Bitten Recap S1E6: Committed

Elena makes it back home finally, and she and Philip have a steamy reunion, one lasting apparently two days. He brings up her family, and things rapidly cool down. He tells her to order more food when she mentions that she's hungry, calling it their apartment, but she balks for a moment. She feigns that she has her own place, you know that one that she has yet to go to. He woos her with offers of cleaning services, and her spark has been relit. She's all in, her bad guy radar obviously isn't pinging like mine is. This guy is just too good to be true.

Jeremy tells Clay that Antonio reported back, they're the only family being targeted. Jeremy has send Nick down to get some more muscle, though they'd rather not be apart of the fight, that the families will band together when needed. Clay has Elena on his mind though. Clay isn't ready to deal with the option of her being a mutt, which is exactly what she would be if she remained apart from the pack and refused to come back. Elena may have not liked what she found, but Jeremy won't brand her. A knock at the door, and Samuel Boggs introduces himself. Boggs wanted to meet the alpha, he's surprised that Jeremy isn't more protected. He's done hiding, he wants to be top dog, but before he can challenge Jeremy, Clay takes matters into his own hands, and sends a clear message of strength.

Elena and Philip go wedding shopping. They're discussing gifts when Elena feels like something is amiss. She searches the crowded streets and catches a glimpse of Daniel Santos, but loses him as fast as she spots him. He’s around there somewhere. Philip tries to cheer her up back home, but then he tries to get her to open up about what's bringing her down. She tells him about Victor Olsen. He lived next door to one of her foster families, and he used his rabbits to lure in little girls. He hurt her, and she tells Philip that she helped put him behind bars. Well she’ll be in for quite the surprise to find out otherwise.   

Elena tells Logan that she saw Daniel, and that when Daniel came to see the pack he was just stirring the pot. He didn’t really want to join the pack. She also confesses that she couldn't tell Philip about Daniel, so she told him about Victor. Logan tells her that even though she lied, it was a huge confession, since Victor was a part of her past, one that few know about. Elena tells him that Philip asked her to move in with him, and she's worried about giving up her space. She's worried about slipping up about the wolf. Logan tells her not to let her past with Clay color her future with Philip.

Elena brings home some champagne for the wedding. Philip is happy that she's helping out. Elena revisits the moving in subject, and Philip confesses that the cleaning service will likely just be him in a maid’s outfit. She loves the idea, but cautions that she’ll have her stuff strewn all over the place. He tells her he doesn’t mind. With acceptations all around, Philip wants to back up the stuff now.

Dennis Stillwell is dead, Nick reports, he’s has been dead for days and worse he put up quite the fight and still lost his eyes. The family muscle they were hoping for isn't coming, the rest of the Stillwell family is no where to be seen. There’s no sign of Dennis’s son Joey anywhere. Jeremy tells Nick to sanitize the place, Clay offers to come help, but Nick tells him that he’ll be done by the time that he arrives. He also reports that Cain and the hotel mutt are the culprits by the smell of things. 

It's about wedding time. Becky and her wedding party get together at Elena and Philip's place. Diane shows off some of Elena's work, but Philip's mother is not impressed. She nitpicks over everything including Becky's flower choices.

Antonio thinks that the other families won't rally to the cause with the Stillwell death. Clay wants the mutt hunts reinstated, to show Jeremy’s strength, but Jeremy still isn't acting. Bogg is back. He wants his chance to challenge for alpha, not against Clay, but Jeremy. Jeremy invites him in, and proves, that Clay isn't the only one who knows how to handle himself. Bogg thought he wouldn't fight, but Jeremy does. He defeats him, and sends him out to be tortured by Clay until he gives up who told him the pack was weakened.

Becky has herself locked in the room away from the family, Elena offers to talk to her. She tells her that she doesn't want to talk to anyone, but she lets Elena in. Becky is off her meds, and her mother isn't helping. Her mother hates everything, not just the flowers, but also the groom. Becky thinks that Colin is amazing, but she fears that her mother is right. Elena tells her that Love is messy, and its bigger than them.

Clay wrangles Bogg down into a cage down below. Clay goes through his stuff, looking at all of his stops on the way to Stone Haven. Bogg tells him that he'll go back and never return again. Clay pulls out some plastic wrap, and wraps his face. He lets Bogg struggle for a little bit before he pokes a breathing hole. Clay asks him who told him to come. Bogg doesn't want to answer, he tries to evade the question. Clay gives him another chance, but it takes another plastic wrap bout before he's ready to answer.

Raachel got send home from work, after a bout of throwing up. Logan hopes it’s the flu, Rachel suspects it’s something else. Handing him a pregnancy test, he looks less than thrilled.

Becky got married, and the reception is in full swing. Her mother is thankful for Elena's help earlier. She confesses that she knew that Becky was off her meds and so much more, like the fact that Elena and Philip are living together, and doesn’t understand why they feel the need to keep things from her. It couldn’t be the fact that she hates everyone and everything.  Elena spots Daniel Santos at the reception, and excuses herself from Mother Dearest. He was talking with Philip when she saw him, but when Elena goes to intervene he slips out the side door. She follows him out to the hallway, and he’s waiting for him.. She isn't in the mood to play games. Daniel tells her that Clay is out of control, that its because of him that the mutts are finally binding together, that they have found a common enemy. Elena doesn't believe him, doesn’t believe that Clay has suddenly lost his shit and is off the rails. For one Jeremy would never allow it. He warns her that sooner or later the danger will land on her doorstep and that she won’t be able to protect the life that she’s built.

Clay delivers his report to Jeremy and Antonio. They see that its another distraction tactic. Jeremy hands him the pliers, he wants Clay to make an example of him, and now its Clay’s turn to look squeamish.

Daniel continues to go on about how Clay is the threat, but she notices that he's smoking one of Marsden's cigars and if she believed him for a second before all of that goes straight out the window. She doesn't believe for a second that he's not a part of the scheme to bring down the pack, that he’s not the one fueling this war. He offers Elena his protection in the upcoming war, that she has a good life. The fight isn't worth the risk to the life she's built. Elena slams him against the wall, and he looks like he likes it. He tells her to align with him, and the two of them can step outside the mess together. She tells him that she would rather die, and he warns that she just might.

Rachel's result is in. Logan sees that it's positive. Neither look happy about it.

Philip's mom grills him about Elena moving in with him. He tells her that it's a good idea, and that she isn’t going anywhere, any time soon, so she should get use to Elena. Jeremy calls, and Elena reluctantly answers, but she does. He tells her about Dennis's murder, and his son Joey being missing. Jeremy tells her that its more important that ever for her to stay in touch.  She insists that everything is fine, and doesn’t tell him about Daniel Santos’s visit. Elena steals Philip for a dance.

Rachel cannot believe that the baby is happening. It could not be worse timing for her career, and there’s also fact that they haven't even discussed children. Rachel isn’t sure she wants a baby right now, neither are sure they want a baby. But she doesn't want to be treated like one of Logan’s client, and she's freaking out just a bit.

Becky and Colin look happy, and Philip’s ready to cut out early, wanting to sneak off with Elena to their home. She goes to collect her coat, when Philip's mother catches her. She tells Elena that she was impressed by her today, and that Phillip is lucky to have her. Elena tells her that she’s the lucky one. Elena gets a call from a blocked number, its Clay. He asks how the big city is, obviously trying to distract him form something else. Something is very wrong, he sounds so broken. He tells her that he's done bad things, necessary things, and its killing him. She tells him that he can't keep going on like this. He wants to be a better man, but he needs her. He asks her to come home, and then hangs up. Elena collects her coat, but there's a gift, for Jeremy in her pocket. Eww, I foresee what its going to be already.

Jeremy sits in his office. Clay delivers the teeth that Jeremy requested, half human, and half wolf ones. Bogg changed halfway through, and Clay didn’t want to force him back before finishing. Jeremy tells him to send him off once he awakens.

Philip goes to find Elena, but she isn’t where he thought she should be. The coat check girl tells him that she left.

Philip is dining alone. Diane comes over, to grab some of her things when she notices that Elena isn’t there. She left him a text, nothing more, telling him that she had to run and would talk to him soon. Diane stays to have a drink. Elena keeps him on his toes, Philip admits, but isn’t sure it’s a good thing. Diane is convinced that they'll talk and everything will make sense, but Philip isn't so sure.

Logan returns home with some pink Himalayan salt as an apology. Rachel tells him that at least she had an idea that this could be coming. She suggests that they let it all sink in before they make any decisions. Logan is all on board for that. She has no idea that this means the end of their relationship, especially if it’s a boy.

Nick returns and finds his father. Nick gives him a picture, their families were especially close once. Antonio says that they should haven’t sent Nick, but they never imagined that he would find a bloodbath when he got there. Antonio admits that he can’t protect Nick, he tells him that none of them are safe, and he tells Nick how proud he is. Everybody say awww with me.

Nick deliver’s his report, that Dennis was killed, and that Joey was still missing. He’s sure once Joey is found though that he’ll join the pack against the mutts for revenge if nothing else. Elena arrives and tells them that Marsden isn't the one they should worry about. The boys are surprised to see her back. She tells them that Daniel left him a gift, one he won't like, that he’s the mastermind behind the mutts. Jeremy opens the gift, it's Dennis's eyes.


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