Banshee S2E8 - "Evil for Evil" Recap

Anastacia and Job are doing a job but another alarm has gone off. While fleeing, they encounter Lucas who is shocked to see them but sends them off. Shortly afterwards, Deputy Lotus and Yawners meet Lucas, who tells them that he hasn't seen the perpetrators. Afterwards, Lucas meets with Anastacia and Job at Frankie's bar and questions them about their working as a duo. Anastacia argues with Lucas but eventually admits that the money was for Max. Lucas says he could have helped but Anastacia walks out.

Procotor meets with Alex Longshadow to discuss the fees he owes him while Rebecca sits outside playing with the strippers' jewellery. After Alex leaves, Proctor's right-hand man tells him that the explosion was caused by a cell phone detonator. Rebecca joins their room and Proctor tells her that Lucas caused the explosion but he doesn't seem too concerned with what he sees as small-time incidents. His second-hand man tells him that one of his slaughter houses lost power over the weekend and that the back-up generator had been disabled. All of the meat has gone bad and Proctor learns that someone hacked the server and shut down that particular area. Proctor's temper is rising and he exits his office with his man right behind him.

Proctor approaches Lucas in Frankie's bar and Lucas feigns ignorance about the explosion and the slaughterhouse. The stand-off is tense and little is said before Proctor angrily storms off. Frankie tells Lucas to warn him before he decides to kick things up a notch.

Things are still tense between Gordon and Deva, who has yet to forgive him for his neglect. He promises to do better but she appears unlikely to believe him until he proves himself.

Lucas and Siobhan re-visit the stripper who had previously given up information on Proctor and she says that she once saw some men putting crates into Proctor's basement. She doesn't know what was in them nor does she know anything about what's in the basement. She is concerned for her safety and tells them to leave before heading back inside. They don't have a warrant to get in there but it's likely Lucas will find a way to get in there nonetheless.

The skinheads from the previous episode harass Deputy Yawners' pregnant wife, questioning her on when she became a traitor to her race (she is white, Yawners is African-American). She smacks one when he refuses to leave her alone and he retaliates by punching her straight in the nose. She falls to the ground and another of the skinheads kicks her straight on the baby bump. The other skinheads chide him for the action (since when do skinheads have morals?) and they drive off. Witnesses approach her unconscious body and call 911.

Proctor questions Rebecca about Jason but she doesn't have anything to reveal except for his name being Jason. Proctor doesn't understand what could have caused Lucas to react so severely to his death. He says that Lucas is desperate and has nothing substantial to come after him with. Rebecca commends him for his restraint.

Deputy Yawners visits his wife as she is being wheeled in to surgery. He asks her what happened and she says that the men who attacked her had shaved heads, tattoos, and knew him. She says she is scared before she is brought in for surgery. Deputy Locus and Siobhan warn him to not go after the skinheads, saying that they will go after them instead. They remind him that his wife needs him and Siobhan tells him it will be okay.

Lucas sneaks into Proctor's place to have a look around in the basement and finds multiple guns and other weapons, along with some files and religious relics. Rebecca catches him as he's headed out, but when she doesn't do or say anything, Lucas simply leaves in peace. Lucas tells Menning, the ADA, he has a witness who won't come forward and testify, and he tries to get a warrant issued.

Lucas returns to the station as the deputies have just brought in the skinheads and locked them up. Lucas is told about Yawners' wife being in the hospital and is understandably angered by the news. He tells the deputies that after they have booked the skinheads, he needs them to help him raid Proctor's place - he has been issued the warrant.

When they arrive at Proctor's place, Lucas "discovers" the hidden room behind the wine cellar and Proctor throws a fit. He is restrained by the other officers present and is promptly arrested for having numerous weapons without permits. Proctor tells Lucas he is "fucking dead," and Lucas looks smug from this victory.

Yawners is told his wife is going to be okay but she has lost the fetus.

Proctor seeks to find a way to either bribe or threaten the ADA but his lawyer advises him that their best option is to attack the legitimacy of the warrant and their C.I.'s claim to have seen the weapons. Rebecca, who is sitting in on this meeting, says Juliet's name. After the lawyer steps out, Proctor send his right-hand-man out to kill her.

Lucas visits Yawners and tells him that the skinheads are currently locked up in custody. He says that they will not get away with this and also informs him that Proctor has been arrested. Yawners' wife wakes and he goes in the room to see her. He tells her that she's going to be fine and she correctly guesses that she has lost the baby. He tries to reassure her but she ends up reassuring him, saying that this is only a test. He reassures her that it's going to be okay, before heading back to the station.

Lucas visits Alex Longshadow to tell him of Proctor's arrest, and also informs him that he has a substantial amount of information on Alex's tribal casino. He offers to help him get Proctor out his business, in exchange for his helping Lucas with the case against him. Alex has always wanted to keep things quiet, but he agrees with Lucas that he's been in the dark long enough.

Yawners brings out various weapons from the evidence locker. He beats up two of the skinheads using both a candlestick and his own brute strength and the lead skinhead (though not the one that kicked her) tells him that they've had enough. Yawners puts on a pair of brass knuckles and tells the other skinhead, who says he's neither ignorant nor sorry, that if he can get past him, he can go free. A brutal fight ensues and the skinhead appears very close to death.

Siobhan berates Lucas for lying to get the warrant and that it has put their careers and Julia's life in danger. Lucas tells her she can ask any questions she wants but they're interrupted by a phone call from Brock. They head down to the station where they find the injured skinheads, who are sent off to the hospital. The deputies aren't angry with Yawners, but are concerned about the consequences he'll have to face. Lucas tries to tell him he didn't know what he was doing but Yawners says that he knew exactly what he was doing. He says he's dealt with guys like this his whole life and that he had gotten good at bearing it but this was the time he couldn't let it go. He says if he could go back, he would do it again and again even though he knows that it's a sin. He questions what type of Christian this makes him. He reveals that when his wife first got pregnant, his internal reaction was a question of how they could raise a kid in a town like this, where all the good inevitably gets swallowed up by the bad. Yawners turns in his badge and name tag.

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