Banshee S2E5 - "The Truth About Unicorns" Recap

Throughout his episode, a tremendous number of dream sequences are utilised to convey thoughts, desires, etc. Carrie is released from prison and Lucas is there to pick her up. As they drive back towards town, Lucas notices that someone is following them. They head into town to have some lunch and they bond over their shared experience of being locked up. They seem to enjoy being close though they never outright engage in any public displays of affection. More than once, Lucas spots a car following them. They also scope out a potential place to rob, analysing its weak spots. When Lucas spots the tail yet again, he informs Carrie of the situation and they briefly split up so he can grab the car, circle around, and pick her back up. He is prepared to pull out his concealed weapon if necessary. When he approaches the car that was following him, it is actually a 40-something year old woman who asks him for help loading her groceries.

Lucas drives Carrie to a house that was their "dream house" before he went away to prison. He has bought the property and they stay there for the night. Lucas shares his concerns that it might be best for him to leave Banshee some time soon. He wanted to stay because of her and Dana but he sees now that he may be being selfish and longing for something that will never be more than a lost dream.

The next morning, Lucas becomes suspicious and heads outside with his weapon, telling Carrie to stay inside. He finds Agent Racine eavesdropping on them and brings him inside. He knows that Rabbit visited Carrie while she was inside and informs them that he wants Rabbit because he went after him as a young Agent, was too hasty, Rabbit's lawyers destroyed his case, and Racine's informants got killed. Racine blames himself for all the deaths Rabbit has caused since then. Racine wants to team up with Lucas and Carrie but they tell him they don't trust him. Rabbit then drops a bomb on them - he knows Lucas isn't actually Lucas Hood. He was there when he got arrested 15 years prior and had actually recognised him when he came to Banshee. They still don't know his real name, though. They found the real Lucas' body and matched his DNA. In private, Carrie tells Lucas that Racine can't be allowed to leave alive but Lucas says that enough people have died over this. "No more."

Just when Lucas has decided to help, a bullet shoots through the window, killing Agent Racine. Lucas and Kelly drop down, staying still when the first round of bullets stop. They shoot back before heading outside, a curtain catching fire on their way out. We see the sniper reload their weapon, crawling through the high grass, as do Lucas and Carrie. Lucas scares some birds, giving away his location and both he and the sniper stand up. They shoot at each other till Carrie gets the sniper's attention, shooting them when they turn around. Lucas and Carrie approach the body, noting its struggled breathing. When Lucas reveals the sniper's face, it is the woman who had asked for help with her groceries. He pulls down her collar, finds a "spider" tattoo, and says, "Rabbit." She tries to pull a knife on him but Lucas turns the knife back on herself. Lucas and Carrie stand up and watch the house burn.

Lucas and Carrie drive back to Banshee and they note that Rabbit will never stop until they are both dead. Carrie is back in a motel room and Lucas returns to the bar. He fills Frankie in on what happened and Frankie tells him that people like the two of them build their own bars and create cells no matter where they are. He tells them there are ghosts that just won't let them be, to which Lucas responds, "Fuck that." In a post-credits scene, we see Lucas punching a punching bag, training for the battles headed his way.

Banshee airs at 10/9c on Fridays on Cinemax.


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