Banshee S2E6 - "Armies of One" Recap

Alex Longshadow finally agrees to partner up with Kai Proctor because he wants him to ensure that he is not voted out of his position as chief. He is conflicted about compromising his values but still gives him the names of the other counsel members.

Jason is given his new IDs but is hassled by an English mobster demanding money while Frankie and Lucas are still with him, alone in the bar, paralleling the show's beginning in which the real Lucas Hood was killed. Guns are drawn, the English man's muscle is killed by Frankie, and Lucas fights the man who still manages to get away. Lucas insists that he tell him everything regarding what got him into trouble.

Lotus sneaks into Lucas' place and snoops through his things.

Deva is having driving lessons and when two teenage girls in the back seat begin gossiping and making snide comments about her and her mother, Deva gets angry and begins speeding before bringing the car to a halt. When her father shows up, he is angry at her for being wreckless, but is sympathetic when she reveals that they were speaking ill of her mother. When one of the other girls' fathers begins yelling at her, Gordon defends his daughter. Carrie visits Max and spends time with him, much to his delight. Lotus shows Gordon a photo of his family that he had found in Lucas' place. Gordon is upset but Lotus reminds him that he was the one who asked him to investigate Lucas.

Lucas spots the Englishman outside the sheriff's office. The man tells him he knows that Lucas has fighting skills that are learned through experience, rather than formal training. He says that he knows that Lucas is Jason's father, and that he will therefore not give Lucas up. Lucas offers him a bribe to leave and tell his boss that Jason is dead, which the man accepts.

In Proctor's strip club, Gordon is still drinking and lusting his wounded psyche. Rebecca walks in on Proctor receiving fellatio from one of the dancers and they have creepy eye contact as it goes on.

The Englishman goes back on the deal and kidnaps Jason. Lucas realises that the man is likely to have done this and catches up to him. They fight on the middle of the road while Jason is locked in the trunk. Lucas manages to decapitate the man via a truck passing by.

Gordon arrives home drunk and Deva helps him get up the stairs to his room. Max catches them and asks if he is okay. They end up in a group hug on the floor while Gordon becomes emotional.

Lucas returns the real Lucas Hood's watch to Jason. He gives him a train ticket and tells him to head north till he reaches Canada. He tells him that he will drive him to the station the next morning and reminds him that people only get one second chance. Deva meets Carrie in a diner and begins to ask questions about her past. Jason visits Frankie's bar to thank him and have another drink before he leaves. He spots Rebecca and Frankie warns him that she's more trouble than she's worth. Eventually, Jason hooks up with Rebecca while Lucas hooks up with Deputy Kelly. However, Proctor interrupts Rebecca mid-hookup, and has his muscle kill Jason. He warns her that she's either with him or not. They leave and Proctor's muscle cleans up the room and gets rid of the body. The scene overlaps with shots of him flash-backing to being handcuffed and whipped. He is meticulous and behaves rather oddly, and when he leaves the following morning, we see that he has missed Jason's watch - the one Lucas just gave him.

Back at the bar, Job pops in to visit Lucas and Frankie in time to share a drink. Job has just returned from New York with the diamonds. He wasn't able to get rid of them because they're fake. Rabbit "fucked him hard" - the diamonds that he served fifteen years for stealing were nothing more than a handful of glass. In a post-credits scene, we see an open field in which the Englishman's head is nestled amongst some long grass.

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