Bitten Recap S1E2: Prodigal

Elena is home at Stone Haven, and she's not happy to see the welcoming committee. Clay tries to take her bag, but she refuses to let him. Four years ago, it was a different story, it was the first time she came home with him, and she was full of excitement and joy, and a little scared. She'd never been brought home before by anyone she loved and she was scared they wouldn't approve. Now, Clay welcomes her home, but its not home to her, even though nothing has changed. Nick use to buy her clothes when she lived there, and now she does her own shopping. She looks for Jeremy, who's out running. She doesn't want to play catch up, just catch the mutt and go. Elena hears a gunshot out back, multiple ones and fears for Jeremy. She wants to go look for him in the woods, but Clay won't let her. She has no idea what's been going on, and that the hunters are searching for a wolf. Jeremy returns unscathed.

Elena meets with the now human Jeremy.He's happy to see her, and gives her a welcoming hug. The hunters were shooting wild, they're scared. It's been quiet lately, and now suddenly the killing. Elena makes it clear she'll find the mutt then leave. Elena wants to start immediately, but she's not ready to kill, and she refuses to go with just Clay so she's stuck waiting. Jeremy still hopes she'll change her mind about staying, just her coming back is a start.

Philip runs into Logan and Rachel, and let's slip about the cousin's kids. Logan is quick with the story, but Rachel is out of sorts and a little upset he didn't mention the kids.

Elena unpacks in her room. It's the same as she left it, right down to the engagement ring still in its box.

Our mystery mutt approaches a girl in the bar. He makes small talk with her, flirting up a storm. She's young and really shouldn't be in the bar, and her brother, the bartender puts a kibosh to the flirting. He'll have to find his prey elsewhere.

The Sorrentinos wait for Pete's bus, its running late, and listen in on some local chatter. When they over hear them mention Stone Haven they decide to wait outside, but are intercepted by the sheriff. Her deputy mentions that a wolf was see up on the property. Nick tells them that wolves pass through, but nothing unusual. The Sheriff tells them that a second girl is missing, strange for a normal quiet town. Pete arrives, and the now trio leave, but Antonio reiterates that they are eager to help before they leave.

Elena is awoken by Clay. She tells him that he shouldn't be there, and he waits for her to tell him to leave. He strips away her covers, and climbs up her body, kissing her stomach before landing firmly above him. She pulls him down for a kiss, and he turns it into more, but its just a dream. She's awoken by Nick, who really is in her bed. He tells her she looks amazing, but she brushes it off. He gets extra flirty, and she's not even the least bit tempted. Does she have eyes? Nick is hot. The breakfast bell rings, but Elena isn't ready to head down, and Nick is more than willing to entertain her. But she sends him off.

She gives Philip a call checking in. He tells her about his run in with Logan, and she tells him its fine. He's got the normal schedule, and she's not looking forward to hers. She heads downstairs, but finds Clay outside her door. He's not sure if she's staying or going still, and she's not putting up with his bullshit. She's staying for now. He claims he didn't eavesdrop, but she still throws Philip in his face, not that he cares or anything. But of course Clay cares, he fought the urge to find her for an entire year. He wanted to just see her, and its unclear if she's angry that he stayed away or that he disobeyed. I don't think she knows either.

Elena makes it down for breakfast. The guys try to wait for her, so lucky she made it before they all dug in. The giant table to full to the brim with food. They wait on Jeremy's signal to start to dig in. Logan still has not arrived, and Elena is impatient to get started. But changing to a wolf isn't safe, nor is looking for the mutt as a human. Elena tells Jeremy that she can still track as a human. He tells her to refresh her memory about the mutts, and they'll regroup in the evening. Nick taunts her, and Pete prods her further.

Elena meets Nick outside for a little hand to hand. And all that fighting is sexy. Nick takes her for the first round, but Elena takes him all the way down the second time. There is a little bit of smack talk, and Nick gets the best of her when Clay arrives. Clay is never one to spectate, and at Elena's insistence, Clay takes up Nick's gauntlet, and easily gets the best of him to Elena's dismay. Letting Nick win isn't in his nature either, its been that way since they were kids.

Antonio thinks Elena is right, they could track the mutt as humans. But Jeremy knows that the Mutt hunts at night, and that is they're best bet. Jeremy is hoping that giving Elena a chance to remember her family that she'll stay. Antonio hopes that the good outweighs the bad.

Elena goes down into the archives. Pack wolves are to police the mutts, and above all secrecy is to be maintained. Women can only become wolves by being bitten, but until Elena, there were none. They weren't believed to be strong enough. Elena has no problem finding what she's searching for, Pete has made sense of nothing. Elena's filing system leaves much to be desired. Pete tells her about a mutt not on her list Zachary Cain. Each mutt has been accounted for. She tells him that she use to hate the room, the cage in the center may be a part of it. The history lessons that Pete gave her made her love coming down there though. She wonders why Pete comes when Jeremy calls, his life as a roadie can take him anywhere. Pete tells her that Jeremy saved his life. He accidentally killed a girl when he was strung out on drugs. He came too Jeremy immediately, and Jeremy, though not alpha at the time, cleaned him up and helped him get sorted out. Pete points that Jeremy is doing the same for her right now. Jeremy is planning for the big picture, and whether Elena wants it or not, she's a part of that plan. Even if she doesn't want the family, without them they're bound to fail. Elena fears the killing though. Pete tells her she doesn't have to kill, but she can't be human either. The wolf will only stay down for so long.

A little boy looks for his cat. Something grabs the boy.

Elena presents her Mutt findings to Jeremy, and that she has nothing recent on his father. Jeremy tells her that he's dead. He had been challenged by a mutt, one of many challenges and eventually he lost. Jeremy's father had never loved him, and after Jeremy became alpha, there was no reconciling. He only mourns the father he could have been. Nick brings Logan in and the meeting starts. Jeremy fills everyone in and he wants it to end tonight. Pete and Logan are paired, Jeremy and Antonio, which leaves Nick, Clay and Elena too search the industrial part. He gives them permission to hunt as wolves, but with extreme caution.

Elena proposes to divide and conquer. Clay wants to go as wolves to cover more ground, but  Elena doesn't want any killings. Clay agrees, and the three get stripped down to start tracking. With heighten senses they locate a house. Clay changes back first, and pets Elena in wolf form. She's less than pleased as a human. She tells him that the place smells like death. She asks him how he found it before her, but he didn't, he was following her because of her superior smell. He tells her it was for his own safety, that she would smell the hinters before her could. The mutt smells different, newly turned. Under the bed she finds a chunk of scalp. Elena blames herself for this new death. They decide to change and head back and report what they found. Elena waits for the boys to change before trying to change herself, but it takes her a little longer to start the process. Two guys stumble across her in an alley, and she scares them off before making a run for it.

Elena tells Antonio and Jeremy that this is a new mutt. Antonio tries to make sense of it all. The odds of surviving a bite are low, and surviving the first change even lower. Nick points out that if he' s a new wolf he may not even know the rules. Jeremy makes the decision to  capture the wolf and see who sired him.

Clay asks why Elena took so long to change. He tells her that changing twice in one day was too much for her she hasn't been changing. Elena makes it clear that she doesn't want to be a wolf at all, and she's pissed that he pet her, but he points out that she let him. He doesn't want her on the hunt unless she's by his side. But she tells him that she doesn't want to hunt at all, that it isn't why she came, but Clay knows its not entirely true.

Jeremy calls her in about he kids and their wolf story. Elena admits that it was her. Jeremy wants her on the hunt, but she begs him to not make her do it again, not after the last one. When she dealt with Jose, he had a wolf hand in the midst of transforming. He wanted a hunt, to hunt the whole pack, but he wouldn't sell her the hand, and she was forced to kill him. Jeremy tells her that Jose Carter threatened to expose them all, she was doing it to protect everyone. Elena lost her humanity then, and nothing was worth that. She asks if she can leave, and Jeremy allows her.

Elena has her bagged packed, when Clay tells her she can't leave. Nick and Clay race off on their property, Jeremy and the others are not far behind. Elena finds a reason she can't leave, the mutt has killed a child.


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