Bitten Recap S1E4: Grief

The pack gathers to say goodbye to Pete who they've already had cremated. As they share kind words about Pete a wolf roams the woods. All Pete ever wanted was to spread his love and he was killed by a monster. The wolf's howl sends the pack into the woods on two legs to find him. Elena leads Jeremy and Clay, and they come up empty. Elena finds Pete's jacket, and there's no chance to change and find him. Jeremy decides that they will mourn, and the hunt starts tomorrow.

Elena finds Logan in the kitchen, he's waiting for her with a hot cup of coffee. She can't sleep, and she can't talk about it, angry over Pete's death. All explanations of Pete's death point to one thing, the Pack's rule is being challenged. Elena can't go home until the mutt is caught, and she can't talk to Philip about it. He tells her to get it all out of her system before she goes home, and reminds her that he's there for her.

She goes to find Jeremy, he's scattering Pete's ashes around the forest. Seeing Pete reduced to ashes hurts more. She's never been to a funeral besides that of her parents when she was five. Pete's death stirs up all the heartache and vulnerability she's carried with her about not having a family. Jeremy tells her that they cannot replace her birth family, but that they are her family in every sense. She has people who love her and want to take care of her. Elena still doesn't feel she belongs. Jeremy tells her she's an important part of the life they have. Elena only sees violence and death. But its more, its love and family too, that life is about finding balance. It's not easy, and although Elena does not want to be caught between extremes. She's angry, and wants Jeremy to be too. She hates it all, she wants revenge.

There's a new player in town. He dresses after his little change, this is likely the one who left Pete's jacket.

Elena punches a tree, and Clay tells her it won't bring Pete back. She's never had someone she loves brutally murdered. Clay embraces her, talking has never been his strong suit, but he offers her a different kind of release for her emotions. She's not willing to take him up on his offer. She cannot think of a worse time or place to have this conversation. He strips down, tempting her to run. They need to blow off some steam. She gives in. He chases her, and pins her, she gets away, and they continue their run.

Jeremy talks with the Sheriff to see if her investigation is completed, but it isn't. The facts don't match up. They've determined that the child was not killed on the property, but taken there. She asks if anyone has something against the Danvers. Jeremy claims that he is nothing more than a painter with no enemies. But the sheriff has a rising body count, so she's not letting it go. She's not making accusations, just trying to make sense of things.

Elena and Clay nap in the nude. Elena's hands roam over the planes of Clay's body and he awakens and kisses her. She kisses him back, but when she opens her eyes she pulls away. Poor Clay.

Back home, Elena runs into Logan and Nick, and she makes a dash to change before they meet. Clay follows her in, and Nick asks about their run. Clay tells him they just ran. Nick tells him to put some clothes on. Philip calls Elena, and she tells him she misses him. He offers to come down for the funeral, but she doesn't want him there. He asks about the wolf killed at the rave, but she tells him that the press just blew everything out of proportions. She makes promises to still attend his sisters wedding, hopes to see him soon.

Antonio tries to put together the pieces, bodies on the property, Pete's death, two new mutts. Jeremy remembers another time when they had all this trouble. Back when they were Clay and Nick's age there were great Mutt hunts. Mutt's either fell into line or were slaughtered. Pete's death was avoidable, Jeremy is too complacent. Antonio tells him that the fault doesn't just call on his shoulders, and that they need to look at the bigger picture. Jeremy is the alpha, but they're all in it together.

Elena stops Clay. She was okay with the run, but not with anything else that happened, she wanted to make sure it was all clear. He understands. Every time he says darling, it makes me giddy. The casting has been fantastic.

Jeremy is still not looking for an all out mutt hunt, but its coming. He has Antonio tie up Pete's loose ends, which is already being handled, and talk to the other Packs to see if they're having similar problems, or if this is a bid for his throne alone. Either way the pack is ready to nip this in the bud.

The Sheriff goes to visit a fisherman, who is also the former sheriff. She's not looking to wish, but information on the Danvers family. There are plenty of rumors, but he went out only once. A telephone worker vanished on their property. They never found the body, some suspected he saw something he wasn't suppose to, but there was no evidence of foul play. She has a bad feeling about the family, and he tells her to trust her gut, but be careful.

Jeremy meets with everyone, except Antonio who is already gone on his tasks. Nick and Logan are to go to the dead rave mutt's house and turn it upside down looking for clues on who made him, and wipe it clean. Logan is suppose to be at a conference, so  Nick will handle it alone. Jeremy stresses the need for caution. He sends Elena and Clay to the town to pick up the scent of the new killer. Jeremy tells them that he wants them alive.

Elena and Nick stop at the gate where Pete's body was found. She smells the same wolf as the night before, and she wants him caught now. In town, the pair stop for some grub, and Elena relishes over her burger. Clay overhear some local girls talking about the wolf at the rave, and they zero in on Clay and his hotness. The girl who narrowly escaped being lunch because her brother intervened at the bar in an earlier episode points out Clay's wedding ring, but her friend points out Elena's lack of ring, and the body language. Elena is done listening. A hunter comes in, and Braxton is missing, the one who tussled with Clay earlier. He confronts Clay about it, but they know nothing about it. Clay tells him that when he surfaces he's be happy to make things square. The pair go to leave, and the hunter throws a punch, but Elena catches his fist. She tells him they're sorry his friend is missing, but not to make things worse before pushing him away. Ouch, that has got to sting the manhood just a little.

"FBI man, Rich (Antonio)," comes looking for Pete. The door manager, Dave claims to not know where he is. He tells him if he sees or hears from Pete to call him, he's wanted in conjunction with a case he's working on with the DEA. Well I guess that's one way for someone to disappear and not raise suspicions. Dave gives Pete an immediate call, leaving him a message warning him that the FBI is looking for him and maybe he should do some traveling. After hearing the message on Pete's phone, Antonio crushes it and discards it.

Philip meets with his sister who is on some kind of crazy diet. She asks about Elena, and he tells her that she's at a family funeral, which shocks her a little. Elena never mentioned any family to her either. Elena has a lot of walls, and her family was one of them. Diane warns him that her evasive boyfriend turned into an ex without a warning, but Philip doesn't think its the same situation, but Diane urges him to be open and sit Elena down and talk with her.

With Braxton missing the town is going to be even more hostile. Clay thanks her for watching his back and caring. She tells him that she didn't want him getting into a fight, but he lets her know that he can handle confrontation without resorting to violence. Its nice to know he's grown a little in their time apart. Elena picks up a scent, but its too vague.

Elena and Clay find themselves at a motel, she's sure that he was there. She wants to split up and cover each floor, but Clay wants to stick together. She thinks its to protect her, but he tells her its so she can cover him. They search the top floor first, and Elena finds the room. Clay breaks the doorknob and they start their search. Elena finds a scrapbook of his kills. He likes to keep mementos and the newspaper articles. He likes to torture and kill his women. He's a trophy hunter. Someone is turning psychotic murderers into werewolves. A truck comes screeching into the parking lot, and its a mutt they recognize harassing a man they do not, Zachary Cain. Clay knows Cain is smarter than this half baked plan. Elena focuses on the other man, the new mutt. Clay wants to take them out now, but Elena wants to wait. Things got more complicated, Karl Marsden arrives too. Mutts have never worked together in the past. Elena wants to get back and talk to Jeremy. Clay breaks the door in between the rooms, and Elena uses the Mutt's body spray to kill their scent before running as the trio arrive. Marsden looks at the body spray in disgust. It wasn't enough to completely mask their scents though. Marsden picks up both Clay and Elena's scent. The pair slip out the room and jump floors. The body spray keeps Cain from picking up the fact that Clay and Elena are below him. Marsden is unhappy that the mutt hasn't been following orders.

Nick brings back what he's found for some show and tell. His mutt escaped from prison. Jeremy has pictures of three men who escaped at the same time. Elena recognizes the dead mutt from the mugshots. Scott Brandon was serving a life sentence for brutal rapes and murders. Nick wonders if Marsden and Cain are purposely making a pack of killer and rapists, but Elena doesn't buy it. Cain isn't smart enough, and Marsden is too much of a loner. Jeremy tries to poke holes into that logic. Clay tells them about a warehouse Marsden had mentioned. Hopefully not Nick's! Jeremy goes over what they've done so far. They converted new mutts, then put the spotlight on the Danvers Pack to restrict their movements, they attacked them via Pete. If they were to bring down the pack it would be utter chaos, there would be no one to police them. In time their secret would be exposed, and then it would be all out war between humans and wolves. Clay warns Elena that there's only one way to stop them, and asks if she's ready for that. She's more than ready.

Daniel Santos pays Logan a visit, and he wants to talk. Logan reluctantly lets him in.

Jeremy, Nick, Clay, and Elena head back to the motel, hoping to find the mutts.

Daniel makes small talk, he wants to talk about the situation in Stone Haven. He came to Logan because he's a rational guy, and because the Danvers hate him.

The pack make their way to the room. Santos reveals that the mutts had to bind together, eventually, since they were tired of the Pack's rule. They were pushed too far. Santos wasn't always considered a mutt, his family comes from a long line of pack wolves, his great grandfather was even an alpha. He tells Logan he wants him to convince Jeremy and Clay to let him come to Stone Haven to join forces against the mutts.

Nick breaks a lock and he and Jeremy enter.

Logan asks about him and Clay. Clay killed his brother, but he's willing to let bygones be bygones, it was collateral damage.

Clay goes to open the next door, but this one is wired. Elena sees it just in time, pulling Clay out of the bullet spray.There's no time to look around, the whole town likely heard the sound. Elena spots Pete's finger in a shot glass on the table, and message on the wall. "I'm coming for my scrapbook, Bitch." I say bring it on. The wolves look pissed.


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