Bitten Recap S1E5: Bitten

The message on the wall "I'm coming for my scrapbook, Bitch" Elena looks pissed.

Elena toys with Pete's ring, as Clay, Nick and Jeremy try to figure out the next plan. Elena reasons that they have to be close, Marsden came in quickly when he was called, too quickly to be that far. Jeremy doesn't want to split up to search, he's willing to see if Santos's lead pans out. Clay doesn't want to work with Santos, but it may be the only choice. Elena wants to be bait, but Jeremy isn't ready for that.

Four years ago, Nick is telling Clay of the benefits of Canadian girls. Elena needs a job to pay her tuition, and Nick and Pete tease what a hard ass Dr. Danvers is. Talking to Clay she has no idea he's the teacher she's applying to work with, mistaking him for a student. He's instantly attracted to her and even Pete and Nick notice. Pete takes Nick aside, so Elena and Clay can talk more, when she finally sees that he's the teacher. Clay plans to meet with her the following day, in denial that she could be more than a passing fling.

The Sheriff has an anonymous call about Braxton's truck. It's covered in blood and in the woods, close to Stone Haven. Her deputy thinks foul play, and although she can't rule it out so soon, there's also a chance that it isn't she tells him.

Clay thinks Elena is onto something with Marsden, that he's in nearby Syracuse. Elena points out that he's been given orders with Jeremy. Clay thinks her lead is worth looking into. She asked if he'd go against Jeremy, and right now he would.

The Sheriff comes to ask about Braxton. He was headed towards Stone Haven when he went missing. Clay says he has nothing to do with the man missing, the sheriff insists that they're only questioning them due to proximity. Jeremy volunteers the help of his family to lead search parties to find Braxton. The sheriff appreciates that help and goes to round up a search party.

Elena knows that this is another ploy by Marsden and co to keep them too distracted to find them, and point the blame on Clay. Jeremy points out that if they don't help them and cooperate then they'll just get a warrant that could include the house, and the last thing they want is to have them search the property.

The hunter is not happy to have Clay help out, but the sheriff wants them to all work together. Jeremy makes an excuse to have he and Clay work in the house, to calm the crowd. The Sheriff goes over search plans. 100 acres to cover, and not much time.

Past, Elena tries to figure out the best approach to Clay, as he overhears her. He opens the door for her surprising her. His office is a mess of unpacked boxes. She impresses Clay not only by having read his book, but also with her determination. He still looks for reasons not to hire her, but she isn't ready to backdown. He takes her on.

The search begins, with the hunter  accompanying Elena and Nick to prevent them from tampering evidence.

Victor has had a good run in jail. He needed to stay into jail, but he's on his way out. He claims to be in love, but his officer doesn't believe her.

Jeremy wants Clay to stay close to home for when Daniel comes. Clay doesn't want Daniel in the house, but Jeremy reminds him of the past, that he found him as a child, already bitten, and that it took days for him to gain his trust, but it happened, that every decision he makes is one he thinks is good for the pack. Clay tells him the ones he makes are as well.

Elena searches the woods when she gets a call from Diane. She wants to know when Elena will be home, but Elena tells her that it's complicated. Becky had a bridesmaid drop out, and she wants Elena to step in. Nick listens in on her conversation. Philip slips onto the line, and Elena tells him that shed love to help. She doesn't give a return date, but Philip and Diane think she's in. Diane doesn't understand why Philip was at her cousins funeral. And Nick asks if Clay knows about the other man. He doesn't, but she says that she left Stone Haven, and moved on.

Past. It's the end of the semester and Elena helps Clay back up. He looks sad and lost, but Elena tries to make the most of it. She tells him that she'll be okay, that she'll survive, and Clay admits that he's not good at this, that he's not ready to go. He tells her he feels like he's drowning, and she's feeling the same. She inches closer to him, and kisses him. He strips down, and things rapidly progress on the couch from there.

Elena spots Braxton's body, or rather smells it. She alerts Nick, and plans to throw the group off the trail. She falls down, tripping over a root. She feigns a sprain ankle, while Nick picks a fight with the hunter. He lets him get some good hits in, even giving him a bloody nose while Elena runs towards Braxton's body. The Sheriff breaks up the fight, and sends everyone back to regroup.

Elena finds Braxton, which triggers memories of the past. Clay brings Elena home for the first time. She's nervous, knowing that its a big deal, and afraid that Jeremy won't like her. Clay admits that he didn't tell Jeremy they were coming, or that they were engaged. Elena sends Clay in to break the news, while she waits outside. Elena hears something in the woods, and Clay tells her that Jeremy isn't there, when it was Jeremy watching her in the woods. Elena is impressed with her first look of Stone Haven. Clay tells her about a totem that he use to favor as a child, and Jeremy pops in. Elena apologizes for their drop in, and she can tell Jeremy isn't happy to see them. Elena begs him to make it better. Jeremy tells him that he shouldn't have brought her here, that he isn't allowed to love her, but Clay can't just let her go. Jeremy tells him that he wishes keeping her was that easy. Jeremy goes to have tea with Elena, telling here that Clay is off with one of the neighbors to explain his absence. Elena makes small talk, asking him if he ever gets scared of the woods. But there isn't anything in the woods that scares him. In walks a giant dog, could it be Clay? Of course it could be, Jeremy didn't give him any choice. Elena sees him and thinks that Clay let out the dog, and she's fascinated by him. Jeremy watches apprehensively, too far to do anything. Elena lets the dog smell her, and Jeremy makes a grab for him. He grabs Clay, but Clay bites her in the process. Elena tells him its okay, that it's just an accident, but Jeremy sees that he broke the skin. Elena collapses in his arms.

As a wolf she drags away Braxton.

Philip watches the video of Elena and Logan as wolves. His Vodka contact wants to work it into the campaign, and Philip agrees to do it.

The search party makes it back. Jeremy apologizes for having to cut the search party short while Nick goes inside. The sheriff doesn't blame him, says she cut a corner, and doesn't plan to cut anymore. Inside, Nick tells Clay that Elena is moving Braxton, and that he's definitely dead. Clay doesn't want Elena alone. Daniel Santos arrives as everyone else is leaving Stone Haven.

Jeremy brings Daniel inside. They make niceties, he's looking for Elena, she took a bite out of his ear last time. This guy rubs Clay all kinds of wrong. Nick doesn't look to happy to see him either.

Philip meets with his client, talking to him about rebranding to incorporate more of the wolf image. Philip will take care of it all, just what is this guy up to?

Daniel wants to realign with the pack, spinning a story about being a poor disillusioned kid. He wants to wait for Elena to return, and I have a feeling it's not going to be the information they expect.

Past.Clay and Jeremy watch over a passed out Elena. Jeremy doesn't think that she'll survive, that no woman ever has, but Clay knows she will. Elena awakens in a cell, and Jeremy gives her water. She thinks she's been drugged, she wants Clay, but he tells her that Clay has been sent away for biting her. She's sick, very sick, and Jeremy breaks the hard news to her that she's about to experience the first change, which will bring about a world of hurt. She begs for help, but there's nothing he can do to help except offer her some simple words of encouragement. She survives the first change, and he's a little impressed. Back human, she awakens, and Clay apologizes. He doesn't know how to explain, and Elena is still upset over the biting. She loved him and trusted him, and still she wants him to hold her. He opens her cage, and he wraps his arms around her, and she uses his weakness to shove him into the cage and knock him out.

Elena returns and isn't as happy to see Daniel as he is to see her. He wants fair trade. Information for pack status. Being a lone wolf isn't safe anymore. Marsden is making a pack of psychos to counter the pack's psycho. They killed Pete to send Clay into blind rage. Santos shows he may still be a slime ball, but he also understands their moves. Nick shows him out, but not before he tells Elena not to forget, that the Queen can make any move she wants. Clay tells Elena that he should have been out there with her, and she tells him that she had to do the one thing that she hates the most and change to protect him. Clay tells her that if he could go back and change things he would, but that eh did what he did because he loves her. She tells him that she's going home.

Past. Clay finds Elena and she begs him to let her die. But he won't let her. He tells her that he knew she would survive because she's a survivor, and that Jeremy will teach her.

Cain finds Victor in a park. Sick bastard is spending his time watching children play in the park, waiting for "Amber" to meet up with him. Victor is leery of Cain, but Cain claims that they're friends. Cain wants to give Victor some payback with one of the girls that helped him to get locked up, Elena.

Elena tells Jeremy where she stashed the body. She tells him that she's going back home. She tells him that she came because he called, because he's like a father to her. He was the one that taught her to believe again, that taught her to trust when she couldn't and because of that she will always come when he calls, but asks him not to call her. She walks away, and none of the boys stop her.


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