Bitten Recap S1E7: Stalking

Nick is certain that the eyes belonged to Dennis. Elena gets a blocked call and she answers it. Daniel asks Jeremy how he likes his gift. He didn’t technically kill Dennis, but he needed an attention grabber.  Clay threatens him, and that is exactly what Daniel is looking to overturn. He wants to a new world order, a less violent one. He has Joey at the moment, and claims he’s safe, which is more than the case of Boggs. Clay tells him that he needed to be taught a lesson, and Daniel shots back that Dennis was taught a lesson too. Daniel wants a meeting to hash things out, Jeremy offers Stone Haven, but Daniel wants neutral ground. Jeremy chooses a location, and although he doesn’t want to meet with the mutts, they can’t wait to be picked off. He sends Elena and Clay to scout out the location.

Elena asks if Clay is okay after his call. She asks what it’s all about. He tells her he was having a hard time with his discipline, that its not the same as it use to be, but that he’s okay now that she’s there. She makes it clear that she’s there for Santos, not him. Clay and Elena scout out the location, and Cain scouts out them.

Philip calls Sylvie for help finding out who posted the wolf video, it sounds a little cozy between them, and Elena still hasn't contacted him.

Antonio makes travel plans for Dennis, someone is in for one heck of a cruise. Nick marvels at the ability to wrap up someone’s life with a simple phone call. Antonio always wished that Nick would take over his job, but Nick isn’t looking to settle down with real responsibilities any time soon. Antonio tells him he'll understand one day when he has children of his own. Nick jokes that he may already.

Rachel comes back from the hospital. She freaked out after experiencing some pain, and after her trip to the ER she feels silly. Rachel confesses that this isn’t her first pregnancy. When she was younger she found herself pregnancy and once the father left, the stress became too much for her and she lost the baby. Logan assures her that they’re fine, and that eh isn’t going anywhere. Oh the pretty lies he spins.

A truck pulls up as Elena and Clay watch. It’s a gift delivery, and looks to be the same wrapping as the last gift. Elena reports back to Jeremy. He tells her not to touch it. He and Antonio head out, leaving Nick behind.

Sylvie arrives at Philip’s, looking half slutty. She finds the person who uploaded the video, and spots Elena’s things. Sylvie doesn’t believe him when Philip says that Elena makes him happy. Sylvie finds that uploader of the video, apparently he’s a nutjob who spends his free time harassing the government via email. She gets his last known address. Philip plans to buy the rights, she offers to come with him, pointing out that she has more in common with the nutjob than he does.

Jeremy and Antonio stumble across an accident on their way to the site. Jeremy goes to help the lady in the road, against Antonio’s advisory. Clay circles the gift when Elena spots Cain as a wolf, and tries to call him, but Antonio’s call gets through to him first. He tells Clay that they’re running late because of the accident. The injured lady slashes at Jeremy, while the hotel mutt stabs him in the stomach. Antonio warns of the ambush. Clay tries to call Elena. Antonio rushes in to help Jeremy, and Daniel just out of his hiding spot and slicing into Antonio. Wolf Cain tries to get the drop on Clay, but Wolf Elena stops him meeting him head on. Clay throws a heavy trash can at Cain, and sends Elena off to help Jeremy and Antonio. Elena heads off, and Cain limps behind. Antonio and Jeremy fight against the hotel mutt and Santos, but Antonio is severely injured. Clay brings his truck around, and the mutt and Santos scramble away.

Sylvie and Philip pay a visit to their video maker. He thinks that his systems are impressive, but Sylvie waltz right into them. He feigns uninterest, but Philip gives out an opening offer, but the guy thinks its far more valuable. Sylvie points out poor video quality, but Philip comes back with a higher option, and more stipulations. The guy asks for a higher rate, but they both just look at him, he accepts the second offer, as long as he’s paid in cash. Philip has his footage.

Elena and Nick meet Clay’s truck to see the injured Antonio. Nick carries him in easy as a baby, as the others rally around him, trying to pack up all of the wounds. Jeremy shouts out orders, while the others get Jeremy everything he asks for. Antonio makes peace, but it doesn’t look good.

Logan makes Rachel a cup of tea, spoiling her. He tells her the baby is a girl, he hopes it is, for their sakes. He tells her that he knows these things, but its just wishful thinking on his part. A call from Elena interrupts them, but he doesn’t take it.

Elena tells Clay that Logan isn’t answering, and she doesn’t want to text them with the news. Jeremy falls over from his own injuries. Jeremy tells them how to help him.

Sylvie and Philip watch over the video. Sylvie tells him that she has a program over at her house that could clean it up a bit, but he doesn’t take her up on her house invite. He tells her he can send it to her. She points out that she wasn’t hitting on him, but that they do make a good team. He agrees, a good team but not a good couple. She thinks that he never gave it a chance, he tells her that what they had was great, but what he has now is better. She takes the loss well, and heads out.

The wreck girl ride Cain in a trailer. She’s crazy and bloodthirsty, and she’s unlike anything he’s ever met before.

Jeremy’s prognosis isn’t good. Antonio is experiencing internal bleeding, and there’s nothing more that he can do for him. Nick wants to take him to a hospital, but they can’t. Antonio calms Nick then calls to Elena. He tells her that the boys need her. He tells clay to find it in his heart to forgive, and lastly he tells Jeremy no more half measures. Antonio tells Nick to get closer, and whispers something in his ear. Nick is grateful for whatever he was told, and just like that Antonio passes.

Antonio and Jeremy has been friends for thirty years, and just like that the friendship is done. Clay wants revenge, and so does Elena. Jeremy wants caution, but Nick is on the revenge train. They want to sniff out everyone involved. Jeremy tells them to find Cain, he’s the weak link.  Elena and Clay will head back and try to sniff out Cain. Nick will stay behind to help with Antonio’s body.  Elena tells them that they can’t bring Antonio back, but they can make it right.

Elena tracks as a human, with Clay close by. They were there only a few hours ago. Elena refuses to lose anymore family, and Clay vows that the only blood to be spilled any further will be mutt blood.

Nick sews up Jeremy’s wounds. He asks if Antonio ever decided where he wanted his ashes spread, but the two had never discussed it. A knock at the door, and Jeremy sends Nick to the door. The Sheriff is looking for Clay, but he’s not home. She asks for Jeremy, and Nick stalls. Jeremy comes as she tells Nick that they found Braxton’s body. He limps to the door, and Jeremy invites the sheriff in.

Cain gets a call from Santos, he and the mutt are headed to Manhattan. His girl toy tells him its because Santos is a coward. She wants to run off with him and start a pack, but he tells her it doesn’t work like that. She wants him to bite her, but Cain wants her to live period. He doesn’t want to risk her and he doesn’t care about alpha.

Elena checks out the next set of tracks, and she knows just where he headed.

The sheriff knows her art, and is impressed by Jeremy’s work. Jeremy gets down to business. The sheriff tells him that Braxton’s throat was cut. He asks how Clay is in the mix. Braxton drank a bit too much, and made it knows he was headed to confront Clay. He never made it of course. She admires the artifacts around his office, and he tells her that he didn’t gather them, that Clay did. He boasts that his son has a doctorate, which brings up whether Clay is his son by birth. She tells him that he doesn’t look old enough to have a son Clay’s age, oooh someone is flirting.

Elena and Clay track Cain to a gas station. Clay cautions that they should wait until he comes out, but Elena wants to take him on alone. Cain comes out to find a very feisty blonde waiting for him, she shifts just her fingernail, and scratches up his paint job. He’s ready to fight, which is good, because so is she. He gets Elena cornered, but Clay is waiting for him. Clay gets him in a headlock, but Elena tells him that they need him alive. Elena stops him from killing him, but just barely.

The Sheriff leaves, very reluctantly. She definitely is hot for the alpha. The exertion is almost too much for him. Nick goes to fetch the medical kit.

Logan tries to avoid Jeremy’s call, when Rachel brings his phone to him. So he’s totally pulling an Elena now? Rachel insists, and Jeremy breaks the news of Antonio’s death. He tries to not raise any red flags with Rachel, as Jeremy tells him to return home. Logan tells Rachel that there’s more family issues, and she asks how long he’s going to be gone. He tells her that he isn’t going anywhere. Poor dummy. That pretty much signs his death certificate.

Clay and Elena return home with Cain. He’s never been inside Stone Haven, and he’s impressed. Elena finds Jeremy, and she tells him that they got lucky. Jeremy doesn’t look good, but he tells her that he’ll be fine in the morning. She sends a call from Philip to voicemail, and Jeremy tells her to call him back and assure him she’s fine so he doesn’t come looking for her.

Clay sees to the comfort of their prisoner. Locked inside the cell, Clay tries to get play nice with Cain, but he taunts Clay.

Elena calls Philip. She tells him that she’s okay, and apologizes for leaving. She tells him that she hasn’t had to deal with a family death since her parents, and being with his family at the wedding hit her hard. She tells him that she’s at Bear Valley for now, and he hopes that one day she can open up to him. She tells him that Logan isn’t there, but some of the cousins are there, and they’re all dealing with it together. She hopes that they stay together through this rough patch, and he tells her that they will. Elena hears Jeremy collapse onto the flood, and she calls for Nick. Something more than just blood loss is wrong with Jeremy.


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