Banshee S2E4 - "Bloodlines" Recap

Carrie dreams of her release from prison. She returns home and reunites with her children. Lucas appears and asks where Anastacia is and her children ask the same thing. Anastacia walks out of her house and she and Lucas smile at each other before Carrie wakes, still in prison.

We see the Native Americans walking and singing for Lana's funeral. Lucas formally introduces himself to Nola and they discuss Tommy Littlestone, with Lucas saying that he was only questioned, and the fact that Chayton is still locked up as a suspect for Lana's murder. Nola says that Chayton is a killer but is a purist and would therefore never have killed Lana. Lucas remains skeptical of his innocence. He asks if she has any more information but he does not.

Back at the jail cell, Chayton scolds Deputy Yawners for being a disgrace to his race (Deputy Yawners is African-American), stating that whites tore his ancestors from his land yet now he wears their uniform. Yawners replies that he lives with himself just fine by getting scum like Chayton off the street. Lucas returns to the station and he and the other deputies discuss further plans for the investigation. Meanwhile, Nola scolds her brother for looking weak.

Back in prison, Carrie calls her husband but he ignores her call. She leaves a voicemail asking for forgiveness and says that she will not survive losing him and the children. Lucas spots Deva out with some misfits and the concern he has for his daughter is apparent. He heads to the motel where Jason Hood is staying. He brings Job and informs him about Jason needing a new identity.

Alex Longshadow meets with Proctor and the meeting is understandably tense. Proctor advises Alex that the way to be a successful leader is to be feared but Alex dismisses this. Alex says that they'll find his nephew and Proctor makes a threat against anyone who harms Solomon. When Proctor insults Alex by stating that his sister is tougher than him, Alex attacks him. They fight in the middle of the restaurant before Alex holds a shuriken to his throat. The manager of the establishment threatens to call the sheriff so they stand down.

Lucas follows up on a lead by visiting a runaway Amish boy named Daniel Moses. He tries to run, thinking that they want to take him back to the Amish community. Daniel didn't know that Solomon was missing and he brings Lucas to the place he is staying at. He has several books and Lucas learns that he wasn't allowed to read on the farm. He would sneak books back and hide them in a crawl space. Danny tells Lucas that a teacher brutally attacked him when he caught him reading "Lord of the Flies." The scene goes back and forth with Rebecca visiting her Amish friend that she was supposed to meet in the woods in the previous episode. She questions her about what it was she was going to tell her and she tells Rebecca about the same teacher Daniel is telling Lucas about, whose name is Jonah.

Lucas visits Jonah and learns that he lives alone, after his wife died. They never had any children. Lucas questions him about Solomon and when he asks about his hitting any of the children he speaks, he denies it until Lucas mentions Danny. He claims that Danny attacked him and that he is sorry for his actions, telling him to relay the message to Danny that he should come home. Lucas questions Jonah about a leg injury and Jonah claims it is an old wound, but when he points out that it's still bleeding, Jonah attacks him. They fight and Rebecca comes in, and helps Lucas during his fight though she is struck in the process. Rebecca getting slapped has happened way too many times on this show, to the extent that viewers are likely to become desensitised to violence towards her. She's a girl, not a punching bag. Procter shows up as Lucas is repeatedly burning Jonah, trying to get answers from him. Procter asks to be left alone with Jonah in order to question him.

Job speaks with Bates about Jason. Job thinks the best course of action would be to kill Jason in order to cover their tracks but Bates believes that Jason is just a young boy looking to start over. Job threatens Jason, telling him that the help they are giving him is not to be exploited, nor is the enormity of creating a new identity to be taken lightly. He tells him that if he screws up this gift and shows up again asking for another handout, he will personally shoot him between the eyes.

Proctor brutally tortures Jonah while Lucas and Rebecca stand uncomfortably outside on the porch, hearing Jonah's screams. When Procter comes back, he tells them about a piece of property that Jonah has in which Solomon is locked away.  The three of them head off to the property and find Solomon bloody, battered, and tied up. We flash back from the point of view of Solomon and see Jonah walk up and kill Lana before attacking Solomon and taking him away. It looks like Jonah is an even more vicious, Amish version of Chayton. Members of the Amish community arrive and Solomon is reunited with his parents. The reunion is also slightly awkward since they refuse to speak to Rebecca. Procter argues with his father, stating that their praying and cowering did not yield results. His father states that God brought Solomon back to them, but Procter tells him to go see what he did to Jonah and that God had nothing to do with Solomon being found. Solomon hugs his sister goodbye and she tells him he is going to be okay.

Deputy Yawners and Deputy Kelly have Chayton in the back of their squad car and set off for Jefferson County, where Chayton is being transferred to. During the ride, Chayton begins to chant and begins headbutting and eventually kicking the barrier between him and the Deputies. One kick hits Deputy Yawners in the head, and as he is the driver, he crashes and the car flips repeatedly.

Carrie calls Deva but she does not answer as she is getting high. She says that she loves her and promises that when she returns, Deva can ask her anything and she will answer honestly. She just wants another chance.

In the bar, Jason tries to hit on Rebecca, who is nursing her grief with a drink. She states that any other night, she would have told him to get lost. They end up having sex and during the act, she flashes back to the day she was shunned. Lucas is congratulated on his win for finding Jonah's killer. It would appear that no one is going to bother him for the clearly excessive wounds on Jonah. Deputy Lotus informs Lucas that no one has heard from Yawners and Kelly. At the crash site, Chayton tells Kelly to tell Lucas that he will see him soon. It's a powerful scene, as he asks, "What is it with white people and chains?" It calls back to the weight of all the countless crimes inflicted on Native Americans for the entirety of American history. Chayton smears his blood across her cheeks and is met by an armed motorcycle squad of Natives. They all raise their weapons and warn Yawners to drop his weapon when  he raises it against Chayton, who leaves with them but not before tossing his chains at Yawners.

Lucas shows up to where Deva is with other teenagers getting high. He tells them all to go home but takes Deva out for lemonade. They speak briefly and it's a sweet scene between the two. Job listens in on the conversation and immediately deduces that Deva is Lucas' daughter. He warns Lucas that it is dangerous for him to stay put, as he is putting his loved ones in danger, including Deva. Lucas tells Job to sell the diamonds, implying that soon he will leave. He then spots Kelly outside and meets her, concerned about her being cut up and bloodied. He puts his arm around her and says that he will take her home.

Procter visits Alex and brings him Jonah's teeth that he removed from Jonah as a peace offering. This is also the first time Alex and Nola hear about Lana's murderer being found and reprimanded. After he leaves, Nola says that this doesn't change anything but Alex would rather have peace for the time being, believing it to be better for the good of the tribe. Nola is furious and they argue. Alex sadly tells her that she does not belong with the tribe after "what she went through," and she solemnly agrees. Afterwards, she sneaks into the sheriff's station and murders Jonah, staying long enough to watch him die. On the way out, she and Job pass each other and they compliment each other's outfits - seriously.

In prison, Carrie is told she has a visitor and it's none other than Rabbit. He is in a wheelchair and hooked up to an oxygen tank. Carrie states that she is not surprised to see him and Rabbit says that being hard to kill is a family trait of theirs. Rabbit says that he sees her mother in Carrie and speaks about how he courted her away from another man when they first met. He claims that love is insanity and that this is the last time the two of them will see each other.

In a post-credits scene, we see Rabbit sitting in a limousine, breathing deeply into his oxygen mask before stopping, crumpling the mask in his hand, looking to his right, and smiling sinisterly. It's a safe bet that it definitely won't be the last viewers will see of Rabbit!

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