Atlantis S1E13 - "Touched by the Gods: Part Two" Recap

The Brazen Bull is being prepared for Ariadne's execution. She will be placed inside the metal bull, a fire will be lit beneath it, the metal will be heated, she will roast inside, and her screams will be amplified by the acoustics of the bull. Jason is horrified by it and is extremely guilt-ridden. He wants to go confess his crimes but Pythagoras warns him that Ariadne is all that stands between Pasiphae and the throne, so she will never spare Ariadne's life. Jason doesn't want to let Ariadne die alone and Hercules berates him for being so willing to throw his life away. He tells him he is fond of him and that they will either stop the execution or die trying. He refuses to have themselves be killed unless they die fighting. Jason questions Hercules on his being fond of him, saying he's never even admitted to liking him, and Hercules humourously retorts that he's marginally less fond of him than he is of Pythagoras and that he's less fond of Pythagoras than wine and pies. Pythagoras cheerfully proclaims that this is probably the nicest thing Hercules has ever said to him.

Ariadne is visited by a temple priest in her prison cell. She is scared and regrets blames herself for all the suffering Pasiphae will inflict on the people once she is ruler. He tells her to not lose faith and that they should pray to the gods. She asks him to tend to her father and make his final days as comfortable as can be. He promises to do all that he can.

The Oracle warns Pasiphae while she is praying at the temple that the gods will not forgive her for putting Ariadne to death, as killing her is a violation of the most sacred laws. Pasiphae insists that she is fulfilling her duties while the King is ill and the Oracle notes that the swiftness with which the King has fallen ill has taken all by surprise. Pasiphae warns her it would be unwise to try to stop her but the Oracles says that it is not she who will stop Pasiphae. She says that Pasiphae's nemesis draws near and Pasiphae says that her riddles do not scare her. The Oracle says that like Pasiphae, her nemesis is touched by the Gods. She warns that it won't be so easy to kill this person. Pasiphae questions who this person is and the Oracle replies that she'll find out soon enough.

The trio are visited by the Head Guard of the palace who offers up his help to rescue Ariadne. He says that he serves the King. Jason visits the Oracle and says he'll rescue Ariadne or die trying. She is proud of how he now chooses his own path instead of relying on her for guidance. He thanks her for all she has done for him and she says that he was the answer to their prayers. She tells him to go to the silver mines in Pangean and says that perhaps they'll not think to look for him among the dead. Strange, cryptic message. Typical Oracle.

Ariadne's execution draws near and Hercules feigns drunk to get near the bull and spill more flammable liquor in a trail that leads from it through the crowd. Jason shoots a flaming arrow and a fire rages that sends the crowd into a frenzy. In the commotion, the guard conspiring with the trio takes Ariadne and sends her off to meet her friends. The guard eventually catches back up to the trio and Ariadne and is now injured. They escape through underground tunnels and the guard stay behind to fight off the pursuing party while the others continue on their escape. In the end, Heptarian is the one to kill him.

The trio escapes into the forest and Ariadne changes into more simple clothing before burning the gown she was originally wearing. She tells Jason that she fears she may never return to Atlantis. He reminds her of the time she said she wished for a simple life and perhaps this is her chance at it. The group heads for the mines as recommended by the Oracle while Pasiphae, Heptarian, and guards hunt them.

Back at the palace, Ariadne's traitorous servant poisons the King on the Queen's behalf and the priest witnesses this in secret. He relays the news to the Oracle, who insists that they must save him. The priest reveals to the viewers that the Oracle has always said that he never had a right to the throne and the Oracle states that he is the lesser of two evils when compared to Pasiphae. She also says that Jason will be safe in the mines because, "Who better to protect him than his own father?" What.

The group arrives at the mines and are met by a hooded group of lepers, led by a man named Tychon. Jason tells Tychon that he was sent there by the Oracle to escape Pasiphae and the man questions Jason on his name after seeing his necklace. Tychon allows them to stay. Tychon recognises that Ariadne is the princess of Atlantis and Jason tells him that she had been sentenced to death. Tychon comments that Minos would never allow such a thing and Jason relays the news of his falling ill and Pasiphae seeking to claim the throne. Tychon notes the dangers of desiring power. Jason asks him how long he has had his disease and Tychon says it's been many years and he's almost forgotten what it was like before having it. He also notices that Jason has feelings for Ariadne.

The priest visits the King as the treacherous servant is poisoning him yet again. When he says he must pray with the King, she says the Queen had ordered her to stay by his side at all times but he tells her that royal death rights are a sacred ritual and questions her as to whether she would dare defy the gods. After she leaves, the priest drops a vial of some healing remedy into King Minos' mouth.

The search party has tracked the group to the silver mines and Pasiphae orders that Ariadne be taken alive so she may be executed in front of her people, and orders that the others be killed. One leper spots them and warns the others of the impending threat. The soldiers come storming into the cave but the others manage to get away. Heptarian is stabbed in the initial invasion. Tychon stays behind to fight alongside his people and Jason feels guilty leaving him but continues running with the group.

Pasiphae and some soldiers spot Jason and Ariadne in the forest and Jason tells Ariadne to run while he fights off some soldiers. At one point, a soldier catches up to Ariadne when she trips and falls but she feigns hurt and stabsh im when he helps her up. She is caught shortly thereafter and Jason is knocked to the ground with a blow to the head when distracted by the sound of her screaming for him. Pasiphae sends the soldiers after Ariadne and prepares to kill Jason herself while he is still passed out on the ground. Tychon catches up to her and stops her, saying that though she doesn't recognise him, she is the one who made him this way. She then recognises him and calls him by a different name. He tells her that she has the girl, which is what she came for, and to leave Jason alive. When she questions him as to why Jason is of importance to him, he drops the ultimate series-finale-bomb: "He is our son." She looks upon him amazed as Tychon says that Jason is touched by the gods as she is. She says that she had believed him to be dead. Tychon says that when Pasiphae betrayed him and usurped the throne with Minos, he had taken Jason somewhere safe where she would never find him. She asks Tychon if Jason knows of his own identity and whether she is his mother. Tychon says he doesn't and she asks why he didn't tell him. Tychon replies that he doesn't want Jason to be corrupted by this quest for power and that he doesn't believe Pasiphae can kill her own son. She tells him to promise that he will never tell Jason of the truth and he does so. Pasiphae leaves and Tychon wakes Jason, helping him to walk through the forest, during which Pythagoras and Hercules catch up to them. Unbeknownst to them, Heptarian is following them.

Jason wakes later that night and asks where Ariadne leaves. He wants to go after her but Tychon tells him he'll be of no use to her if he cannot lift a sword. Pythagoras seeks out some herbs to pack Jason's wounds while Jason rests. Tychon later tries to convince Jason to not return to Atlantis but Jason refuses to carry on without trying to save Ariadne. Tychon tells JAson that there was a time that he was like him but before he can continue the story, Heptarian springs out and attacks Jason. They fight with their swords and combat and eventually, Jason manages to get the upper hand and kill Heptarian.

The following morning, Jason parts ways with Tychon, who tells him he should be proud of the man he has become. Ariadne and Pasiphae return to Atlantis, and Minos comes out right as Pasiphae is telling the guards to take Ariadne to the cells. Pasiphae is shocked to see him seemingly recovered and Minos is furious to learn that Pasiphae would sentence his daughter to death. Pasiphae tries to say that she has been tried in accordance with the laws and that his judgement is clouded by his illness but Minos will have none of it. He insists that Ariadne be released and berates the guards when they hesitate. Ariadne hugs her father and Pasiphae is less than pleased.

The trio reach Atlantis and prepare to head to the palace but are met by the priest, Melas, who delivers a note to Jason from Ariadne. Upon reaching the palace, King Minos thanks Jason for saving his daughter and attempts to give Jason a reward for his bravery but when Jason refuses, saying that her safety is reward enough, Minos politely but firmly tells Jason to forget whatever feelings he has for Ariadne - as she is of royal blood and nothing can ever happen between the two of them.

Pasiphae visits the Oracle and questions her about Jason and his future. The Oracle tells her she should be more concerned with her own future and that the day will come when Jason will destroy her.

Pythagoras and Hercules are annoyed to know that Jason turned down a pouch of gold and the trio engage in their signature banter while Pasiphae spies on Jason in secret.

Atlantis will return in Series 2.


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