Banshee S2E7 - "Ways to Bury a Man" Recap

Rebecca sits with Proctor and watches in horror as Jason's body is fed through a meat grinder. Though it's not explicitly stated, the ground meat comes out while she flashbacks to having sex with him and his being murdered.

Lucas arrives at Jason's room but he's nowhere to be found. He checks the room and has a bad feeling about this unexplained disappearance. He knows for certain that something is wrong when he finds Jason's hidden stash of cash still in the room, and then hi father's watch that Lucas had returned to him on the floor. When he relays the news of Jason's disappearance to Frankie, Frankie tells him he saw Jason speaking with Rebecca the previous night.

Lucas visits Proctor's home to question Rebecca. She admits to having sex with him but claims not to know him. Lucas can tell that Proctor was the one that killed him but Rebecca won't give any answers to support that theory. Lucas tells her that she had her chance and now if Proctor goes down, she'll go down with him. Later, Frankie warns Lucas that it's dangerous to go after Proctor but Lucas says he'll take his chances. Job also visits them and says that he has been unable to find any information on where Rabbit is hiding out. Lucas seeks the counsel of Deputy Locus on what he would if he were to go after Proctor. Locus tells him if he were sheriff, he'd start "shaking his trees," until something of use falls out of them. Locus is keen on aiding Lucas in going after Proctor.

Proctor goes after members of the council and threatens them and their families to not vote against Alex Longshadow in the No Confidence Vote.

Deva finds her brother Max on the floor, having a serious asthma attack and repeatedly tries to call her father. He doesn't answer, as he is drunk and indulging his licentious appetites at Proctor's strip club. She has no choice but to call an ambulance.

Lucas and Locus bust the strip club. When Lucas finds Gordon in the back room, he tells him to sneak out the back so he won't be brought in with the dancers and clients. Gordon becomes belligerent, and demands to know if Lucas is sleeping with his wife, which Lucas denies. When Gordon strikes him, he and Lucas get into a fight, which of course Lucas easily gets advantage of. Deputy Siobhan breaks up the fight and when Gordon sees all the missed calls on his mobile, he takes off.

None of the dancers will surrender any information about a prostitution ring in the strip club. When Proctor learns that his main security guard let the police come in and take the girls without an arrest warrant, he beats him to death.

Gordon arrives at the hospital and Deva furiously throws a fit at him, cursing him out, while Carrie sits and watches. They receive the news that Max's condition has worsened and it appears as though the insurance won't cover it.

Lucas is able to get one dancer to talk but she hesitates to give a formal statement until Lucas gets her to trust his ability to keep her safe. She gives the name of a previous client named Sharp that used to be a driver in Proctor's ecstasy ring. Lucas visit them with Lotus and Yawners. Sharp and his crew are skinheads and begin harassing Yawners, who keeps his cool... until one of the skinheads strikes him, after which he and Louts unleash an ass-whooping on the crew, minus Sharp. When Sharp tries to flee, Lucas chases him down and threatens to break his arm until he answers gives up the location of a factory stop on the route for the ecstasy ring. They visit the factory but agree that they cannot explore it further until they get a warrant.

Job gives Carrie her cut from their last hit and she asks him to do a job with her alone (so they can get a bigger cut). He refuses, until she says that she needs the money for her son's medical bills.

The vote for Alex's No Confidence does not pass. The leader of the vote, George Hunter, is disappointed in the other council members for allowing Proctor to intimidate them and for Alex to have partnered with him in the first place.

Lucas, Job, and Frankie invade the factory late at night. They steal one of the trucks that is part of the ecstasy ring and restrain the driver. They crash the truck into the main factory building and Job rigs it to blow. Once they are safely outside, Job calls the bomb to set it off and it does not go off. After Frankie teases him, Job stands up to go back to take a look at the bomb but it is then that it goes off. The crew stands back and watches the building burn.

Lucas flashes back to a conversation he had with Locus, who confesses that the people of the town have been waiting for someone to take down Proctor for a long time. He says that he had wanted to do it himself, but now he doesn't mind it being him. Though he didn't and still doesn't think Lucas is much of a cop, he now believes he is serious about taking Proctor down.

In a post-credits scene, Locus drives to the factory and is shocked to see that it has been destroyed.

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