her. They share a kiss before he leaves.

Pasiphae wants to know how the intruder could have escaped when every exit was sealed. She demands the guards to search the palace yet again and question every servant. Jason returns home to find Pythagoras and Hercules asleep at the table. He confesses that he couldn't kill Pasiphae and apologises for failing them. They only have one day till Circe will seek her vengeance. Back at the palace, Pasiphae and the guards determine the escape route of the intruder and narrow down their pool of suspects since only members of the royal court are aware of the passageway.

The following morning, Pythagoras wakes and finds Jason gone. He wakes Hercules and realises that Jason sedated them so he can face Circe alone. They decide to go after him. Ariadne visits her sleeping father and tearfully pleads for him to get better. Pasiphae walks in and tells Ariadne that she cried for days when her own father passed. As Ariadne leaves, Pasiphae tells her that they have figured out how the intruder escaped and questions her as to whether or not she told anyone about the passageway. Ariadne denies it and leaves. The king wakes and asks whether or not Ariadne was just there, and Pasiphae lies, saying that she has not been in that day.

Jason reaches Circe and asks her to kill him and spare his friends. He attempts to attack her but she uses her witchcraft to make two extra copies of herself. Jason is able to throw a knife into the guy of the real one due to seeing her reflection in the water. As she dies, she mutters a spell and tosses some bones that sink into the dirt. Pythagoras and Hercules arrive and three skeletons rise from the ground and attack them with swords. They fight them off, at first concerned over not knowing how to kill them, but they're eventually able to smash them.

Back at the palace, one of the servants finds a bloody rag in Ariadne's room. Ariadne confesses that she sheltered the intruder and the servant insists upon taking it to burn it to keep Ariadne's secret. In actuality, she brings it to Pasiphae and tells her what she has learned. Pasiphae has Ariadne summoned to the council chamber and tries her for treason.

When Jason returns home, Hercules and Pythagoras deliver the news of Ariadne's arrest.

Pasiphae sentences Ariadne to death and Ariadne finds herself alone and without allies. No one will listen to her when she accuses the queen of coveting the throne. Ariadne refuses to hand over the name of the intruder. Pythagoras delivers the bad news of Ariadne's sentencing to Jason.

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